The Fluffy Discipliner - Chapter 6 [by LenexTLI]

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After a short car ride that was filled with a mix of happy peeps at Micheal’s cheerful humming, some scaredie chirps from the car moving and noises, and some happy giggles and words Micheal couldn’t really catch from the Brown Filly, they finally were home again.

As the car came to a stop, Micheal was greeted with a chorus of more cheeps, peeps, coos, and cries yet again, but as he picked the three tubes up and carefully carried them inside, the foals calmed down. He quickly walked inside and into the saferoom.

The saferoom was for Micheal’s own Fluffy, but he currently wasn’t home because he was at the Doctor for a regular checkup. Micheal placed the tubes carefully on the floor next to each other and looked at the foals again.

The three Foals-In-A-Can he had bought consisted of a set of siblings, a filly and colt, the brother being a purple Alicorn and the sister being a light pink and purple Pegasus, and a brown Earthie filly that had just opened its eyes, examining the room with glee, and starring with pure innocent love at Micheal, bouncing around out of happiness in her tube. He carefully grabbed the tube with the colt first, popping open the front of the tube where the fake teat was, pulling it out of the foals mouth who was stress drinking for comfort.

It cheeped in distress at the sudden removal of the silicon teat which had been its only source of comfort during its short life so far. Micheal slowly grabbed the foal, pulling gently on it, the tube which were in its anus and urethra getting pulled out, earning him an array of uncomfortable and scared cheeps and cried. Micheal finally had freed it, placing it on the soft ground. It began wiggling around, and crawling, or at least trying to crawl as best as it could, to find the teat again, slowly, and he meant very slowly.

As the foal tapped its hoofs on the padded floor, it realized that something was different. It curiously smelled the fresh air, felt the padded floor which it had never felt before, and smelled something else. The foal didn’t know what it was smelling, but the smell made it feel safe and happy. When suddenly, something warm touched its head, spooking it.

“CHEEP!” the foal let out of fear.

Micheal was now slowly petting the top of the colts head, at first, the foal flinching at the sudden warm touch, but now heavily leaning into it and cooing in pleasure. Micheal had to admit it was rather cute. Micheal gently picked the young colt up, it still blissfully cooing at the warmth of his hand, making a dumb but extremely happy smile with its weak facial muscles.

He placed the foal into a small bed next to him, which had a function to heat up automatically once a Fluffy was lying inside it. The foal chirped in fear at first when it could no longer feel Micheal’s touch and warmth, but quickly began to calm down and nuzzle, cooing, into the soft fluffy-like fur material of the bed as it began to warm up.

Next up was the colts sister, the pink and purple Pegasus. He popped open her tube too, the filly at once smelling the fresh air, as well as an unfamiliar smell too. She perked her head up, or at least as best as a foal that young could and smelled harder. The new smell made her heart feel warm and her tiny young brain tried to understand why, when it clicked.

Da-daddeh? The filly thought to herself.

Hasbio had designed Fluffies with a, quote on quote, basic programming that made Fluffies recognize humans from a very, very young age, and associate them to happiness, love, cuddles, and all the things Fluffies loved.

On one hand, that was good because it meant that Fluffies naturally wanted to be around humans and loved them unconditionally. On the other hand, it meant that Abusers had a really easy time tricking Fluffies into following them home, out of that naïve and innocent love, where they would meet, more often than not, a very gruesome and tragic death.

However, in this case, it meant that the filly was no longer distressed, but instead happy, excited, and having the biggest heart happies she ever had, all just because she smelled a human who would be her daddeh.

Micheal gently picked her up too, the filly immediately cuddling into his hand and hugging one of his fingers, rubbing her plump cheeks against it affectionately. Micheal gently scratched her head, giving a sound of happy cooing from the filly, before placing her in the same bed her brother was in, but a bit apart.

Micheal watched as the filly nuzzled into the warmth of the bed, and then stopped.

The filly smelled the air again, this time not smelling her daddeh, but also something else that made her very happy. She slowly crept towards the smell, eventually bumping her nose into something soft. As she bumped into it, she felt a flinch and fear cheep from it, now being able to smell it entirely and properly.

The filly was smelling her brother now, and the colt also turned towards the smell coming from his sister. The two foals carefully smelled each other, before a big smile formed on both their faces, and they, very awkwardly, hugged each other and cuddled, nuzzling into the others fur.

Interesting, Micheal thought to himself. Although the two foals had probably never met each other before, they were able to tell they were siblings just based on each other’s smell. Now cuddling into each other happily cooing.

Micheal turned to the last tube, the brown Earthie filly, who was more developed than the other two. As his hand approached her tube, she was brimming with excitement.

The filly couldn’t remember how long she had been in the tube, but it felt like forever. She faintly remembered her mother’s smell, which made her so happy, but it quickly dissipated and then she was met with the coldness of the odorless tube. She remembered being scared when she felt a sharp pain in both her anus and underdeveloped vagina, the pain quickly fading but instead turning into extreme discomfort.

She would desperately try to remove whatever brought her discomfort, but it never worked, eventually growing numb to it and ignoring it. She remembered noises, peeps and cries of other Fluffies next to her or near her, which would always scare her and make her do scaredie-poopies, which luckily never smelt or stained her fluff.

She would always then either roll up into a ball hugging herself or suckle on the teat which was cold and tasted odd, but it was her only real way to experience comfort. This routine would go on for what felt like many forevers, until eventually, she was scared yet again by the weird noises around her. Her eyes finally opening.

The light hurt her eyes at first, and she had a hard time adjusting. She didn’t know what she was seeing, but she was scared, she was alone, and she wanted someone, anyone who could help her heart hurties.

But then she faintly saw something, a silhouette of something very tall and large. This only made her more scared until her eyes had adjusted more, and her tiny brain was able to understand what it was. A human.

The human was standing there, a bit obscured due to her newly acquired vision and something in front of him. She could feal her heart beating faster, but not out of scaredies or hurties, but instead excitement and happiness. She didn’t know why she was so happy and excited, but something deep inside her told her too.

But then, the human started walking away. Fear, anxiety, and the creeping feeling of loneliness started setting in. She could feel her eyes starting to tear up, and her heart beating faster. She didn’t want the human to leave. She wanted to hug him, let the human hug her, cuddle him, tell him she loved him, and so much more, but he was walking away.

She began to soft cry, peeping in fear, something swelling up inside her chest, and urge.

And with a final push, she cried out as loud as her little body allowed her, “PEEP! Da-daddeh? PEEP! Ba-babbeh ne’ huggies!”

She cried softly yet was thrilled beyond comprehension. She had spoken! But it was too late, she cried to herself with a sudden realization. The human did not hear her and was leaving. She was going to be alone again, surrounded by the sounds of despair and sadness. She slowly curled up into a ball, softly crying and peeping.

Suddenly though, her tube gently shook, catching her off-guard. She opened her teary eyes, seeing the human again. She grabbed her tail as her tub was lowered down and away from the human, and then plopped down.

A hand then approached her tube, grabbing it. The filly could at once feel the warmth of the humans hand penetrating the cold and unfeeling tube, going deep inside her small heart and body. As the human brought the tube up to his face, she could see him clearly, her new daddeh.

She had the biggest heart happies in the whole world, her tail beginning to wag automatically. She smiled from ear to ear at him, cheeping at the immense feeling of love she felt when this human looked at her and she at him.

The human put her tube into a dark place, with a bit of light coming in from above. She was scared, but the humans warmth quickly made all fear disappear, and she nuzzled into the side of the tube that was touching his body, falling asleep.

She eventually woke up to sounds of happy cooing and peeping, her eyes now having properly adjusted to the light, seeing her daddy holding another babbeh like her.

Her daddeh was grinning at the baby with a warm smile, and she saw him placing it somewhere out of her vision, turning to her now.

As he opened her tube, her nostrils were filled with the smell of many new things, the strongest smell being her daddeh. He placed his hands around her, her body melting at the feeling of a humans touch and warmth, completely ignoring the feeling of the tubes being pulled out of her anus and vagina.

She looked up at him, giving him the biggest smile, she could muster, “Wub daddeh!”


The brown one is going to die at the hands of Princess won’t she?


If Princess kills the little brown one, I’d say it’s time to hunt the bitch for sport.

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Just for future writing reference, women do not excrete urine from their vagina. There is a another opening above the vagina connected to the urethra which is connected to the bladder.

The vaginal canal is strictly for reproductive purposes. Funnily enough though, boys only have one hole for reproduction and waste disposal.