The Fourth of July Part 2 by Karn

Seth had seen the green foal drop off in the rear view mirror about half an hour into the trip.It had died on impact,the fall being exceptionally long for such a small and fragile creature.His laughter was muffled by the radio and even though he couldn’t hear her,he could imagine the despair filled wails of Cyclops and he smiled.She was such a good find.And Raptor would be fun,either short or long term.Plus the yellow foal was nearly perfect.He’ have to do a little work tonight but no matter.He was prepped for the fourth.He turned up the radio and began to sing along joyously for the rest of trip home.

As Seth pulled into his driveway,his heart fluttered.He took a deep breath and killed the ignition.He instantly heard the beautiful music that was Cyclops’ grief fueled crying.It was loud and deep,with occasional chirps and huus.
"*HUUUU…*chirp…babbeh…*HUUUU…wai weave mummah…*chirp…*HUUUU…babbeh…"Seth stepped out of the car and looked in the carier at Cyclops.She had the purple and red foal clinging to her mane,her body pressed tightly against the carrier.She had her right front hoof at an odd angle,suckling it as best she could between sobs and chirps.The foals were quivering and trembling but Seth assumed it was more out of fear and confusion rather than being cold,thanks to their mother’s fluff.

"Cyclops,what happened to your green baby?"As Seth asked,she slowly turned to him,her face stained with tears,bloodshot and distant.She chirped and writhed against the bungee,clearly in mental agony.
"DADDEH!!!CY’CWOPS WOST BABBEH!!!..*chirp…TWY SU HAWD SAB BABBEH!!!..*chirp…BUH…BUH BABBEH FAWW!!!..*chirp…"She sucked at her hoof,which was cracked and bloody from all the scraping,pawwing,and tapping she had done today.Each breath she took seemed to fuel her dispair,the loss of the foal was clearly too much to bear for the sweet and innocent creature.In this moment,with her on her side,eyes tearing and bloodshot,in a fervent loop of chirps,heartbreak,and screams,she truly reminded Seth of Ash.He had acted almost the same way the day he broke,but thankfully Cyclops had two more foals to distract her from the loss eventually.

For now.Seth simply drank in her misery,hoping that the death would’t weigh too much on her.He wanted more fun from her and he wanted her happy and spirited before he watched her psyche shatter.He placed a hand on her,with Cyclops being non-reactive to his touch and sobbing so hard it felt like her body might rupture from the pressure of her mournful,uneven breathing."Sweety,I warned you that it would be dangerous.I’m sorry that your baby died"As he over enunciated the word died he withdrew his hand,with Cyclops going into another panic attack of chirping and sobbing,with occasional garbled fluffy speak where the only word Seth could comprehend was baby.“I know you did’t mean to lose it but when you’ve calmed down,we’ll talk about a proper punishment”.

He undid the bungee chords,first the one holding Cyclops in place,then the pair holding the carrier in place.As he pulled it down,he grinned subtley."Tsk tsk…and we’ll have to talk about these bad poopies…"Cyclops and her foals had all made scaredy poopies,with the foals feces being matted in Cyclops’ mane and her’s sloshing behind her in the carrier.With the amount stuck to her neck,Seth mused that even the green foal had shit right before flying off the car.He took the carrier into the apartment and placed it in the bathtub of his guest bathroom.Clearly Cyclops was still quite forlorn as she didn’t even recognize where she was,as most fluffies who were ever cleaned off knew and feared the bathroom,especially the sink and bathtub.

Seth went back out and retrieved the foal and Raptor’s carriers and carried them to the apartment.Both were splattered with excrement and the foals were shivering violently.Seth would need to warm them soon or else they would die from hypothermia.As he lifted Raptor’s carrier,he shook it side to side forcefully.He heard a solid pair of *thunks followed by a series of screams and chirps.
"SCREEEEEEE!!!..*chirp.NUUUUUUU MOWE HUWTIES!!!..*chirp…nu smeww pwetty…"Raptor went from full throated screaming to quietly sobbing the last part,clearly sad about being covered in his own feces.Resisting the urge to shake the carrier further,Seth brought the carriers into his kitchen,placing them on the island and moving it next to his sink countertop.

Seth grabbed a rubber water cushion and filled it with hot water he hand tested from the tap.After it had balloned to nearly full,he stoppered it and began to pull the carrier foals out.He had gotten four,including the yellow one.Two were a deep brown and the other was a pine green.They were too little to easily tell their sex,save the yellow mare whose light coat made identifying her sex organs far easier.He placed a clean towel over the cushion and ran the faucet,filling one sink with overly warm water and the other with frigid,cold water,stoppering both sinks.He took the yellow mare first,dunking her in the hot water,filth suddenly falling away from her newly grown fur.Even though she was only submerged for a couple of seconds,Seth felt her suddenly wiggle and writhe as violently as the little pathetic creature could muster.As Seth pulled her up,she burbled up water from her nose and mouth,excrement cascading from her small frame as the hot water unsullied the waste from her yellow fur.He put a small bit of dishwashing liquid on her stomach,as the foal worked the droplets of water she had swallowed out and began to chirp and squeak,it’s head shooting around rapidly,trying to understand what was happening to it without sight.Seth worked a small lather and cleaned the foal’s fur well before submerging it again,prompting another bout of frenzied thrashing,it putting all it’s miniscule strength into each movement,fearing for it’s brief and terror filled existence.

After a few brief seconds,Seth pulled her out and simply held her for a few moments,letting her spit up the nasty water again,this time prompting her to also spit up some milkies she had eaten earlier.She kicked helplessly with her underdeveloped legs,unsure where she was,why she was unable to breathe,what she was spitting up,and why she was upside down.As she slowly began to chirp again,clearly panicked,Seth put her bottom half in the cold water and held her there for about three seconds.The foal flailed and jerked far harder in the cold water,despite not being fully engulfed by it.Clearly fluffies feared the cold far more than heat,and all fluffies hated water.It moved it’s weak nubs as Seth held it upright,with the unlucky foal almost looking like it was trying to swim,albeit poorly.He pushed his thumb on it’s distended belly,holding it over the warm water and forcefully evacuated the little foal.Finally,Seth placed the clean foal on the cushion,with the panicked creature chirping and bobbing and shaking it’s head around until exhaustion forced it to remain nearly motionless,chirping lightly and breathing hard.Seth smiled at the determination of the little foal,putting a finger on it lightly as it pulled away with what little strength it had.

Seth took the other foals and cleaned,tortured,and manually emptied them in a similar fashion,with the others not providing nearly as much of a fight as the yellow foal and the second brown foal nearly drowning from less than a second of being underwater.Seth had pressed lightly on it’s chest and flicked at the back of it’s head until it vomited and then chirped rapidly,trying to crawl away.It was adorable and Seth knew right then and there it would have to be the first to die.He put all the foals on the cushion to warm up and rest from their water trauma.

He went over to the carrier that housed Raptor and opened it,prompting Raptor to try to get out as he quickly stood up and tried to get past Seth."Waptow nee’wun fwom munstuh!Nu wan huwties!Nu wan foweba sweepies!"Raptor put all his effort into trying to run,not realizing that even an adult fluffy is exceptionally slow and younger fluffies are even less coordinated.He barely moved a few inches before Seth grasped him by his waste covered fur,pushing him face down in his own shit.

"Raptor…“Seth bellowed as he made Raptor’s head bob back and forth like a mop in his own leavings.”…what was my second rule?"Seth hadn’t planned to be overly terrible with him tonight but clearly Raptor already knew his fate.Raptor didn’t answer,closing his eyes and trying to cover his face with his front hooves at the awkward angle he was being held at.Seth suddenly yelled,causing Raptor to struggle against him as he jumped in fear,with the scared pegasus squirting another stream of scaredy poopies and the nearby foals started to chirp louder and more frequently.

"RAPTOR!!!TELL ME MY SECOND RULE RIGHT NOW OR I’LL TEAR OFF ONE OF YOUR LEGS RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!"He slammed his free hand next to the carrier’s opening,causing Raptor to scream,wide eyed,realizing that the monster was going to hurt him,even possibly give him forever sleepies.


Seth smiled and picked up Raptor by his filth covered scruff,with the terrified pegasus only screaming,not even a peep about bad upsies.He took him to the sink as Raptor’s eyes bulged at the sight of it.He struggled hard,kicking his soft and useless hooves against Seth’s hand as he tried with all his might to free himself from the monster."*SCREEEEEE!!! WAWA BAD FO" FWUFFIES!!! *SCREEEEE!!! WAWA BAD FO" FWUFFIES!!! WAPTOW NU WIKE!!! NU WIKE!!!"Raptor wiggled and writhed,clearly considering the water a death sentence or worse.Seth held Raptor over the sink full of cold,shit tainted water and then turned him upside down."Are you sorry Raptor?"Seth said loudly.The talkie pegasus was eyeing the water as though it were a loaded gun pointed at his face.“Tell me your sorry.”

"WAPTOW SOWWY!!! *SCREEEEEEE!!! WAPTOW SOWWY!!! *SCREEEEEE!!!WAPTOW NEBEW MAKES BAD POOPIES GEN’!!! *SCREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"His breath had increased to a rapid and uneven pace,his small chest heaving and his tiny heart beating so fast.Seth was tempted to drown the fluffy right now but decided to opt for some delayed gratification.He dropped the fluffy in the water,causing him to scream louder than any fluffy Seth had heard that day before,the water drowning out his screams into panicked burbles.Seth then held him up,his head just above the water,his tiny legs kicking furiously and his head as upright as he could muster without snapping his fragile neck.

“*SCREEEEEEEE!!! NUUUUUUUU!!! WAWA BAD FO” FWUFFIES!!! *SCREEEEEEE!!! WAWA COWD!!!"Seth dunked his head for a full five seconds,knowing that the fluffy would be able to survive a bit longer submerged than the younger foals and to drown out it’s screams for a moment.As the pegasus’ head was raised back above the water,he took a deep,jagged breath and then screamed again and again,no longer saying anything intelligible but just nightmare fueled,bellowing shrieks.Seth repeated the process of letting him scream for about ten seconds and then dunking him for five.After eight minutes of this,Raptor’s head began to wobble when he was raised above the water and his screams were hoarse,with small dribbles of blood mixed with the expectorate that misted out of his mouth.The blood told Seth that was enough for now.

He turned the faucet, applied a dime sized dollop of dishwashing fluid to the pegasus’ belly and he scrubbed the terror stricken fluffy.Raptor was clearly too tired to scream or fight, just producing hoarse noises and the occasional chirp,shaking the whole time.Finally Seth placed the pegasus on a small pile of paper towels to dry.He wheezed and chirped,clearly in pain simply from breathing,his chest shaking with every jagged breath.

Seth held his hand over Raptor,prompting the young fluffy to look up and start to shake harder,trying in vain to make his legs lift his tired and shell shocked body and move away.As he rocked uselessly,he stopped moving,except the tremorous shaking and the hard and unnatural breathing as he looked at Seth."…pwease…nu…nu…mowe…*wheeze…nu…*chirp…*wheeze…nu…nu mowe…*wheeze…nu mowe huwties…*chirp…Wap…*wheeze…*chirp…Waptow…nu…*chirp…*wheeze…Waptow nu wan…*chirp…*wheeze…nu wan huwties…*wheeze…"Raptor shook and convulsed as though he had been covered in ice and then he passed out,his breathing slowing but still clearly labored.

Seth laughed for a while and slowly dried the exhausted foal with the paper towels until he was confident it wouldn’t die of exposure.He did a quick rinse of the shit stained carrier and then dried it out reasonably well.He took the pegasus and the carrier to his room.He put a mix of sawdust and litter on the bottiom of the carrier,no taller than a couple of inches and well sifted.He then placed the black and orange foal in the carrier and put it in his closet,shutting the slotted bifold doors.He smiled as he thought that maybe he’d keep Raptor around for a long damn while.

Seth poured himself a beer into a frosy mug,pouring some tomato juice and a few drops of hot sauce and shaking the concoction in a semi circle with his hand until it was mixed enough.He drank is slowly while he gnoshed on a leftover roastbeef sandwich.It was a satisfying meal after some damn satisfying work.As he took a long draw on the beer he thought of Cyclops and her remaining foals.He’d go back in the guest bathroom after his meal and see what condition she was in.He’d have to wash her off but he’d opt to not subject her to any water tortures tonight.Even if she was better now,that kind of fun could break her far too easily in her delicate state.

As he finished the spiced tomato draft,his eyes slowly drifted to the foals on the warming cushion,specifically the green one.He chuckled,impressed with his own cruelty.He wolfed down the last bite of his meal and snatched up the green foal,it’s peeps and chirps of protest exciting Seth as they headed down the hall to the guest bathroom.

The tiny foal was weak and tired from the bath and drowning game but as Seth carried it further and further,it struggled more and more,tapping into a wellspring of effort and endurance only those who have fought for their lives could ever fathom.As they reached the door to the bathroom,he felt it try again and again to lightly wedge it’s still forming nubs against his hand and then straighten itself out,attempting in vain to open the warm,fleshy monster that had it in it’s grasp.“Damn,you are a fighter,I’ll give you that.Maybe you won’t die right away…”

As he opened the door,grasping his other hand even tighter against his tiny prey,he walked into the bathroom and looked into the tub.The foals were awake,chirping up a storm and had evacuated their bowels,a small pair of brown,runny lines stretched from their tiny bodies to the bathtub drain.They had probably just fed and were energetic and wanting to crawl around.They stayed close to Cyclops,who was on her side where Seth had placed her nearly two hours ago.She was sleeping,either from physical or mental exhaustion,most likely both.Seth put the green foal on the bathroom rug and scooped up the red and purple foals.They suddenly peeped and chirped wildy,causing Cyclops to stir but not awaken.

As long as he was gentle,Seth was sure the foals wouldn’t make enough noise to awaken their mother.He ran the bathroom tap lightly,testing the water and took some handsoap and made a quick lather.He quickly wet the foals lighly,causing a rapid succession of scared and confuded peeps and chirps,the louder of which Seth halted by holding their mouths shut with his forefinger and thumb.He washed them,gave them a quick but thorough rinse and dried them off,placing them next to the green foal who hadn’t even moved an inch from it’s crawling.He took the green foal and then repeated the process,washing it again but with the handsoap this time.He had to keep it’s mouth closed the whole time as the instant the water touched it it went rigid,then flailed for nearly twenty seconds before it wore itself out.

After it was smelling of the soap and dried off he put it with the other foals on the rug.He took some toilet paper and sprayed some lemon scented sanitizer on the folded over paper and then wiped up the small trails of feces in the tub.He then took all three foals and put them next to Cyclops.Satisfied,Seth then softly began to call to her."CyclopsCyclops sweety…"He patted her flank lightly,trying to avoid the soiled spots.She stirred slowly,her eye fluttering open. It was bloodshot with dark bags underneath,with a trail of dark matted fur from all her crying.She had seemingly aged since Seth had gotten her today.Despite all this,she smiled as she saw Seth.

"Hewwo daddeh.It b’wite time?"She had visibly calmed down and depsite the obvious quiet sadness about her,she had recovered.Good."No baby,I just thought I’d check on my bestest fluffy."He rubbed her head and the side of her face,earning him a copious amount of coos and nuzzles.As she slowly came to, she looked over to her foals,slowly at first,but then as she remembered what had happened, with purpose as she clearly feared losing another.

She saw her two baby girls but also saw the green foal.She shook and was on all fours instantly."Daddeh,wai gween babbeh hewe?"It clearly struck a chord as she was already breathing rapidly again.Seeing a green baby was drawing her back into her misery.Seth smiled at her."Honey what do you mean?Thats YOUR baby."Cyclops rubbed her eye with her soft hooves and walked over to the foals slowly.She sniffed at the green baby as she proclaimed her disbelief."Bu’…bu’ babbeh gu foweba sweepie!Cy’cwops see babbeh faww.Huuuu…huuuu…po’ wittwe babbeh…"She was sniffing the foal like crazy,clearly unable to trust her eyes and the handsoap made the green foal smell very similar to her foals,but not quite the same.

Seth smiled at her clear confusion."Baby that never happened.Only a BAD and WORSTEST mamma would ever let her baby go forever sleepies.You must have had a nightmare…"She continued to sniff the green foal frantically,stopping occasionally to sniff her red and purple foal as she sobbed lightly,obviously confused."*Huuu…*huuu…*huuu…Cy’cwops nu undahstan’…hab heawt huwties an’nu feew pwetty…Cy’cwops nu wan…"She started to cry but the foals,aware of all the attention,slowly peeped and crawled to her,with the green foal peeping and chirping frantically from fear and neglect.As they joined her and the green foal began to nurse,she shuddered and began to sob even harder,putting her hoof lightly on the green foal and petting it lightly.She started to sing the mamma song but it was dischordant and sounded broken and off.

As she sang to her foals and fed the miracle green baby,Seth went and got a small scoop of kibble and put it in a cheap plastic bowl as well as some water and put it in the tub,not wanting to distract Cyclops from her mental breakdown.Deciding he’d bathe her in the morning,he placed it at the other end,not making eye contact and then he left the room,letting out the breath he didn’t know he was holding.“Goddamn that was good…”

It was getting later and Seth would have to tend to Ash and Starburst soon and then retire for the evening himself.Still he had a few more things to do,in preperation for Ash tomorrow.He checked his junk drawer and after some rifling he found a black sharpie.He went over to the warming cushion and plucked the yellow foal up,it awakening and instantly chirping wildly.Seth flicked it on it’s nose,not exceptionally hard but the hardest it had ever been struck in it’s entire short life.It sqeaked and peeped loudly,trying to suck in air too quickly in response to the distress as Seth took it over to the oven,turning on the overhead light.

He held the foal still as it tried to escape but was still shaken from the strike,blood dribbling down it’s face.He took the sharpie and then carefully began to color it’s small tufts of green mane and tail hair that were barely in a solid,jet black.It only took a few minutes but afterwards he smiled at the effort.This would work and it would work well.He carried the foal by it’s tail as it tried to scream with it’s undeveloped throat,with only a raspy noise coming out and he dropped it lightly against the pile of foals.He then opened a drawer and emptied it,placing several paper towels down and then the cushion,closing it almost entirely.He chuckled to himself as he went to the hallway closet.

As Seth opened the door and turned on the light he saw that Ash was flopped over sideways,lyingdown in a pile of his own waste.Seth laughed and simply shook his head.He walked over as he heard the infamous “…wan die…wan die…”,the fluffy never making any eye contact,seemingly content to stay in it’s own filth until it starved or dehydrated.He scruffed him up,eliciting a quiet but audible eep and a clear"…bad upsies…wan die…"in that broken and monotone wan die fluffy speak."Ooohhh…sounds like someone knows whats coming."Seth took a chemical sanitizer wipe and used it to rub down Ash’s face and then the rest of him,cleaning the waste off as the chemicals in the wipes clearly irritated the fluffy’s delicate skin.

As he finished up,he switched the litterbox on,causing it to sift all the piss and shit away.He then took some kibble and put it in a small measuring cup he kept in the closet and dunked it in the water reservoir and then waited for the kibble and water to become a slurry like paste.Ash,who laid like a statue where Seth had placed him,continued his suicidal mantra."…wan die…wan die…"When the concoction was at the right consistency,he grabbed Ash’s mouth violently,causing the seemingly catatonic stallion to buck wildly.His light and monotone voice became fervant and frenzied. "Wan die…wan die…wan DIE…WAN DIE!!!"The stallion came out of it’s physical stupor despite it’s mental one,fighting and trying to bite at Seth’s hands as he fumbled in the stallion’s mouth.He forced it open,easily ignoring the soft and harmless teeth,and overpowering the weak and delicate jaw.He then held the cup over Ash’s head,moving it back and forth until he saw the fluffy’s eyes start to focus and move with the cup,albeit slightly out of time with the movement.

"There you fucking are! Hi, Ash!"He funneled the gross mix into the stallion’s mouth and then closed it’s mouth with one hand and he pressed on his throat with the other in a rough and forceful motion from the base of the chin,down the throat,forcing the fluffy to swallow suddenly and painfully.Seth let go suddenly as Ash suddenly rose awkwardly,shaking his head and making a noise between a scream and trying to yell “no”.Seth laughed at the display,savoring it like a junkie savored a dose of heroine.

"We gotta enjoy these days bud.Who knows how few you have left."Seth was mostly speaking for himself,as even though he had gotten a powerful rise out of Ash,it was mostly a reflex,with very little actual thought behind it,more instict than anything else.Still though he enjoyed the occasion and it often helped to get him riled up like this a day or two before he tried to snap him out of the loop.Ash sputtered and coughed,in a mockery of speech,bucking his head and running into the food dish and litterbox,he tripped and fell.As he collapsed,he tried to buck and run as though he were standing normally,causing Seth to burst out laughing.

As Seth slowly put everything back in it’s place,he saw Ash slowly stop bucking and trying to kick and run,eventually going limp like before.As Seth finished,he started to hum the star spangled banner,working his way to Ash.He scooped him up,humming directly next to the limp fluffy’s ears.He smiled as he felt the stallion shudder.He placed him gently in the litterbox and turned out the light,leaving just as he heard a muffled voice,broken and monotone."…wan die…"

Seth went to the large saferoom and opened the door.Already he could hear Starburst crying quietly.The tv was showing a program with two fluffies running through the grass and singing with their babies,which was clearly causing Starburst severe distress.As he usually did,Seth used her emotional state to sneak up on her,his entrance muffled by her sobbing.

"Stawbuwst wan weggies…*huuu…*huuu…*huuu…wan huggies an’ wuv…*huuu…*huuu…*huuu…"Seth often wondered if like an animal knowing when the seasons are going to change soon,that the fluffy knew what day was coming.She always became dour close to the fourth,whether Seth reminded her of the upcoming date or not.As he approached the fluffy proof fence he made one last,deliberate stomp,causing Starburst to squeak loudly and void her bowels,making scaredey poopies fall into the litter box behind her.

"Daddeh…Stawbuwst hab wowst heawt feews…huuu…huuu…hab nu see huwties…"She looked up at Seth,tears falling down her face.Starburst pushed hard against her bed,straining and crying as it clearly hurt her but she managed to force herself into a half squatting position,with her front stumps wiggling in a mockery of the upsies pose."Upsies…"Seth indulged her,picking her up with both hands,cradling her slightly,her sobs and huus now intercut with coos."I love you Starburst"Seth said,almost in a sing songy voice.Her eyes closed and she calmed down,now lost in affection and attention.Seth slowly sat her down at her food bowl and gave her head and side deep and satisfying scratches as she ate and lapped up some water.No making her crawl for her meal or touching her stumps tonight,as Seth had gotten his need for cruelty and abuse from the others,for today at least.

She lavished in the rare love without torment and fell asleep about fifteen minutes after she finished her dinner,cooing and slightly rubbing against Seth’s palm in her sleep.Seth picked her up carefully and placed her back in her bed.He then went over to the remote dock for the tv and went into the program options.While many owners simply let their fluffies watch the broadcast version of FluffTV,Seth had his recorded,allowing him to plan out what Starburst saw at any given moment.He set it to show the program called “Babbehs” at around nine A.M. and play every episode,non-stop and back to back.Poor Starburst had been lamenting her lost babies,giving credence to Seth’s theory that she knew,at least in some instinctual way,what day was coming.Well with the program line-up he had chosen,Starburst would be thinking of her babies,whether she wanted to or not.

Seth went to his room and took a quick shower.As he stood under the hot,falling water,he felt all his tension fall away.Today had been wonderful,and what it was building towards was even better.As he got out and dried himself,he pondered the yellow foal he’d altered.Should he use her on Ash right away tomorrow,or wait until tomorrow evening?Patience was usually the right answer but patience was difficult at times.As he got into his bed,setting an alarm for seven A.M. he opted to wait until the evening.Closing his eyes,he smiled and fell asleep.

End of July 1st


Storing on top of the car is one of the most brilliant ideas I’ve ever seen this might be your first series ever written or whatever but this is actually my favorite and I’ve read nearly everything I could find.


Thanks. :heart:
I take that as high praise. It’s very much appreciated.


I guess I’ll have to find out why colouring the foal is a good idea. If I had to guess, some way of making it seem like another one like with what happened with the green one.

I had a question, by the way. I noticed a lack of spacing after punctuation in a lot of places. Was this pasted from elsewhere, losing the formatting in the process? Just wondering as it can make it a little more difficult for me to read.


Yeah I copy/pasted it from a word document.
I’ve been meaning to go back and fix it as my later stuff is generally free of that problem.


This aged like fine wine :wine_glass:

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