The Fluffpile Discord Server!

TLDR: The Fluffpile is back in my hands and I’m opening it back up to the public! Link below.

Hello everyone!

I’m Za, the original creator of The Fluffpile Discord server. I made the server back in mid-June 2021 after The Fluffy Server started going sour. From there I passed off ownership to someone else a few months later due to some mounting IRL obligations, and it was later passed on to another person.

Over time, things started to plateau and eventually slow. The person I’d given the server to originally, Nacho, disappeared without a trace. After the server was handed to Ray (god love him), he slowly began to grow weary of the server and fluffies in general.

This past Christmas, Ray passed the server back around to me. I’m setting out to revitalize the server and bring some life back to the community. I’m happy to announce that The Fluffpile is now OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! 18+ only though, scram kids.

We’re going to be hosting monthly events with fabulous prizes, occasional game nights, collaborative projects, and more!

As of writing, the server is 300+ members strong and ready to grow even more. We have members that have been in the community since the beginning, and we have members that are brand new. We’ve got channels for every box, sections for every artistic medium, and a community that would love to see what you can do!

If you want to join The Fluffpile and see what it’s all about, click the link below.

In order to prevent spam, lurking, etc., members will first be put into a verification channel. You will be asked for your FC account’s username and your age upon joining. Yes, you need an account for THIS WEBSITE. We will not be accepting lurkers or vagrant Redditards.

Once a mod verifies your information, the server at large will be opened up to you. Shouldn’t take too terribly long unless it’s nighttime in the US!

Oh, and I feel obligated to warn you that we say a lot of horrifically offensive shit. We are a 4chan-adjacent community, so be prepared to act like it.


Good luck, it’sd like herding cats.
As I am sure you well know.
I’m also sure the server is back in solid hands.


Thanks man! Hope you’ll start coming around the server more often, maybe participate in the January banner contest :glee:


Also for anyone who hasn’t joined,be prepared to see lots of art of naked ladies in the art channels,haha.
Good luck Za :slight_smile:


Hey, hey, not ALL of them! Only the NSFW ones!

Thanks Peppermint, it’s always good to see you around! :martinidrink:


To give it a fair review though,the artist alley channel is very good for finding people to help you if you’re having trouble with your art,as in angles, colors, ideas for how to improve,and it’s also a good place for non-fluffy related art. There’s also a story-time channel to promote your fluffy works,as well as what Za said,a channel for every box (except Sadbox).
Also it’s nice for finding people from the community to bounce ideas off of or just to chat.


People post a lot of old art on there too, and some of it is stuff we’re not allowed to post here or on reddit

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What is relatively active?

Decent amount of read time on the site. Like, if you’ve been on the site since 2020 but only have like 30m read time that’s not active. Looking at your account, you seem active enough and we’d be delighted to have you!

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I don’t really have an interest in hanging around a place that seems to tolerate racial slurs and negative stereotypes. There’s enough hatred in the world without what is meant to be a fun community spreading it. Not to mention, it’ll certainly make it more difficult for the fandom to grow if it’s not welcoming to people of color. 4chan is a place I’d prefer to leave in the past, to say the least.

Save it for the shitrats, not other humans.


You joined four days ago and you’re making broad statements like this.

The absolute audacity.

Welcome to the rice fields ni :b: :b: a.


I was referring to the Discord, not this site. Plus I’ve been around the fandom off and on for around a decade. After seeing racist caricatures and n-bombs, I don’t really know what else could be said.


Oh my bad homie.

I’m not part of the discord either lmao.


Welcome to the community, buddy. This is the identity we crafted over a decade or so, and if you’d really been there then you’d know that. If it’s not the place for you, that’s fine. But don’t say we didn’t warn you in this post and in the rules channel.

Maybe you should be :martini:

You were warned numerous times.

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First fluffy-related group chat I’ve been in was a Skype group run by Aichi. Perhaps I merely hoped that since that time, people grew up a little. Apparently I was mistaken. Some degree of edginess is to be expected, given the nature of the community, but I don’t see the value in dropping n-bombs and /pol/-tier racist caricatures.


True. Your point? I’m still capable of disagreeing with racism. I can’t control anyone else’s actions but I don’t need to approve of them, either.

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