The Fluffy Discipliner - Season 2 - Chapter 3 [by LenexTLI]

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It was late at night, when the green foal awoke to noises of snow crushing beneath something heavy. He shot up, his heart beating fast as fear took control of his tiny body. He slowly got up, shivering from the cold and anxiety of what had entered the garden.

As he peaked his head out the bush to look, he saw the silhouettes of many fluffies, carefully walking through the snow and into the garden.

“Smawty, Tickwes am scawedy!” a high-pitched voice spoke, “Wat if munsta hooman am hewe!”

“Dummeh mawe nu be scawedy, Smawty gib dummeh hooman sowwy poopies if gib owwies tu Smawty hewd!” another deeper, yet also childish sounding, voice replied, annoyed.

The green foal flinched as the moonlight now revealed the fluffies. It was the feral fluffy herd from earlier that he had mocked, and now they were in his garden. As he tried to retreat into the bush, he accidentally stepped on a frozen leaf, it cracking under his weight.

The feral herd all flinched at the sound and turned to the bush the noise had come from. The green foal held its breath as the Smarty began walking up to the bush, slowly, eventually stopping. The green foal was too scared to move when suddenly he noticed he was locking eyes with the Smarty.

“Hewwo, dummeh babbeh!” the smarty sneered at him.

The green foal shuddered, quickly sprinting as fast as he could into the bush and hiding under a pile of leaves that he used as his bedding. The sounds of hoofs on snow cracking became louder, and then the sound of something moving into the bush and brushing the cold twigs and leaves aside was heard.

The green foal closed his eyes, hoping Smarty wouldn’t find him.

The Smarty, or as he was called, Rocket, towered over the center of the nest, where a pile of leaves was, with a small green tail peeking out from under it.

Rocket leaned in close to the pile of leaves, and loudly asked, “Whewe am dummeh babbeh?”

Rocket chuckled as the small pile of leaves flinched and shuddered in fear and cold, the foal lying directly on the cold ground and not protected by any leaves like he usually was, the green foal still thinking Rocket hadn’t found him yet.

Rocket, now done with playing around, opened his mouth and grabbed the green foal with his teeth by its tail, pulling him out from under the leaves.

“SCREEE! NUU!” The green foal screeched in fear at the sudden pull on his sensitive tail and being lifted by the Smarty.

The green foal was crying as it dangled in the air, his tail hurting a lot, Rocket still holding him by the tail, “Smawty am hab tummy owwies, dummeh babbeh be nummies!”

The foals’ eyes ripped open, staring back at Rocket, who smiled at him with a sinister expression on his face. Rocket was not actually going to eat the dumb foal, but he wanted payback from when this stupid little foal had made fun of him. However, the green foal did know that Rocket was joking as Rocket let go and the foal landed hard on the cold ground.

He closed his eyes as Rocket opened his mouth menacingly and veryyyy slowly lowered his head towards him, as if he was about to eat him whole. The foal just cried, when suddenly it remembered his father’s words from when he was a chirpy, no-see babbeh.

“‘ou am bestes’ babbeh, be Smawty one day!” his father’s words echoed through his head, encouraging him.

The foal opened its eyes and looked back at the Smarty, who was acting like he was about to eat him. His tiny tear-filled eyes suddenly had a burst of anger and determination.

“AM BESTES’ BABBEH, NU AM NUMMIES! GIF SOWWY POOPIES!” he yelled as loud as he could, which wasn’t very loud, suddenly releasing a torrent of liquid shit straight into Rockets mouth and down his throat.

Fluffy shit, normally, already smelled and tasty extremely bad, however, as Fluffies called it, ‘sorry poopies’ were much, much, much worse, which Rocket found out very quickly as the liquid shit embraced and covered his tongue, as well as ran down his throat.

Rocket almost at once gagged, tripping backwards and away from the foal that had just shit in its mouth. It was the most disgusting and vile thing Rocket had ever tasted, and he vomited not just the poop out, but also the food he had eaten earlier after hours of scavenging.

The smell of liquid Fluffy shit was penetrating Rockets nose and brain, making him extremely nauseas and sick. He gasped for air, still gagging and vomiting only bile at this point, when he noticed the green foal standing there triumphantly.

“Dummeh fwuffie take sowwy poopies! Go 'way ow wiww gib sowwy poopies ‘gain!” the green foal yelled, smiling with pride and happiness at having shown this dumb Smarty that this was his garden.

However, the smile on the foal’s face quickly dropped when he realized the fury that was in Rockets eyes as he stared daggers at him. Fear flushed through the foal, feeling that he was about to make scaredie poopies, but he wasn’t going to waste it.

The foal quickly turned around, raising his ass into the air and at Rocket, ready to bombard Rocket with another attack of sorry poopies and scaredy poopies, the foals face scrunched together as he pushed as hard as he could, readying an explosion of shit for Rockets’ face.

Before he was able to release though, Rocket jumped up, crashing his hoof at the foal’s side into his stomach, throwing him hard across the bush and into a branch. The branch cracked during the impact, forcing all the air out of the foals’ lungs as it collapsed to the floor, breathing hard.

It lied there, breathing hard, gasping for air at the immense force of the impact. His stomach churning and twisting in pain inside him, tears of pain starting to flow down his plumb little cheeks. A mixture of shit and piss formed behind the foal, as Rocket wobbly walked over to the foal, still nauseous from the smell of shit in its nose.

“Dummeh babbeh wan’ see what sowwy poopies am actuawwy wike?” Rocket asked, angry as a fluffy could be, turning around and releasing a typhoon of piss and shit onto the small foal.

The small foal, whose mouth was still open from trying to breathe, opened its eyes, confused at what Rocket meant, but as he opened his eyes, shit and piss sprayed directly into it and his mouth. An immense stinging pain filled its eyes as the shit and piss flowed into it, the foal at once closing them, which only made the piss and shit mixture rub all over its eyes.

“SCREEEEEE! BABBEH HAB WOWSTES’ SEE-PWACE OWWIES!” the small green foal screamed in pain, which only allowed the shit to flow deeper into its mouth, covering it just like its shit had done to Rocket.

The foal gagged and gagged as the mixture coated its entire mouth, gasping for air but only inhaling shit whilst doing so, causing the foal to start choking and vomiting.

Rocket watched as the foal looped between crying, screaming, gagging, choking, vomiting, and then crying again. Rocket was delighted at the small foals’ pain and cries. But it was far from over.

“HUUHUUUHUU! MUMMAH! DADDEH! BESTES’ BABBEH HAB OWIES!” it screamed and cried, still wriggling on the floor, trying to remove the shit out of its inflamed and irritated red eyes.

Rocket leaned in close, “Mummah an’ Daddeh nu can sabe dummeh babbeh!”

Before the green foal was able to respond, Rocket bit into his tail hard.


Rocket dragged the shit-soaked foal out of the bush and into the cold snow, plopping it down on the ground a few meters away from the bush it called its nest. The foal started shivering as the cold snow began to melt because of the heat coming from his body, melting and then beginning to soak his tiny fluff.

He shivered, as now his eyes were hurting, his throat was sore from screaming so much, his mouth tasted so bad from the shit, and he was freezing from his wet and shit stained fur. He began to cry desperately.

“HUU! HUUU! HUUUU! Babbeh am sowwy, pwease nu gib mowe owwies tu babbeh!”

“NU!” Rocket yelled, angry at the demands of the foal.

Rocket turned to his herd, who all looked confused and shocked, the small chirpy-babbehs peeping and chirping in fear on their mothers’ back at the loud noises and cold.

“Hewd, dis am dah dummeh babbeh that did not wet hewd in gawden, gib sowwy poopies!” Rocket told and commanded his herd, who all now looked at the foal with the same angry expression.

“NU! PWEASE NU GIB…URHHHGHAHH!” The small foal cried before being interrupted by liquid shit being shot in its face and mouth again, this time by one of the mares carrying foals on her back.

“Wobewy gib dummeh poopie babbeh sowwy poopies!” Lovely, one of the mothers in the herd, shouted at the green shit-stained foal, quickly walking away to one of the many bushes to tend to her crying foals on her back.

The foal continued to cry as all the fluffies took turns shitting and pissing on the defenseless and hurt foal, all of them also making their way to the bushes to sleep for the night. Now, only Rocket remained, looking down on the foal.

It used to have a bright green fluff, with a small purple mane slowly coming in. But now, its green fluff was a dark, shit colored brown, with patches of green barely peeking out from beneath it, and yellow streaks of piss lining across it fluff as well.

Rocket bit down on the foal’s tail again, trying not to touch any of the shit as it dragged the foal harshly across the rough and cold floor towards one of the other bushes further away from the ones they had decided on sleeping in.

He dragged him into the bush, the foals’ skin getting bruised and cut by the small twigs and rocks on the ground, Rocket flinging him to the center of the bush.

“Dummeh babbeh nu go foweba sweepies, gun num hewd poopies an’ find nummies fo’ hewd!” Rocket declared, the foal not responding but just weakly crying and sobbing, shivering badly.

The foal was now left alone on the cold ground, shivering, hurt, and sobbing oceans. What had he done to deserve something like this?

It was late in the morning now, and the green foal was in a deep sleep. He was weak, exhausted, hurt, and had irritated eyes from the shit in its eyes and crying so much, but he had not died, to his misfortune. He dreamt of his daddeh, playing with him, telling him he was the best babbeh ever, and that everything in this world belonged to him. That made the foal smile a bit in his sleep.

The dream abruptly ended though when he awoke to a sharp pain in his stomach, making him cough and gag. He looked up, seeing Rocket towering over him, with his hoof on his belly. The foal was half awake, only seeing a large Stallion standing there.

“Da…daddeh?” he asked, hopeful.

Rocket didn’t respond, but instead lifted his foot of the foal, and then smacking him hard on the head, waking the foal up entirely.

“Dummeh babbeh, Smawty nu am daddeh!” Rocket growled, biting down on the foal’s tail again, dragging him out of the bush.

The sun was now up in the sky, although not entirely, and the herd of fluffies was in the garden, looking around for food. The herd ignored Rocket and the weeping foal, Rocket finally letting go.

“Owie!” The foal yelped in pain as it was dropped.

“Gu find nummies fo’ hewd!” Rocket demanded, staring at the foal, which just looked at him in disbelief.

“NAO!” Rocket shouted, the foal quickly, yet weakly, standing up and starting to waddle away, looking for food.

The foal knew that there were grassie nummies under the snow, but that was not edible because it was frozen. He desperately checked the bushes for berries, but there were none. After a minute or so of searching, the foal walked back to the Smarty, who was busy cleaning one of the mares, Lovely. Another mare lying next to him, heavily pregnant.

“Babbeh nu can find nummies…” The foal stammered, shivering in fear.

Rocket stopped cleaning Lovely and walked towards the foal.

“Nu can find nummies fo’ hewd?” He asked the foal.

“Ye…yesh…nu can find num…” the foal replied, suddenly receiving a hard kick against his head that sent him flying.

“DUMMEH BABBEH WOOK HAWDEW! GU OUT OF GAWDEN TU FIND NUMMIES!” Rocket screamed at the injured foal, pointing at the hole in the fence, walking back to Lovely and the other mare.

The foal wept as it slowly got back up and waddled over to another bush, looking at the hole, revealing a vast forest behind it. The foal shivered at the sight of the wilderness. Rocket watched the foal standing there frozen in fear, sighing.

“Tickwes, gu hewp dummeh babbeh find nummies!” Rocket spoke to the second mare who was playing with her foals.

“Wut?” Tickles questioned, not sure if she heard right.

“Gu hewp dummeh babbeh find nummies!” Rocket spoke again, glaring at her.

“Buh…Tickwes am nyu mummah, nu can weabe chiwpy babbehs awone!” Tickles cried, not wanting to leave her babbehs alone.

“Wobewy wiww take cawe of babbehs, go hewp find nummies nao!” Rocket angrily said, staring daggers at Tickles who was not doing as he said.

Tickles held back tears as she got up, her foals chirping and peeping at their mother leaving, before stopping when Lovely picked them up and placed them on her stomach next to her own foals.

“Hewwo babbehs, am wobewy, nyu mummah!” Lovely greeted the foals, who cheeped at her with big smiles.

Tickles felt angry at the sight, but noticed Rocket still staring at her, furious. She quickly walked over to the foal, which was still frozen in fear. She hit the foal on its butt, throwing it forward towards the hole.

“GU!” Tickles yelled at the foal, releasing her anger at the foal, which flinched and quickly began walking.

Rocket watched the pair making their way out of the garden, smiling. He was happy that the dumb babbeh was getting what it deserved for acting like that towards him, and he was happy that the annoying Tickles was gone now too.

Tickles was a monochromatic purple Earthie mare, with a red mane. She had begged him for ‘special huggies’ and babbehs for so long, and even though he didn’t like her at all, he didn’t say no to some good feels. And thus made her pregnant.

However, once Tickles had gotten pregnant, she acted like Rocket, the Smarty of the group, was her special friend, which upset Lovely a lot, who was the actual special friend of Rocket and the one Rocket liked the most.

Lovely was a beautiful pink Pegasus mare, her fluff being shades of pink that only made her look more pretty. Rocket had decided to make Lovely his special friend the moment he had seen her, and their babbehs were the prettiest and best babbehs ever.

“Fank ‘ou speshuw fwend fo’ makin’ annoyin’ mawe go 'way!” Lovely giggled, licking Rockets face lovingly.

The herd was just lying around, taking care of their foals and waiting for Tickles and the foal to come back with food, when suddenly the porch door opened, and a human stepped out. The Fluffies froze in fear at the tall human male, who was holding a cup of something steaming, taking a sip of it before eventually glancing over to them, and looking at them with a perplexed expression.

Michael stared at the herd of Fluffies who had made their home in his garden, already having covered it in shit and piss, making a huge mess. The sounds of “hooman!”, “nyu daddeh?”, “nu huwt babbehs!” filling his ears, along with the cheeping and chirping cries of terrified newborn babies that were scared at their parents and herds sudden fear and words.

“Oh, you’re fucking kidding me…” Michael sighed as he saw the piles of shit all over his garden.


Rocket’s herd are a buncha dickheads, but it’s hard to sympathise with Lil Green when I know we’re watching his villain origin story.

Michael might put his sympathies on the wrong Fluffy, and it’s gonna bite him in the ass


I have a hunch on what will happen next. Micheal might smack rock and the others and some either die or flee. Then adopts Tickles foals and leaving Tickles alone with green foal as a reluctant mother for him…

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Hope Michael really fucks up these shit spewing vermin. The smarty either should die slowly or just be done with it immediately.


This guy had a rock blocking Fluffies from getting in his garden… moved the rock while specifically thinking about letting more Fluffies into his garden… and is now upset that there is Fluffy shit all over his garden. Go back to bed Michael.

It’s less about “oh why is there fluffies in my garden?” And more like “it’s been one day, already?” My bad for writing it down weirdly

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‘Michael did wonder why he had moved the rock at all, but the thought quickly left his mind. Then he wondered why such an important thought had left his mind so quickly, until the God of Narrative Conveniences told him to shut the fuck up and move on’

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Exactly, plot convenience

I was just making a joke at the character. I think your writing is great! I look forward to each installment. :slight_smile:

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Nah but I did write that a bit weird I gotta admit :joy:

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I look forward to the next chapter, hope it comes eventually cuz this season is getting very good

It’s been 25 days but I can still wait

Still waitin’?