The Contestants of Fluffy Runner (Various Artists) (Fb id: 20508 & 20876)


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The top image were the fluffies submitted by various artists for @jberg360 's Fluffy Runner, which can be viewed here: Fluffy Runner [by Jberg360]

The top is the original fluffy designs by the artists who drew them, while the bottom is Jberg’s own rendition of them.


We really need a fluffy runner 2.
Only now with the FC fluffy Oc’s.


He’ll, I’d like to see the first one finished!


So do I.
But thats up to jberg.


I’d forgotten how great this was! I will see if I can find and post my story, Foal Runner

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Here it is Foal Runner

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Ah, Fluffy Runner. A true classic…

Appartantly it’s happening

I’m hype.


I’m trying not to explode from over-hype right now.

Also: Eeeeeeeeeeeee! It’s alive!

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New issue

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Its on now !

Can we get a Who’s Who on the artist behind the top image?

Like Quesada & Bubbles are drawn by Aichi, Wingpsan by Waggytail, Zander & Blueball is by Jberg360 himself

I wish I had the info, but it was in the original booru thread and I don’t think I took names down. They also allowed Anon posting so some of them might be 100% untraceable.

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Oh that’s a shame.

Also I noticed Wisperwind is by Smawtymustdie

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I can’t believe I found my notes. I took inspiration from the artist comments but didn’t use them word for word.


Thanks for the detail!

Missiletoe, huh? Now that’s a name not heard of since

I vote for Bomba by Rescue_9