The American Dream (Part 14) by DreamMLP

“Daddy! You didn’t tell me it was time for them to go!” Janice was upset.

“I know,” Daddeh said, “I’m sorry, but they were just weaned and you know what that means.”

Janice looked down, “You have to take them to a new home where they’ll be happy…”

“That’s right… but, you still deserved to give them one last goodbye, and I’m sorry for that. And look, you still have Dream!”

He gestured to the blue and white colt confusingly wandering the saferoom.

“Yeah… I guess Dream’s alright.” Janice said, still clearly disappointed.

“Tell you what though, the people at the home gave me a lot of money for Sweetheart and Barbie. Enough that I can take you to your favorite place today!”

“Chuck E Cheese!” Janice cheered.

“That’s right! And afterwards I’ll take you to the city so we can find a new fluffy family to take in!”

Dream perked his head up at that last line, the gears in his head were turning.

After a fun day at Chuck E Cheese, Daddeh and Janice drove into the city.

“Keep an eye out for any fluffies you find!” Daddeh said.

Janice looked out the window, peering through alleyways and down sidewalks. Next to her were some toys she had won at Chuck E Cheese: a pencil, a couple small colorful balls, and a plastic slinky. The last two she was planning on sharing with the new fluffies.

Better find us a nice young mare, Daddeh thought. The more litters we can get out the better. Even if we don’t find any tonight she’s still got that red, white, and blue shitrat at home. Damn that thing’s gonna start trying to fuck soon, hopefully I can get rid of it before that. Maybe some breeder will like the American colors. Then again it’s a smart little guy, that could go well for me… or bad-

“Daddy! I see one!”

Daddeh slowed down to the side of the road, looking to where Janice was pointing. A purple fluffy, trying to climb a big blue postal box. Dumb cunt thinks it’s a trash can.

“Not that one sweetie, it’s a stallion. We’re looking for a momma, one with babies.”

Another long while of fruitless searching later, on the empty outskirts of the city, Janice finally spoke up.

“Daddy! I saw one! I think… I only saw its butt go into that alley over there, but I think it’s one!”

Could’ve been anything, and Daddeh thought of just moving on. But they hadn’t found much else during the day, why shouldn’t they check this one?

He parked the car and with Janice went to the alley. They stepped into it, finding it deserted.

“I don’t see any,” Janice said. “I must’ve been wrong, sorry daddy.”

Daddy was not so easily convinced.

“It’s alright Janice,” he told her loudly. “Guess there aren’t any adorable fluffies here for you to take back to your warm home. And it looks like there won’t be any fluffies to play with the new toys you got!”

Daddy smiled as he watched a lumpy garbage bag begin to rustle.

“Homsies! Toysies!” A unicorn emerged from inside the bag. Covered in stains of brown and grey, it still clearly possessed a white coat and purple mane. Six foals followed her out, exited for a home and toys. Despite this, the mare was bloated, possibly pregnant again already.

HO-LY SHIT. Daddeh smiled. The jackpot.

“Eeeeeee!” Janice screeched. “You’re so cute and pretty!”

“Nyu mummah fo fwuffy and babbehs!” The mare said, shuffling forward.

Janice looked back to her dad, he nodded.

“We’ll be your new momma and daddy!” Janice said.

As the mare and her foals rejoiced, you took a moment to look at them. Six foals, a white earth, a dark green unicorn, a pink earth, a red earth, a purple unicorn, a teal unicorn, and a brown earth. All lined up in front of mummah as if presenting themselves.

She sees the poopie as one of her own. Guess this one has some redeeming qualities. Still…

“Why don’t you go take them to the car, Janice?” Daddeh said.

“Okay babbehs, get on mummah’s back, we going to new homsies!” The mare said. All six of her babbehs crawled on her back, happily chirping and cheering. Going in behind, Daddeh swiped up the brown one. The mare and her babbehs were so caught up in their cheering that they didn’t even notice. Janice knew better than to ask questions, and besides, she just got six new adorable fluffies!

“Mummah!” the brown foal yelled. “Whewe nyu daddeh tak babbeh?”

Daddeh waited until Janice had picked up the mare and rounded the corner. From a nearby dumpster he retrieved a sheet of cardboard. Laying it down on the ground, he set the babbeh on it.

“Wy babbeh nu go wit mummah? Babbeh wan homsies and wuv!”

“You’re not getting any of that,” Daddeh said, picking up a nearby rock. “I can’t sell you for shit, so you’ll be going forever sleepies instead. Better you don’t fuck up my local supply with your genes.”

“Buh… buh…” the babbeh broke down. “Babbeh du noting wong! Wy gib babbeh foweba sweepies! Nu want foreba sweepies! Wan wawm homsies and wuv wit mummah! Wan-“

“Believe me bud, once I’m done with all of you, I think you’ll be the one who got the best end of the stick.”

Daddeh brought down the rock before the foal could start to scream. Folding up the cardboard, he tossed it in the dumpster. After checking himself for any splattered blood, he whistled his way back to the car.

As he did, a green stallion strolled into the alley, a nummie in his mouth. A long day of finding nummies well rewarded now that he could come back to his special friend and his foals. He dropped the nummie and looked around.

“Speshaw fwiend?.. Babbehs?.. Wewe speshaw fwiend?”

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I don’t know who I dislike more. The dad for killing the brown foal because it’s worthless, or the mare for not even giving a shit about her mate and what losing his family might do to him.


I would go for the mare, she is fuck up dumb, never even realised like Dream’s mother she had a mate / foal until she even remember :man_facepalming:

I wonder what kind of bitch this one will be with foals would one be a bestesh?

The father shows his true colors just wanted to sell them, he even plan to sell Dream as well on later time.

He shouldn’t have killed the foal he could just leave it, thats gonna haunt him back some day.


Tough call there. I’d hate the guy more since he has greater mental facilities, thus greater capacity to understand his actions, consequences, etc. And him saying this:

“Believe me bud, once I’m done with all of you, I think you’ll be the one who got the best end of the stick.”

makes me wonder. Thoughtlessness for the fluffy versus cognizant… I’m not sure what the word I’m looking for is. That said, its not the worst thing that could’ve happened to the little brown one, but the fact it doesn’t seem to have been a “poopie baby” makes it all the more worse, honestly.


Brown is useless huh? Sometimes a brown one will surprise you.


Thats true earthie would survive more of its color in the wild and most good aspect, it never asked for anything but food and shelter as what horror they have been through :sweat:


I was talking about what colors can come out of one. Remember, one of Arabica’s kids is a silver alicorn with gold feathers, mane, and tail.

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feels like the father is psychologically abusing his kid too. taking in a bunch of pets, letting her get attached, doing god knows what to them when theyre weaned, and repeating the process. cant be good for the girl

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yeah this too. this guy beats his kid doesnt he

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I hope she finds out that her father is a piece of shit