The American Dream (Part 17) by DreamMLP

You strolled through the streets of the city, looking for nummies, looking for a friendly human, or possibly a mare for a new start?

You looked down at your stained brown fluff. “Huu… am poopie nao… nu pwetty mare wan poopie fwuffy.”

You thought back to better times, the day you had met your special friend. You remembered eating a rotten banana from the garbage in some forgotten part of the city when you heard her scream.

“Scree! Bad toughie!”

You looked over to see her cowering in fear. Then she looked back at you.

“Nu wan… wai… yuo nu fwom hewd? Yuo nu fwom hewd! Phew!”

You continued to chew your banana, not taking her eyes off her. All you could think was Pwetty Mawe.

“Hoo yuo? Yuo hab nummies?”

You looked down to the trash, and back at her. “Hab nummies, hoo yuo?”

“Yay! Nummies!” She strolled over, and took a bite from your banana. “Fwuffy nu hab namsie, wan way befowe meanie mummah cowd namsie…”

You watched her eat, enthralled. Pwetty Mawe.

“…found hewd… buh smawtie was meanie, smawtie wan wots ob enfies! Had babbehs buh… had wun way fwom meanie smawtie…” She finished the rest of the banana and brought her head up.

“Wewe yuo fwom?”

Nobody had ever asked you that question. You thought back to memories you hadn’t revisited in a long time. You were born in a housie, with a daddeh the humans called “bweedah”. You remembered your mummah, her green coat and creamy milkies. And your daddeh…

By the time you snapped out of it she was already down the alley scavenging through another pile of trash. Your chances were slipping away, you couldn’t lose a mare like this. You ran to her.

“Pwetty mawe wan be speshaw fwiend?”

You were yanked back to the present by a splash of water. The man on the bike went through the puddle and kept on, laughing. You looked at yourself, your fluff now wet and still brown. You sat against the wall, crying. At your special friend that you loved, your babies you wouldn’t see again, every bad thing, your daddeh… you thought back to your earliest memories.

Your daddeh was a monster. Literally and figuratively. A horn on his head and wings on his back, eyes red as your brave blue baby. Bweedah would always inject him with something, and after that daddeh was swatting you and your brothers and sisters aside and making your mummah scream and cry with bad enfies.

When she had another litter, Bweedah got angry. Five foals and one alicorn! You heard him one day. You two aren’t worth shit if you can’t pump out your quality genes! He rounded up all of mummah’s babbehs, including you, the ones that weren’t monsters, and tossed them outside.

It was a hard life, adjusting to the streets, nobody to guide you. A bunch of babies, helpless and alone. Would this be the fate of your babies?

Your heart sank. You sprung up, trying to remember the way back. You ran.

For what felt like a forever, and as the sun was going down, you recognized the area. You were back. Running to the can, you saw something surprising. You saw your special friend run off with yellow. In the alley was a monster.

And it was growling.

“Mummah!” You recognized the voice as orange. “Mummah sabe ba-“

She screamed as the monster picked her up. You ran as fast as you could, and stopped behind it. “Bw… bwuddas… mummah…” the monster coughed up a brown and yellow puddle, and snatched orange up in his jaws. In her place, across the alley, you spotted blue and green under a dumpster. Terrified.

Then, from nowhere the monster thrust its jaws under the dumpster. Green screeched, and the monster thrust its jaws further.

You weighed your options, and yelled “BAWKIE MUNSTAH! Get ‘way fwom babbehs!”

The beast ceased its chomping. You thought back to those early years, stuck in the streets alone.

“Yuo smeww wike poopies!”

It removed its jaw from the dumpster and turned back to you, its black eyes gleaming.

“Daddeh gon’ gib yuo meanest huwties!”

The monster licked its lips. A much more plump meal than those two foals.

Blue looked to you, you looked back. He knew exactly what you were doing. Your babbehs would be alone, but at least they would be alive.


The monster hurled itself forward, Blue and Green ran. The monster grabbed you by the leg, swinging you until your body ripped clean off, landing back in the alley.

You gave a loud “SCREEEEEEE!” as the monster leapt at you again. Blue took a last look at you as he disappeared behind the wall with Green. They had escaped while the monster would feast.

You look to the sky as your life flashed before your eyes. Mummah, daddeh, bweedah, speshaw fwiend, your three remaining babbehs, all became a blur as the monster tore into you. All while repeating in your head.

Babbehs okay…

Babbehs okay…

Babbehs okay…


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Was feeling generous and had this idea for awhile. Thought since I was on Part 17 might as well throwback to part 7 and give some more insight to Daddeh


:cold_sweat::sweat::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: dammit! Blue’s father…it hurts :sob:


It probably did hurt him

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He saved his foals :sob:

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Honor for the fallen.