The Devil's Daughter Ch. 6 [END] [By BFM101]

It was the hottest day of the year, boiling air blew into the cave that Forrest called home, sticking to the walls and turning the place into an oven. But Forrest dare not leave, not until he saw Fing return.

Not while the munstah was still out there.

Behind him, Queenie and Strong whimpered, the fat colt cuddled up in his mother’s arms, both of them terrified by what had happened to their herd.

“Spe…speciaw-fwiend?” Queenie shakily spoke up. “Qween-ee am sowwy fow bein meanie, yu am bestesh Smawty, pwotek famiwy wike gus Fwuffy shouwd.”

Forrest turned and nuzzled with his mate. “Fwuffy pwomise neba weave famiwy gain, nu mowe shouties.”

He lied to her through his teeth, he was stronger than her, smarter than her, and most importantly, faster than her. If he had to distract Scarlett by using Queenie as bait, he absolutely would. Whether or not he saved Strong, his only living child, depended on how easily Forrest could reach him.

And if he couldn’t, he wouldn’t be hard for a great Smarty like him to make more babbehs.

Suddenly there was a cry from outside the cave, Queenie and Strong shit themselves from the shock, Forrest held back but a little dribble of piss spurted out of him all the same. The family stayed still, listening out to see if the noise came again.

They didn’t have to wait long, as another cry came out, this time close enough to make out.

“Owwies, Fwuffy hab wowstesh weggie huwties, oh wai did Scawwett fing she can fight biggesh Tuffie an suwvive? Nyo nu hab da enagee tu gib foweba sweepies tu dummeh Fowwest, oh da owwies.”

Queenie’s face lit up and she pushed Forrest forward. “Speciaw-fwiend, munstha am huwties, gu gib hew foweba sweepies, pwotek Qween-ee an babbeh.”

Strong loved the idea and began bouncing on his butt. “Gu daddeh, gib munstah wowtesh sowwy-hoofies.”

For a brief moment, Forrest’s survival instincts kicked in, his gut screaming at him that something was off. But then his pea-brain overrode that feeling and reminded him that he was the best goddamn Smarty that ever existed, he could take on any dumb mare that came near him.

Puffing out his chest and his cheeks, Forrest stormed out of the cave, he couldn’t see Scarlett, but he knew she was out here somewhere.

“Dummeh mawe, show sewf, ow am yu tuu scawdie face Smawty?”

No answer, just a light rustling of the trees.

“Dummeh mawe come out nyo, an Smawty onwy gib foweba sweepies. If nu du dat, den Smawty gib wowstesh enfies an sowwy-hoofies.”

Again no answer, by now Forrest was conflicted between his anger at the disobedience, and fear of not knowing where Scarlett was.


“Wight hewe.”

With her steps hidden by Forrest’s bluster, Scarlett had gotten the drop on the fat Smarty, he had just enough time to shit himself before Scarlett chomped down on his front right leg and began to rip and tear.

“NUUU! Nu huwt weggies, need weggie fow wun an pway.”

Forrest tried to fight back as he felt the flesh of his limb being carved apart, but he was too fat, too placated in his gluttony and too weak from using other Fluffies to do his dirty work that he had no give, nothing he could do to stop Scarlett as she twisted the limb, splitting skin and muscle at their very roots.

The flabby flesh of the fat fucker proved no contest for the ruthless mare, and she tore off Forrest’s leg with barely an issue.

It took Forrest a second to register what had happened, whether out of shock or because his brain was literally too fucking stupid to catch up was hard to tell, but Scarlett could see the penny dropping in his head, albeit in slow motion.


Scarlett spat Forrest’s leg back at him, knocking him right in the face as she did. “Oh gib it a fukin bweak. Yu nu am gud Fwuffy, yu am wittw fukin munstah. Bu da fing is…”

Scarlett leaned in closer to whisper into Forrest’s ear, for the first time to pathetic excuse for a Smarty saw her missing ear and the blood stains on her face, all working together to create a true face of sadistic pleasure.

“…Scawwett am eben bigga munstah.”

With that, she punched Forrest in the face, hard enough to knock teeth out of his mouth and distracting him long enough to run to his left side and tear off his other front leg, this one ripping just as easily as the first.

“Huuuuhuuhhuuuuu, wan weggies bak, am gud Smawty, nyo nu can gib huggies tu speciaw-fwiend an babbeh.”

“Oh dat wight, Scawwett fowgit bout dem.”

The cruel glint in her eyes as she turned towards the cave told Forrest that she had, in fact, NOT forgotten about them. Realising that his family was now in danger – and that he had no way of escaping – Forrest cried out.


He waited to watch Queenie rushing out of the cave, saving Strong and their lineage from Scarlett’s malice. But nothing happened, there was no running, no escaping, nothing until a moment later, he heard a single word.


She couldn’t hear him, he was too far away, the cave too isolated and echoey, Queenie couldn’t make out what he was shouting. Of course Forrest didn’t know about echoes, so naturally he assumed it was her fault.


Using his back legs to push himself forward, Forrest dragged himself along the forest floor to save his family, then he immediately stopped when the sharp twigs and stone began to bite at his belly.

Scarlett watched him for a moment before rolling her eyes. “Pah-feh-tic.”

Casually strolling past the disabled Smarty, Scarlett made for the cave, seeing her effortlessly make her way past him spurred Forrest on, and he fought against the pain to drag his fat body towards the cave. He had to save Strong, he had to make sure his final babbeh survived, what was the bestesh Smarty without a mighty descendant to take his place.

Queenie he couldn’t give a fuck about, with any luck Scarlett would focus on her, allowing Strong to escape.

But as Scarlett sauntered into the cave, the echoing screams told him that was not the case.



“Dummeh kunt be qwi-et, dis am gun huwt.”




“Nu huwt mummah, mummah need weggies tu gib huggies tu Stwong… AAAAAHHHHHHH NU HUWT BABBEH, AM ONWY WITTEW BABBEH!”


By the time Forrest reached the cave entrance, the damage was already done, three of Queenie’s legs had been broken, snapped to the point that the bone had pierced the mare’s soft-flesh, blood dripping from her nose where Scarlett had punched her in the face.

Strong had it even worse, Scarlett had bitten off and swallowed all four of his legs, he was now just a fat ball of dough, rolling and crying on the dirty floor of the cave, barely able to control where his rounded body moved with his extended belly shifting him in all directions.

Queenie looked up, seeing the disfigured Forrest at the cave’s entrance. She sniffed back tears as she spoke to him.

“Speciaw-fwiend? Wai nu sabe Qween-ee an babbeh? Wai nu wub famiwy nu mowe?”


Scarlett watched the couple arguing as she casually rolled Strong back and forth between her hoofs, the fat babbeh too emotionally distraught to do much more than peep anymore. Eventually she grew bored of listening to them and stepped between them both.

“Dis am fun, bu yu twu kunts am gibben Scawwett finkie-pwace huwties. Su wet’s jus git tu da gud pawt whewe Scawwett pik wun of yu tu gu foweba sweepies.”

Immediately the two adults turned on each other, Queenie used her last leg to point accusingly at Forrest.

“Gib meanie Smawty foweba sweepies, Daddeh yoose be Smawty tiww dummeh Fowwest gib him foweba sweepies.”

“Nu, gib ugwy meanie mawe foweba sweepies, she HEWP Smawty gib foweba sweepies tu hew own daddeh.”

Scarlett listened to them bicker some more, each spilling the cruel secrets of the other, the venomous hatred spewed by two former special-friends was music to her ears.

“Ok, Scawwett choosies whu gu foweba sweepies fiwst. Scawwett choosies… DA BABBEH!”


Queenie flipped the fuck out, even ignoring the agony of her broken limbs she tried to pull herself forward to save Strong. “NUUHUUUHUUU! Nu gib babbeh foweba sweepies, am wastesh babbeh, wan be mummah, wan babbeh bak, GIB BAK BABBEH!”


Scarlett picked up the crying, snivelling and shitting ball of fatness with her teeth and began to take him out of the cave. As she got to the entrance, Forrest pushed himself to stand… or rather lay in her way.

“Pwease munstah mawe, nu gib babbeh foweba sweepies, am onwy wittew babbeh, am gud babbeh. Pwease wet daddeh hab babbeh bak.”

With Strong still in her teeth, Scarlett couldn’t talk, but she looked down at Forrest and nodded. The broken Smarty breathed a sigh of relief, believing he had saved his final child.

Until he felt Scarlett move behind him, her eyes burning into his poopie-place.”

“Wha am Scawwett duin bak dewe?”

Suddenly there was a violent pressure being pressed against his back side as something impossibly thick tried to push its way inside him.


“Wha?” Scarlett asked with a giggle. “Yu say yu wan babbeh bak, Scawwett gib yu babbeh bak.”

It was then that Forrest felt something, through the pain of his torn asshole he felt a subtle vibration in his asshole, and he realised that it was the muffled screaming of Strong being pummelled down his poopie-place.


Scarlett ignored him, if anything she stomped on him even harder, pushing Strong even further into his father’s asshole. In shock and horror, Forrest let out a blast of scardie-poopies, only for it all to get trapped by the effective seal of his son’s limbless body.

Between the unruly pressure of his trapped bowels, Forrest felt his son thrash and scream against the onslaught of shit being pushed into his face. But the thrashing quickly grew weaker and slower, eventually grounding to a complete halt, and Forrest knew that his son, his final living child, had suffocated to death in his own shit.


Queenie spat at Forrest, blaming him for their son’s death. “Babbeh nu am poopies, wai speciaw-fwiend gib babbeh wowstesh foweba sweepies. Nu am speciaw-fwiend nu mowe, hatchu dummeh Smawty, HATCHU!”



Forrest froze as he felt a sharp pain from behind him, followed by a steady stream of blood flowing between his legs. He dare not think of what it was until Scarlett stepped in front of him and spat out a small, pathetic piece of flesh onto the grass.

The castrated remains of his cock and balls.



The sheer coldness in Scarlett’s word terrified Forrest more than anything, he stayed scared stiff as Scarlett returned to Queenie, kicking the fat mare onto her back.

“Huu, pwease, nu wan gu foweba sweepies, Qween-ee am gu Fwuffy.”

“Nu yuw not.”

And without waiting for a reply, Scarlett pressed a hoof onto Queenie’s fat neck, the yellow mare choked and struggled but with her broken limbs and fat body, she couldn’t put up much of a fight. Only mildly smacking Scarlett with his last working leg and seemingly making no impact.

Forrest could only watch in horror as Scarlett strangled his mate to death.



Scarlett stormed over, stomping a hoof onto one of Forrest’s back legs, breaking it in half.

“Eben nyo yu stiww fink dis am bout yu?”

She moved over to the other side, breaking his forth and final limb and rendering the former Smarty a complete invalid.

“Yu am nuffin, yu mean nuffin, Scawwett nu cawe bout yu ow yuw dummeh fukin famiwy ow yuw fukin hewd. Yu aww am NUFFIN!”

“Den… den wai gib hewd foweba sweepies?”

“Wai?” Scarlett stared at Forrest, a sadistic grin growing on her face. “Cos Scawwett can, dat wai.”

It was at that point, that everything hit Forrest at once, he had lost his herd, his friends, his family, his lineage and his future, and now he was the mercy of pure chaotic cruelty. And there was nothing he could do.

Well… almost nothing.


“Oh, yu wiww gu foweba sweepies, bu Scawwett nu gun gib it tu yu.”

“Wha… wha mawe mean?”

Scarlett smirked and pointed to his severed genitals in front of him. “Betta num dose, dat am wast nummies yu eba gun git.”

Before Forrest could question what she meant, Scarlett returned to the cave and started chewing off pieces of Queenie’s corpse, the fat mare had enough meat on her to last Scarlett a good while.

All she had to do now was wait, and she had all the time in the world.

It was the hottest day of the year, and it was just getting hotter.

The sun kept rising through the afternoon, battering down on Forrest who remained out in the open, unprotected by trees or the cave or anything. Between the heat sweltering him out, and the energy wasted on fighting Scarlett – if he could even call it fighting – hunger and thirst were quickly taking its toll on the amputated stallion.

He had already eaten his own castrated genitals, after only two hours of going without food.

Scarlett remained unfazed by the heat, Queenie’s body provided her with enough sustenance, and if the cave got too stuffy for her, she could easily head to the pond for a refreshing drink. Her constant movements and relaxed demeanour only served to ruin Forrest’s fragile ego even more, how could this monster be so content at watching him suffer?

Even worse, despite his stomach grumbling for food, he still felt bloated and uncomfortable; Strong’s corpse was still blocking his bowels, rendering him unable to shit in any capacity. What Forrest couldn’t tell was that the pressure in his rectal cavity was splitting blood vessels open, leaking liquid shit into his body, between that and the now decaying remains of Strong, even if Forrest survived the heat and starvation, sepsis was a very real possibility.

Dazed and confused by heat-stroke and illness, Forrest looked up towards Scarlett, the red mare was biting off one of Queenie’s milkie-places, splashing blood milk all over the cave.

“Blugh, neba wike miwkies, nu taste as nice as boo-boo-juice. Bu miwkie pwaces, dey taste weaw gud.”

“Pwease. Need nummies, nu wawa, need… need make poopies.”

Scarlett ignored him and kept chewing into Queenie’s lower half, forcing Forrest to watch her desecrate the remains of his one and only special-friend. Even after they ended their relationship in hatred, Forrest couldn’t help but feel heartbroken by her passing.

At least it felt like heartbreak, truth be told the more he thought about her the less he was able to remember, only her beauty seemed to stick out in his mind and even that was starting to fade as he was forced to look upon her torn and half-eaten corpse.

And still he couldn’t shit.

As the heat of the day began to wane and made way for an uncomfortably warm night, Scarlett headed for a good night’s rest, finding a comfortable spot of grass deeper into the cave where she could avoid most of the humid breeze blowing through the air.

Forrest couldn’t sleep, his body shivered between bouts of sweat and gasping. He couldn’t understand how he could be so hot and yet so cold at the same time, or why he the lower half of his body had gone almost completely numb, save for the bloated pressure pushing against his guts.

In his restless state he began to hear things, voices, familiar voices. Had his herd returned to him, was he finally a Smarty again?

“Whu… whu dewe, show sewf tu Smawy.”


The voice was feminine, but he couldn’t place whose it was, it wasn’t Queenies, maybe Pickles or…

“Fowwest, yu am bad babbeh.”

Forrest felt the pressure in his bowels grow as he shit himself again, recognising the voice of Mary, the voice of his mother.

“Mummah, mummah whewe am yu?”

“Yu am bad babbeh, Fowwest, mummah nu wub yu nu mowe.”

Desperate Forrest gazed around the tiny field of view he had left. “Mummah pwease, nu hidies fwom Smawty.”

“Heheheh, yu nu am Smawty. Yu am biggesh dummeh.”

Another voice, young and male. This one Forrest immediately recognised as Brightball, his brother, the first Fluffy Forrest ever hated. The first Fluffy Forrest ever killed.

“Nu am dummeh, bwudda am dummeh. Bwudda twy gib Smawty foweba sweepies, Smawty stwonga, smawta den dummah bwudda.”

“Yu am dummeh Fowwest. Yu am nu-weggie, nu-wump dummeh. How can be Smawty if nu hab hewd.”

Mary’s voice came in again. “Yu neba wewe bestesh babbeh, yu wewe wowstesh babbeh, mummah neba wub yu.”

Nu, nu dat nu twue, mummah wub Smawty, wub Fowwest.”

“Nu wub ugwy meanie babbeh.”

Brightball’s voice piped up once more. “Bwudda an sissies nu wub Fowwest tuu, fink am biggesh fat-ee dummeh. Yu am weason Bwownie sissy gu foweba sweepies.”

“NU! Nu she am poopie babbeh, poopie babbeh desewve foweba sweepies.”

“Onwy babbeh Fowwest hab weft am poopie babbeh.” Brightball’s tone was mocking in Forrest’s ear. “Yu hab nuffin weft, nu famiwy, nu hewd, nuffin. How you stiww caww sewf Smawty nyo.”

“Cos… cos… cos am Smawty, hab be Smawty. If nu am Smawty den… den am nuffin.”

With her voice so clear that Forrest swore she was right beside him, Mary whispered into his ear.

“Fowwest awweady am nuffin.”

Morning rose, it was the second hottest day of the year, but the temperature difference was so minor it was practically negligible

Not that it matter to Forrest, he had died during the night.

Scarlett looked over his corpse, disappointed that he hadn’t lasted longer, but from the look of pain on his face, he probably died in agony. Still better than he deserved.

She soured her nose at the stench coming from behind him, with his bowels now relaxed following his death, Forrest’s body was leaking a foul mixture of clogged shit, dirty blood and rotten flesh, even still Strong’s fat body refused to budge, blocking off the main torrent of filth from blowing out of his ruptured bowels.

Any thought she had of using Forrest as breakfast were thrown right out of the window. Instead Scarlett chewed off a little bit more of Queenie’s remains before leaving the cave and leaving behind Forrest’s home and his land for good.

Scarlett had been waling for several hours when she found herself in familiar territory, she was close to her old home, the big tree by the stream. Spurred on by an unknown feeling, Scarlett cautiously crept closer to her home, checking out things had changed in her absence.

From the distance she could see a rare happiness emanating from the place, Lollipop had given birth to her foals, happily feeding and hugging them all, finally able to be a mummah for the first time and loving each of her four children, no matter what colour or type they were. She had lost too mauch to care about that now.

As Lollipop rested against the tree, singing and feeding her newborns, Pickle moved some more food towards her, tasty berries that Scarlett had gathered in the spring time, thankfully still ripe enough to be worth eating. Pickle herself was still pregnant but she still had some time before she became immobile.

The two mares were happy, more importantly they were safe, the tree provided shade and protection, the stream offered an unlimited water source, and food around these parts were plentiful for two families. They didn’t need a stallion for protection, they didn’t need anyone.

They didn’t need Scarlett, or was it Scarlett who didn’t need them.

From her hiding place she watched the happiness, and her first instinct was to rush in and reclaim her home, tear off the limbs of both mares and keep them alive for food over the cold-times. But she couldn’t bring herself to do it, she couldn’t force herself to hurt the two contented mares, let alone kill them.

Maybe she didn’t see the point in hunting easy prey, maybe her stomach still wasn’t sitting right after finding Forrest’s corpse. Maybe, Sky-Daddeh forgive, she had a conscience. Whatever the reason, she decided to leave the pair to their new home, turning her back on them and her home.

By chance, Pickle looked up and saw Scarlett through the trees, she opened her mouth to shout hello but saw that Scarlett was moving away from them, her head hung low and her movements slow. Pickle felt a pang of sadness for the red mare, wishing she could stay and meet Lollipop’s babbehs, even just so the two mummahs could thank her for saving them. But Scarlett had made her choice, and with the slight stink of death lingering in the air, maybe that was the right choice.

Scarlett pushed onwards, unaware of Pickle catching sight of her. She wasn’t sure where she would go now, but she felt the urge to return home, back to the city she was born. Not for her mother, if she was even still alive, but to follow up on what Spike had told her about her father, to follow the stories of his legacy and, with any luck, find him and ask him what it meant to be the devil’s daughter/

And if not him, then she hoped at least for someone worth spending her time with.


This right here makes me interested and invested into Scarlett. Righteous punishment to those that deserve it, while not outright destroying fluffies that are proving to be good. She may be the Devil’s daughter, but she isn’t the same kind of monster that Crimson was. I can see me liking her more than her father, this gives her more complexity that I can get into, especially when you factor Jonathan into the mix (who is potentially a more complex version of his brother).


Glad to see Forrest finally get what he deserves. Fuck that smarty shit bag.


Awesome ending :+1: especially as Scarlett left the surviving mares to their own future.

“For a brief moment, Forrest’s survival instincts kicked in, his gut screaming at him that something was off. But then his pea-brain overrode that feeling and reminded him that he was the best goddamn Smarty that ever existed, he could take on any dumb mare that came near him.”

After reading it : :man_facepalming:

No matter the scene fluffies tends to reason they are fucking “good fluffies” seeing themselves doing the right thing.

Love how Forrest begin to hallucinate to realize he was really nothing :rofl:


I wonder how it’d go if a foal was pushed into a fluffy’s anus butt-first so the foal’s head is sticking out.


I imagine the foal would still suffocate, being choked by the sphincter muscle. But if that didn’t kill them, then the choices are they starve to death being unable to feed themselves, or the constipation would kill the adult Fluffy and the foal would starve to death, unable to free themselves from their ass prison.


There definitely needs to be more constriction-torture for fluffies.
They still have their legs, they’re just constricted so tightly they can’t move them.


You mind if I write an unhappy ending for Pickle and Lollipop?

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It’ll have to be non-canon, I feel like having at least one official happy ending in my works. But otherwise sure, go for it.



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Holy shit, Strong and Forrest’s deaths were FANTASTIC


Great story. Loved the series from beginning to end.

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It would poop into the adult fluffy and make everything so much more explosive.

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