Survival of the Foal-ist Part 2: Nu nummies. (Story by: Nundevwizer. Art by: NekuChan )

Part 2 of a commision I did for Nundevwizer, if you liked it please check the original onesince it has more details and more in-deep description for the characters about certain things! :slight_smile:

Poor Magenta foal is still hungry…
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Poor, tired mama.

I’ve been told how disciplining kids is hard. Kind of glad I never had to (only have cats). So, I do feel bad for her since she seems exhausted without help… No gas left in the tank so I wonder if that kind of keeps her going the oath of least resistance (she shows signs if trying to keep the smarty understanding to no avail).


Christ that ended real bad. Special friend lives to start the cycle again somewhere else.


This has been a considerable endeavour, there’s a lot of panels here. Now I don’t remember @Nundevwizer story but I think I won’t spoil myself and wait for the comic :wink:


Too bad he abandoned all of them.


In the text story, he promises to himself if he finds a new special friend and has a family again, he would make sure all babies are equally loved. So at least the colt came out of this a better fluffy.


WELL considering he murdered the Green foal that isn’t equal.


The story says the father of the blue colt was killed by a red smarty, hence the thought bubble in the third-to-last panel (and his hate for smarties).


Part one of that story isn’t here, so we can’t check the text.

I’d presume they had different fathers and all the current babies are Smarty’s after he killed Blue’s father. If so then it was more like taking advantage of the way his mother thought to at least cull one of his father’s killer’s sons.

Still, too many Fluffy works are always a bit too “sins of the father” for my liking.

The agency the males possess compared to the rather robotic females is a bit uncomfortable. But interesting characters.


Want links to the text story, here!





I mean disciplining kids is hard sure. But she clearly doesn’t really care about any of her other children, especially if you look at the comic before this, so she really does not get a pass.


Awesome page as always @NekuChan

Damn that bestesh babbeh needs to be stomp for good well looks like the dogs have all of them sadly .

Some mothers spoiled their kids like that and ends worst than before.:triumph: Id say karma for the brat and mare the blue fluffy tries to defend her and denied him for a fuckin bratty foal :triumph:


Yeah, having read the text original she is absolutely atrocious.


Just re-reading this comic wanna slap that mare and punch that brat of a bestesh babbeh both are fuckin morons.

Its showd how good @NekuChan and @Nundevwizer did in this story you can feel it.


Oh yeah! he stoped to death the green foal! It’s been a while since I last read part 1. Either he has truly changed and will keep his promise or the bastard will stomp another foal who dare ruin his naptime, in the case of the latter I hope Karma gets him too.


Dammit, I re-read the comic from the beginning, and realized some things:

  • the smarty stealing from the picknick table is the one who killed the colt’s father

  • the mare lost two foals while escaping, one of it being her “bestes babbeh”. The pink one must have taken the title immediately, while the mare didn’t have time to spoil it

  • So she lost 2 chirpies on her way to the bush, had three other chirpies on her back, another three foals grown enough to walk but not weaned yet and her oldest, the blue colt. That makes 9 foals she had at the beginning of the story to care for. Even with three foals lost, that’s a lot for a single mare to take care for.


Indeed, the text story has way more details and background for the fluffies than the comic since I’m limited to certain panels, still it’s incredible how she can take care of all those foals and even I wonder if they’re all from the same stallion or after the blue one they are the red smarty’s children.


Base on your panel it seems the blue one was the only survivor or only one from the original father,and those smaller foals are from that red bastard.

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The way Pink is is all her fault. Letting one of her babies be killed so it doesn’t annoy her, but Bestest literally hates her and demands from her and she protects it and caters to it more than the others. Whatever, if anything ends up happening to the mare or it, it’s well deserved.

And I think I remember reading the story. Shortsighted attitudes are never good to follow. Though I don’t like Blue either, at least Blue realised helping the mare was a waste of time.