Teaching the Bad Mummah Manners, Chapter 5: Consequences (Star-The-Alicorn)

Quinn’s front door creaked as it opened, and instantly the pained cries of foals floated to his ears. Without even bothering to lock the door behind him, Quinn rushed through the house to the saferoom, watching where he stepped just in case a foal had escaped. He whipped open the saferoom door to see all four foals lying beside Tidepod’s food dish, bellies distended. Every single one of them was whining and crying.

“Oh my god, what the hell happened?!” Quinn explained, kneeling down to PB&J, who had lifted her head at the sound of the door opening. His heart pounded. Were they sick? What caused this? He had an idea that it was the fluffy food but he wasn’t positive yet.

“Huu, huuu…” The tan foal sobbed. “Mummah be meanie to Night an’ make him num big fwuffy food, so babbehs nu wan’ dwink miwkies. Hab biggest tummy owwies, huuhuuuu!”

Quinn’s eyes widened and he glanced over at Tidepod, who was sniffling in the corner already. “She refused to feed her foal specifically after I told her to? And this is what happened?” He gestured at the filly’s swollen, cramping belly.

“Huuu… Yes daddeh… If Night hafta be sickies, Peebeejay an’ bwuddahs do too.” PB&J whimpered. Her stomach gurgled and she groaned, looking nauseous as her head flopped back to the floor. “Daddeh, Peebeejay gon’ make sicky wawas!” She gagged.

“Okay, I’m getting you each a cup. Try not to throw up until then, okay?” He hurriedly asked, speedwalking out of the room. Punishing Tidepod would have to wait. The safety and health of the babies came first. He savagely ripped open the unused plastic red cup package he stored in his kitchen and pulled out 4. He sprinted back to the saferoom to find poor PB&J already barfing onto the carpet.

“Shit… No, it’s okay baby, I’m not mad at you. Better out than in.” He placed the cup under her chin and patted her back as she vomited the rest of her stomach contents into it. PB&J shuddered and let loose another torrent of sick when she tasted half-digested milk and adult fluffy food.

He placed a cup under the 3 other sick foal’s chins. “The more of that stuff you let digest, the sicker you’ll be. I’m sorry kiddos, but you’ll need to throw up into those cups for me.” He explained, feeling sympathy for the baby fluffies when they sobbed at him saying they had to throw up. He remembered back when he was 9, he drank half of a huge bottle of some kind of alcohol, thinking it was juice. He was sick the rest of the day after that.

He gently pressed on Night’s stomach, deciding to work on him first. He was the most fragile of the bunch, so he needed to get that stuff out. Once he was empty, he worked on Plum, then Aqua. All 4 foals lay unhappy on the floor, stomachs empty yet still nauseous.

Quinn panicked and looked up “what happens when a foal eats adult fluffy food”. He winced when he found pages upon pages of abused foals being forced to eat adult food from birth for the sake of a couple likes. He shook his head, feeling sick himself. He’d never understand the appeal of that. He scrolled until he finally, finally found a forum meant to actually help fluffies.

He found that foals that ate adult food often experienced stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, constipation and/or diarrhea. Psychologically it could cause an aversion to adult food once they’re old enough, or they might even avoid eating at all. Quinn had to get these foals better before he could even think of taking them out for toys. He decided he’d zip off to the nearby fluffmart for essentials only and come right back. Toys and fun stuff would wait until they were all better.

“Alright babies, I want you to keep those cups in front of you and don’t move. If you have to throw up, do so. I’ll scoot you over to the newspaper just in case.”

After he was done helping the foals, he ran to the fluffmart. He came back with a litterbox, foal food, anti-nausea medicine for foals and adult fluffies, and foal diapers. He also got a few things for punishments. He diapered the foals, gave them medicine and changed out the newspaper for a litterbox. The foals weren’t fully litter trained and they were sick on top of that, so the diapers were just a temporary precaution.

Now it was time to punish Tidepod. He kneeled and pointed at her, glaring. “You, missy, are in a heap of trouble.”

Her teary eyes widened and she gulped. “Otay, daddeh…” She nodded. He scooped her up and took her out of the saferoom. She didn’t complain about being in trouble. She knew what she did. But he was going to scold her about it anyway.

“Tidepod sowwy, daddeh…” She sniffled as he carried her out to the living room. He sat on the couch and placed her on his lap.

“It sure seems like you are. And you’re about to be even more sorry, because I have to punish you. So tell me, what do you think happened back there?” He asked. He rested his elbow on his knee, and his chin on his hand as he looked her directly in her sad eyes. “Answer me, Tidepod.” He sternly ordered.

“Wowstest babbeh nee-nummies, su Tidepod twy be gud mummah an make him num big fwuffy nummies-” Quinn held a hand out and stopped her right there.

“Be honest, Tidepod; Did you think you were being a good mom or were you just trying to get around giving Night milk?” He raised a brow at her. She sniffled, a tear rolling down her furred cheek.

“Jus’ didn’ wan’ get in twoubwe…” She muttered.

“Thank you for telling me the truth. Good girl. Anyway, continue. What happened?”

“Tidepod didn’ wanna get in time out, su made wowstest babbeh num fwuffy food. Then babbehs be meanies an’ nu dwink miwkies! Dey num big fwuffy food instead! Su nao aww babbehs sickies.”

“Your foals weren’t being mean, Tidepod, they were upset with you and didn’t want to be near you after deliberately making their little brother sick. Do you see what happens when you treat someone badly? It doesn’t just affect them; it affects those around them too.” Quinn explained.

Tidepod burst into tears, sobbing. She nodded, wiping her eyes with her little hooves and hiding her face in them. Quinn’s expression softened. He hated seeing her cry, but she still needed to be punished.

“Tell me, Tidepod… Did you say anything mean to Night today?” He asked.

“Y-Yus… Said if Night nu num fwuffy food den mummah gib bities to Night.” She croaked through her tears.

“So you threatened him? Thank you for being honest, Tidepod. But you need to be punished for what you did and said. You threatened one of your foals and made them all sick. Do you understand?”

“Huu… Yes. Am sowwy.”

Quinn petted her mane. “I know, little one. But you still need to be punished. I’m gonna wash out your mouth, because mean words taste bad. And then I’m gonna make your food taste icky for a week because you made your foals eat something that made them sick. Okay?” He asked.

“Huu huuu, nu wan… But otay…” She whined. He patted her on the head.

He took her back to the saferoom and set her down onto the carpet along with a washcloth and a bowl of warm water. “Look at Tidepod, babies… You need to see what happens when you say meanie words to others.” The foals gazed towards their mummah.

Quinn had bought a small block of non-toxic “Bitter Apple” anti-chew spray in solid form. He rubbed it on the wet washcloth and started gently scrubbing the fabric around Tidepod’s mouth. She gagged, made disgusted noises and whined as he rubbed it on her teeth, gums, the inside of her cheeks and especially her tongue. She tried to instinctively pull away but he held her firmly.

“Tidepod, I’m not doing this because I don’t love you. I do, and nothing can change that. But you were a meanie to your babies and need to face the consequences.” He said as he finished scrubbing. “Remember this, babies. Threats and bad words taste yucky. I don’t ever want to have to do this to you.”

He picked up the bowl of clean warm water. “Now rinse your mouth out, little one. Don’t ever make me do this again, it makes me sad when I have to punish you.” He gently scolded. She rinsed and spat about 7 times before the taste started to fade. Then he sprayed her food with the same flavor but in liquid form, and mixed it in.

“Your food is going to taste yucky for a week, then your punishment will be over. Be nice to your babies, or I’ll add more days and wash your mouth out again.” He said. She tearfully nodded. Then he hugged her.

“I’m sorry I had to do that, sweetie. I’m not mad at you anymore, I forgive you.” He said as he gently rocked back and forth with her in his arms. “I still love you, Tidepod.” He gave her a smooch on the forehead, then put her back down. “Now, behave and I won’t add on days. I won’t take days off either though, because I don’t wanna get too soft with the punishment here. You’re still in hot water.”

“Otay, daddeh…” She sniffed. “Tidepod undewstan’.”

“Good girl. Now I know I promised to take you and your babies to the store today, but it will have to wait until your foals are better. Once they’re all better I’ll take you and them then, okay? Okay.” He nodded and stood, patting her on the head.

“Don’t make me do that again.”

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Tidepod is interesting because it’s almost as if she can’t help herself from trying to hurt Night. I’m imagining some bittersweet ending to this, I don’t see her able to fully move past her trauma


Wow the soap thing was a nice touch.

At least the owner is calm and telling her all the fault she did.


Quinn has the patience of a saint, and it’s all thanks to working with kids.


I re - read part 1 , love to smack her face right now just cause its her “least fav” what a shitty mother.


Quinn do have the patience of a saint indeed. I’m still worried that she might cause Night harm even if his siblings try to stand up for him. :worried:


He resembles the stallion that assaulted her, it’s not just colour preference here. Still shitty behaviour, but rooted in trauma.


I think she actually can just outright overcome it as fully intended, because I don’t view Fluffy psychology as truly 1-to-1 versus human psychology.

In my idea of them, they’re ironically incredible when you go purely by the learning speed of concepts within their grasp, and permanently retain high neuroplasticity. It’s just that they have a lower “cap” on overall intelligence and mental complexity. A permanently child-like “sponge brain” would actually have its advantages sometimes. Not to say my headcanon has to apply to this story, but the story’s events seem to support it, IMO.

Also, I just think this explanation stretches belief less than believing that they understand humans so fast, learn speech so fast, and adapt to new situations so quickly purely because it’s all absurdly complex “bio-programming”. I think that’s only a general “scaffold” for the rest.

Their speed of being able to come around on things is also likely to be naturally scaled down to suit their lifespan, adding yet another thing that speeds it up. So, making a big change in a short time could be more feasible, because to the Fluffy itself, it was actually a much longer time.

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Yes! Night looks exactly like the stallion that assaulted her, down to the eye color even. Though of course this is no excuse for her awful treatment of him.

i wonder if this will ever be continued?

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It will eventually, inspiration has just fallen flat for it right now. I plan on doing more, but I was pretty much making this story up as I went.