The Forest, by Gardel

Fluffy has no name, fluffy was born in the trashies with a sick mummah who could only give enough miwkies until fwuffy was a walkie babbeh. Bruddahs died, sissies died, fluffy couldn’t save any of them but survived long enough to be able to eat big fluffy nummies from the trashies.

“Huuhuu, nu taste good-nummies”

One bwight-time fluffy found sketties inside a weird nu-see boxie-housie. Inside there was a small bowl with sketties!. Fluffy had never seen sketties not ever! mummah said sketties are the bestest nummies and that she always wanted to try but never got any. Her mummah had a daddah that gave her sketties but had to escape her housie when she got babbehs and her daddah turned into a munstah, or so your mommah said. As you start eating all the sketties from the bowl you heard a ‘clak’ noise from behind. A nu-see wall! you are now trapped inside the boxie!. As you beat the nu-see wall with your hooves you start feeling sleepy, so sleepy.

You can’t stay awake anymore, the last thing you remember is hearing a vroom-vroom munstah getting close…

…then you woke up, there were grassies all around you just like in that park you once went before they banned fluffies and killed the herds living inside. But the grassies never end, there are no cold hard grey stone on the floor. No black stone where the vroom munstahs live, or vroom munstahs. Now bawkie munstahs, no meow munstahs.

No hoomin munstahs, not anywhere.

As you keep walking through the grassies you finally hear it: the sound of fluffies!. You start running as fast as your weggies can go.

Over the little hill you finally see them: hundreds of fluffies in a meadow, you can’t even count them all. You must be very far away since they all look like blockies and they move around…without moving their leggies? how is that possible?. As you get closer you can actually see more. They are definitely not blockies and their legs are moving. The closer you get the more you see until you are so close they actually see you as well.

You freeze, you are afraid they might be a big herd and give you hurties. You remember getting close to other herds in alleys as a babbeh, they would attack you and try to kill you. One time they almost used you to feed the smarty’s mare who needed nummies for her tummeh babbehs. So you know to keep your distance in case you have to run.

Suddenly a mare starts walking towards you. She is the most beautiful fluffy you have seen in your life: a fiery red pegasus with an orange mane that looks like flames and big wings with white tips. She’s clean, no poopies or dirt in her fluff which is spotless and so bright. As you look around you realize all the fluffies there are pretty and clean. You don’t see any brown, ugly greens or piss yellow fluffies anywhere. No dirt, no dry poopies clinging to matted fluff. They are all the best shades there are, some even in colors you didn’t know existed and cleaner than the fluffies living in the pet shop housies you sometimes saw behind nu-see walls in the streets.

This makes you nervous, you aren’t a pretty fluffy and now you are afraid they will attack you for that. But the pegasus mare…she’s smiling at you, why?

“Fwuffy am lost?” she asks you

“Huu, yus, fwuffy nu kno wha dis pwace is”

“It am da fowest! a pwace whewe fwuffies am happies aww da time!”

“…aww fwuffies? even fwuffy?”


“Bu…bu am ugwe fwuffy!”


“Huuhuu, am no pwetty nuff fo hewd!”

“Das nu true! follow fwuffy!”

She signals for you to follow her to a nearby stream. The water there is clear and blue, nothing like the muddy wawas from the puddles in the alley that gave you tummeh owies.

“Wook in the wawa! wook!”

As you get near the water you see something…and you can’t believe it.

You always were a poopeh-babbeh, that’s what other fluffies told you after you left the nestie when your mummah and bruddahs died. They said you were an ugly dummeh that should live in the poopies and will never get special huggies from a mare. It made you so sad, but now you are a beautiful fluffy with brilliant cyan fluff and a rainbow mane!. You wonder how but it doesn’t matters, you are finally a pretty fluffy!.

“See? fwuffy wuz ugly too” said the mare

“Fwuffy liv wit mummah and 3 sissies in tiny cagie inside pet stowe housie full of otha fwuffes. One bwight-time the munstah-daddah came an’ took fwuffy frum mummah and sissies, said am uglee an’ then put fwuffy in sumthin’ cawwed a ‘bawgain bin’. Fwuffy wuz towd by other ugwee babbehs that munstah hoomins use babbehs fwom da bawgain bin as nummies for scaly-munstahs and snek-munstahs, or just gib babbehs wowest huwties!”

“But one bwight time a hoomin in white nu-fwuff came to the pet housie and took fwuffy and many otha babbehs from the bawgain bin. Fwuffy nu remembah many things aftah that just that it was sweepy-time and then fwuffy wakies hewe. Nao fwuffy is pwettiest wingie mawe!”

You can’t believe what’s happening! not even in your wildest dawkie-time dreams you saw something like this!. But its real, its really real! you are so happy you start crying.

“Wha fwuffy cwying? fwuffy has saddies?” says the mare “nu be sad! fwuffy has nummies, has sketties!”

“Weawy?! whewe?!” you say, the idea of sketties clouding any other thought in your tiny brain.

The mare runs towards a tree so you follow her. As you get close you see there are red bowls on the ground, all shiny and new.

“Whewe awe skettis?” you ask

“Fwuffy wait, jus’ wait!”

Suddenly the sketties simply appear inside the bowl in front of you. They look great and there are so many! you never seen so many nummies before!. As the mare moves towards another bowl more sketties appear on it.

“See? fwuffy always git nummies fwom magic nummies bowl!”

You don’t waste much time thinking about it and start eating the sketties. For some reason you can’t smell the sketties or really taste them but the moment you eat them it hits you: is like a huge warm wave all over your body. You never felt anything like that, the closest thing were the miwkies and huggies from your mummah when you were a chirpeh babbeh. You wish she could be there with you instead of having died in that cold alley, but even bad memories can’t take you away from this.

A stallion walks near you, then he stops and says “Fwuffy wan bawl!”

…and a red ball appears out of thin air and falls to the ground bouncing as the stallion starts playing with it.

“Wha? how he do dat?” you ask

“Aww fwuffies git toysies when they ask!” says the mare

“Bu-but how? whewe toysies cum fwom?”

“Fwuffy nu kno, maybe sky daddah?”

You decided to try it and ask for blockies. Sure enough 5 blockies appear in front of you and fall to the ground. All new and spotless, you never had any blockies before, you never even seen blockies in your life! you somehow knew about blockies but never played with any. And now you had a brand new set just for you.

You spend many forevers playing with the blockies, balls and other toys you get just by asking. As time goes by and you eat more sketties you wonder why you don’t feel like doing any poopies but the mare explains that nobody needs to do poopies in the forest. That seems odd, you never heard of fluffies not having to do poopies. You even saw other animals doing poopies all the time, even hoomins like that old smelly one doing poopies behind a dumpster that threw a bottle at you when you asked if he could be your nyu daddeh.

As you explore more you see that some fluffies are taking nappies. It then hits you that after so many forevers its still bright-time and the darkie-times never arrive. You run to the mare which is playing huggie tag with a cyan and red unicorn mare and a electric blue and pink earthie stallion.

“When dawkie time come?” you say


“The dawkie time!”

“Siwwy fwuffy! its always bwight-time in da fowest! nu dawkies or munstahs hewe! no sky wawas or cowd times! fowest always pwetties pwace!”

‘Just what is this place?’ you wonder in your limited fluffy mind. Even since you were born all you experienced were cowd times, munstahs, bad nummies or no nummies at all, and long dawkies. But that doesn’t exist here in the forest. Maybe this place is skettiland? the place that old alley fluffy once told you about?

Suddenly a blue and white mare huggy-tags you and you simply forget about everything. You are no longer a dummeh poopeh fwuffy but a beatiful white fwuffy with a rainbow mane. And you live in the magical forest where there is always sketty to eat and the bwight ball in the sky is always shinning. So you join the huggy-tag game with the other fwuffies and play for many forevers.

You do see some scawy things from time to time. The other day a mare go stuck in a tree-pwace! it was so weird because she was just walking near it and suddenly her entire body was inside the tree’s trunk but her weggies and head were still moving. She said she didn’t feel any huwties but she was scared. Then suddenly she was outside the tree-pwace, just like that. You think the sky-daddeh helped her.

Sometimes weird things happen, like you are walking and you weggies move but you are not going anywhere. Sometimes you see other fwuffies and you get near them then everything freezes and then you see the same fwuffies but they have moved away. Still you don’t mind it since well, everything is perfect! you used to suffer so much: cowd, tummeh huwties, munstahs, seeing your mummah and bwuddahs take foweba sweepies, other fwuffies being meanies. But now you are a good fwuffy, you have a speshul fwend that is more pwetty than any mawe you seen in the alleys! you got so many nyu fwends and you live in the forest where nothing bad ever happens!

Then one day while you were about to get magik sketties from the red bowls everything just went…black. Dawkies everywhere.

"Huuhuu wha happen? whewe fwends? hewp! nu wike!" you try to say but you can’t hear your voice anymore.

Then something lifts from your see-pwaces and you finally see light again…and three hoomin munstahs in front of you. You try to scream but nothing comes out.

Why is it so nervous?"

“Its the initial shock, its walnut-sized brain can’t even process what’s going on”

“I see, so its mute?”

“No its just the feeding tube, though you can cut its voice box if you want”

“No need, too expensive, besides when you have thousands of these things on racks it all becomes white noise.”

“Alright, so Mike here is going to show you the process”

“So first we paralyze the units by making a cut between these vertebrae so they won’t feel anything, that way the pain from the sores from being on a tray, from the feeding and waste tubes or the artificial bacteria we give them to get more methane goes away and they stay happy in their made-up illusion”

“This here is the nerve gun, we use it to inject the electrode package into the fluffy’s brain. First you shave all the fluff around the nape then place the end of the gun right here at the base of the skull and pull on the trigger. Done, then you remove the wire from the gun and connect the plug to the system. No matter how painful the thing can’t move since its paralyzed and the antibiotics will take care of any infections”

“Really? for how long?” asks the client

“Long enough, the fluffy will most likely die from other factors before that. Methane biotoy units don’t last much”

“Brain dead units are not productive nor profitable…”

“Trust me, we had a regular fluffy on this thing for almost a year before it got too sick. What’s the average utility of your biotoys after getting the GMO methane bacteria? 2 months? 3?”

“Around 2, sometimes up to 2 and a half months but its rare. Most just get ‘the loop’ and drop dead soon after that.”

“See? with this system you could get over 6 months, we had a batch of methane units running parallel to this control group and they all lasted around that much time before their organs completely failed.”

“Back to the hardware, as you can see the visor projects the images straight into the fluffy’s retina so it can’t see anything besides the simulation. This is also cheaper to maintain, you can use the same visor over and over with hundreds of fluffies without any issue. Same with the sound plugs, you just shove them into their ears and they can’t hear anything outside VR. They wont be scared by the noises from the factory floor.”

“One thing I don’t get is why you make all the fluffies look like upscale models, what’s the difference?”

“A lot of these things come traumatized as fuck either from being born in the mills or if its a feral like this one living in the streets. So we give them a perfect reality that way they are always happy. Fluffies tend to be aggressive depending on coloration so the server randomizes an avatar for the fluffy based on only the best color combinations. That way the place is perfect and so are all the fluffies and that minimizes infighting. And because of the ‘fluffy-vision’ they never realize how fake it all is.”

“fluffy-vision?” asks the client

“You don’t know? when those hasbio guys created fluffies they gave them this cartoon mentality so they always stay happy, after all who wants a depressed shitrat? the things are annoying enough being all hyper and shit. In short the fluffy has a very shall we say ‘active imagination’ which is how it can stay relatively happy even if its living in a filthy alley eating trash instead of just being miserable and dropping dead. Of course there is a limit to everything as you see with your methane pillowfluffs getting the wan-die loop but the point is that when we give them this simple virtual world they totally believe it. Unlike what happens with humans there is no uncanny valley effect, the things believe its 100% real even if the graphics are below current videogame VR standards. Just check the forest world, most portable VR systems nowadays have way better graphics, let alone pro-grade VR rigs. The drawing distance alone is a joke but fluffies being so dumb and nearsighted can’t tell the difference”

“Are you sure they wont be able to realize is not true?”

“We had zero rejection cases, even when the servers had issues or there was lag the shitrats couldn’t tell they were in a fake world. They got a bit confused but the moment things went back to normal they were frolicking like retards again. This turd we just unplugged even saw another fluffy clipping into a tree and didn’t realize what was happening…”

“So you said they were paralyzed” asked the client “so how come they don’t realize how weird it is they can’t feel anything anymore?”

“Oh they do feel stuff, but just good stuff” said Mark

“You mean?”

“When they eat or do something that would be pleasurable we hit them with the electrodes to create a surge of dopamine. We could try to simulate more like adding aromas, sense of touch and stuff but that would be expensive and complicated so we simply hit them with that so they feel all warm and fuzzy no matter what they are doing.”

“So they basically get an orgasm when they eat?”

“Nah not quite like that, but we can force the males to ejaculate if you need the material for insemination or in-vitro. You can also harvest the eggs from the mares since they don’t feel anything. By the way these units only have feeding tubes but if you guys are using the dentist thing that’s fine too, unless you are planning to get them out at some point”

“Heh nah, once these things are in our racks its permanent, no shitrat gets out without a one-way trip to the grinder. At least they get to do something useful with themselves when they become fodder to feed their friends and the foals.”

“Alright so any other questions? what did you think of our system”

“Very impressive I have to say I was skeptic at first but it seems like its ready to be used. I’ll talk with the techs back at the superfactory to see if we can schedule a trial run. In the meantime we’ll be in touch.”

“Thanks for your time!”

The hoomin munstahs are done talking, you didn’t understand any of what they were saying. You wanted to talk but there was a nu-nummi sketti thing in your mouthie. You tried to get it out using your weggies but you can’t move them, you can’t move your body at all

“What’s the matter shitrat? got something to say?”

Suddenly one of the hoomin munstahs takes his non-hoofsie and pulls on the sketti thing until its out of your mouthie-pwace. It gives you many huwties but you can finally do talkies.

KAF! “Huu-we-whewe is fwuffy? whewe is hewd? whewe pwetty mawe an gwassies an…”

“That was a simulation you dumb fuck”


“It was all fake”

“Nu! dat am nu twu! fwuffy wive in mawgic fowest with hewd an twees an…”

“It was fake you shit, we only did that to keep all you idiots entertained”


“We bought you from a guy who hunts ferals, you were eating trash in some alley around downtown when you fell into one of his sketti traps. We needed to know if even a stray shitrat could adapt to our system so we cut your legs and paralyzed you while you were asleep, then you woke up inside the simulation”

You don’t understand anything the hoomin is saying, you just want to leave this ugly place and go back to the forest.

“Here’s a mirror, look at yourself shitrat…”

The hoomin pulls a thingie and you see yourself as you always were, a poopeh ugly fluffy, but then you realize you got no weggies anymore! now you are a dummeh nu-weggie fluffy too! you have no tail anymore and most of your fluff is missing!. You got nothing left, there is nothing left…

“Yo Mike! come check this fucker! its so shocked it froze!”

“Fuck, you think we could drop it back into the simulation? would it figure it out?”

“Maybe, maybe not, but we can’t risk it telling the rest of the control group. Dump it”

“Alright…boy this is gonna HURT!”

“Nu huwties pwease!”

The hoomin then removes all the other sketti things in your body


“Don’t care, see ya shitrat”

Just like that the munstah hoomin picked you up. You suddenly saw many many fluffies all with thingies in their see-pwaces and their hearing-pwaces, with the sketti-thing you had in your mouthie.

All with no weggies and fur missing.

All in trays one on top of the other.

All poopie-colors…just like you always were.

Art by @artist-kun

The hoomin then threw you into the trashies. Inside there were many other no-weggie fwuffies but they had all taken foweba sweepies. The hoomin then put a thingie on top of the trashies and you were in the dawkies.

“Nuuu! pwease fwuffy jus’ wan be bak in tha fowest!”

“Jus wan be bak with hewd, pwease!”

“Jus…wan gu bak…”


Poor fluff! Yeah, totally the Matrix for Fluffies. Very nice.


Didnt the previous paragraph just day they paralyze them so they dont feel pain? And this isnt just a “this story” thing, but why do so many fluffy stories say “retard”?


Its paralyzed from the neck down, read it again the electrode its injected at the base of the skull

And I use ‘retard’ to showcase how uncaring or even downright hateful these people are towards fluffies, this isnt a happy story


ah, i see lol. and the retard thing isnt exclusive to this, it just seems like a lot of stories say retard lmao.

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10/10 very chilling

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I need to read this at some point just looks good.

The matrix is inevitable.


Oh totally, people will even pay to live there


Better than The Matrix 3. The ending is brutal as fuck


That was depressing… really wish I didn’t read that…


It could be worse, check REBOOT