The American Dream (Part 16) by DreamMLP

Daddeh was carrying Snowball out of the room.

“Janice! Keep the others in the pen and stay with them. Daddy’s gonna take care of Snowball.”

You stepped outside just as Janice shut the door to the saferoom. She didn’t stop you, you were the exception, free to come and go after all.

“Wewe daddeh take mummah?” Lollipop asked.

“She’s going to have more adorable babies!” Janice said, “More brothers and sisters for you guys!”

“Hmmf” Hulk puffed his cheeks, “Huwk nu want mowe bwuddahs and sistahs! Huwk bestest babbeh!”

While Janice dealt with that, curiosity got the best of you, and you followed Daddeh out the door.

Daddeh had snowball on the counter in the middle of the kitchen, a towel was under her. She was clearly huffing and straining, meaning the babbehs would be here any time now. Daddeh told her to push, and he saw you.

“Dammit Janice, I told… well whatever, if any shitrat’s gonna fuck it up it won’t be you.” He turned his attention back to Snowball.

You wanted a better view. You looked around for a way to get up. There was a chair near the wall, with a suitcase lying next to it. After some exhausting climbing, you reached the top. Looking across the pathway to the counter, you jumped. Barely grabbing a foothold on the edge and pulling yourself up by the leggies.

“You wanna impress me with your acrobatics you do it some other time. Just sit over there and don’t do anything. Snowball, you gotta start pushing now!”

“Am twying!” Snowball said as her face went red, clenching her teeth.

“Well try harder! These things are coming out and they’re coming out now!”

Snowball closed her eyes and pushed with all her strength.

“B-babbehs come out!”


“That’s one!”

You wandered behind her to see what was happening. What you saw was like nothing you’d seen.



They were coming out of her backside, covered in poop and goo. Was this what you looked like coming out of mummah?





Snowball was panting with exhaustion.

“Dat’s aww da babbehs fwom snowbaww!”

“Only four!?” Daddeh looked disappointed, until he looked down to the four chirping rats under him. He raised his eyebrows.

“Babbehs! Mummah heaw yuo.” Snowball turned around to her new babbehs, “Mummah gonna gib all dah-“

She stared in silence at her brood. There was a blue male unicorn, a yellow male earthie, a pink female pegasus… and something else. Your mind couldn’t exactly process it.

“Holy hell.” Daddeh said, smiling.

“Mu-“ Snowball began.

Daddeh hit her on the head. “Don’t you say it! This thing’s worth as much as your brood combined! And you’ll take care of it!”

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For the record Hulk gave himself the “bestest babbeh” title, his mom’s oblivious but still equal


Thats not a good sign and his attitude.

Oh wow an alicorn oh boy snowball better not do anything stupid.


The story started with the idea Dream would become well known, from where it’s currently going I’m expecting Dream to protect the alicorn baby.


I’m expecting Dream to grow on daddy. Or at least become useful.