The Fluffy Discipliner - Chapter 5 [by LenexTLI]

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It had been two weeks now since Princess and Chocolate had ‘done’ it, and Princess had very quickly developed quite a large stomach. Micheal was aware that Fluffies reproduced quickly, but to see her have developed that much in two weeks was quite shocking, he had to admit.

If Micheal had to take a guess, the babies would come out in a week or two, and he was most excited about that.

However, Micheal had also noticed something interesting about Princess’s behavior. She had become much less aggressive and apprehensive towards Chocolate, and even allowed him to clean and lick her, and the weirdest part, she seemed happy whilst he did it?

Considering how much Princess despised, cursed, and hit Chocolate, he never left her side or turned on her. He made sure that she was always comfortable, had enough food and rest, and was clean once she got too big to thoroughly clean herself.

Micheal had guessed the reason she was acting like this was because of two things.

1st: The hormones of being pregnant were affecting her and thus she was less aggressive towards the father of the babies, aka, Chocolate.

2nd: Due to Chocolates constant support regardless of what Princess did to him, and Micheal’s small amount of brain washing, she started to like him and view him as the best fluffy in the whole world.

Princess had also started compliment Chocolates fur color, calling it pretty, and he could swear he was hearing Princess sing to her babies and how all of them would be the best babies every and beautiful, even the brown ones.

Normally, Micheal would have seen this as a success, as she had calmed down a lot, was more polite, and overall better than before. However, Micheal was far from done with Princess, as he did know if this was only temporary, as well as Princess not having paid yet for killing Brownie in cold blood.

Micheal had to be patient and wait, but luckily, he was good at that, and he could wait a week or two more. He had kept updating Susan on what was happening, and Susan was more than happy to hear things were going well, however, he had left out the part where Chocolate raped Princess and she being pregnant.

But Micheal had to admit, he had started becoming bored a bit, with nothing happening. He did not really mind the current peaceful atmosphere, but regardless of that it was still boring.

Micheal had googled ways to stop boredom, but most people only recommended torturing Fluffies, as that was the most entertaining thing ever, to which he partially agreed, however, Micheal was split.

On one hand, he like torturing and abusing Fluffies, especially the annoying, rude, and asshole ones. But on the other hand, he did like Fluffies, like Brownie, and knew that they could be the sweetest and most adorable creatures in the entire world.

Micheal was debating what to do whilst watching TV, when suddenly a commercial came on that caught his attention.

“Want to raise a cute and adorable baby fluffy, but do not want to adopt one from a store or get a Pregnant Mare? Well, no problem! INTRODUCING FOALS-IN-A-CAN!!!” The TV announcer exclaimed. “Simply go to the machine, look at which foal interests you, pay $5, select the foal, and it is yours! No need to fill out adoption forms or adopt foals with established personalities. Come down to any Hasbio Fluffy-Mart and find one of our Foal-In-A-Can Vending Machines and get your own blank-slate foal now!”

Foal-In-A-Can? That was something he had never heard of before, and he had to admit, it did sound interesting, and well, considering Brownie had recently died, and his other Fluffy was a bit lonely, why not try it?

He stood up from the couch, taking one last look at the tablet and into the basement, Chocolate and Princess lying in their bed, with Princess singing to her stomach. Satisfied with what he saw, he placed the tablet down, grabbing his car keys and driving away to the nearest Fluffy-Mart near him.

After a short drive he drove into the parking lot at the Fluffy-Mart, parking his car and getting out. It was mid Autumn, so the air was cold, yet refreshing. He quickly walked towards the entrance, seeing a Vending Machine off to the left.

That must be it. He quickly walked over to the machine, looking inside.

The Vending Machine was large, made from metal, and a sturdy plastic glass was built into the front of it, allowing people to look inside. On the side of the machines, where its feet were, were metal screws tightly screwed into the ground, to prevent people knocking the machine over. On the side was a panel, with buttons that had both letters and numbers on them, and a slot for coins and notes.

On the inside of the machine were ten rows, with each row having ten canisters. The canisters were long and round, with the same sturdy plastic glass at the top of the tubes, allowing users to view inside the tubes and see the foals. Inside the tube at the bottom was a piece of cloth for the foals to lay on, and at the back was a nozzle that extended out of it and was inserted into the anus and urethra of the foals to prevent the foals shitting and pissing everywhere and killing themselves. At the front of the tubes were small separate areas that were filled with milk, and a bit more in the back a fake silicone teat that allowed the foals to feed.

Micheal examined the foals inside the cans, of which there were many. He saw Earthies, Unicorns, Pegasus, and even Alicorns, with distinct colors schemes, patterns, and features. At the front of each can was a small display that showed the price for the specific foal, ranging from $1, all the way to $50. It also displayed whether the foals had any siblings who were also in the same machine, of which he saw a few.

This made Micheal think, and after a minute or so of pondering, he gave in. He pulled out his wallet, grabbing two $20 notes, sliding the first one in.

“Hewwo, nyu daddeh! Fank yu fo’ adopting a babbeh!” The machine suddenly chimed in a fake ‘mummah’ voice, which almost sounded like a jingle, that caused some of the foals that were sleeping to wake up and start peeping and crying. “Pwease sewect a babbeh!”

Micheal pressed D7, a purple Alicorn Colt.

An automatic metal claw suddenly sprang into action, sliding up along the interior of the machine, and up to D7. The noise of the machinery making the foals peep in distress, some making ‘scawedy-poopies’ which luckily were contained by the anus and urethra tube.

The metal claw carefully grabbed the tube of D7, pulling it out. The Alicorn colt began peeping and crying in distress, crawling awkwardly forward, and beginning to suck on the fake teat in fear as it was lowered down towards the bottom opening.

The metal arm opened, dropping the can down onto a padded area, the foal still getting scared. Micheal kneeled down, opening the hatch and pulled the tube out. He was now able to see the foal up close. It was extremely young, with its eyes still being closed tightly shut. It peeping and crying after the sudden movement of the tube, kneading into the fake teat.

Micheal put the tube in his coat, putting the second $20 note in the machine.

Micheal pressed D8 this time, a pink Pegasus Filly, the Colt’s sister.

The machine did its thing, the filly getting scared just like her bother. Micheal also examined her, noting down that she was clearly pretty, and would continue to be so even as she grew up.

Micheal was about to walk away, when suddenly he heard a few cheeps mixed with words coming from the machine, damped.

“PEEP Da-daddeh? PEEP Hu-huggies!”

It was a brown Earthie filly, it just now having barely opened its eyes, maybe due to being scared, and looking out from her tube directly at Micheal. She wagged her tail, continuing her peeping and chirping, Micheal clearly being the first human this little foal seen in her life, and thus had thought he was her father.

Micheal was about to walk away when he suddenly had a brilliant idea. He quickly looked at the price, $2, taking out his money again and inserting it into the machine, it springing back to life. The filly cheeped in fear and screamed “Babbeh hab biggesh scawdies, daddeh gib huggies tu make feew bewwe’!”

Micheal quickly took the tube out from the machine, bringing the tube close to his face so the filly could see him clearly with her newly opened eyes. As she saw his face, her tail started wagging and she let out cheeps and chirps of happiness at the sight of her ‘daddeh.’

He swiftly made his way back to his car and drove home. He could not wait to try a few things with these adorable, innocent, and naïve foals.


Will Princess kill this brown fluffy too? Her stay with Chocolate may have changed her attitude, I wouldn’t count on it applying to those that aren’t part of her family.


Gotta wait and see, but Imma head off for today. I wrote like 5 stories in one day xD felt very much inspired (and still do, so expect a lot of stories tomorrow as well :3333)


I was surprised how fast you churned out chapters, that is amazing :clap:


Some call it inspiration, some hard work, me, I call it insanity ;D


I kinda hope Michael doesn’t torture the brown filly… so cute and innocent and one brown foal death is enough… maybe give the foal or foals to crimson?


Not gonna spoil anything, but personally (the way I do abuse in writing) I only abuse Fluffies that deserve it, and the ones that don’t get happy endings :3


A delightful timeline!

So, nothing is to come from Crimson`s suggestive name?


I am the exact same… or if its a smarty herd then maybe they too in stories only cuz they follow the Smarty like a messiah. Not quite ounishingvthem forctheir mistakes but it cuz of their leader’s mistakes.


Either Princess will be a decent mom or a really bitchy one that needs severe punishing. Anyway these foals in cans are likely in for a good time… or a really bad one.


Whatever happens, that brown foal needs a long and happy life.

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