The Fourth of July Part 21 by Karn

Walking out of the room, Seth sighed contently. It wasn’t what he had planned originally, but it was well improvised. More importantly it would send amessage to Ash, namely that Seth was in charge. While he enjoyed when the stallion was confrontational, that was the first time that Seth could recall Ash nearly ruining one of his plans.

Heading to the kitchen, Seth pulled out some peanut butter and placed a couple of slices of bread in the toaster. While he waited, he opened the repurposed utility drawer, instantly hearing the whimpering cries of the scaredy foal that quickly became screams of panic.

"*screeeeeee!!!..*chirp…*chirp…*chirp…nuuuuuuu!!!..huw’te mun’sta!!!..*chirp…*chirp…*chirp…nee’ wun way’!..*chirp…*chirp…*chirp… "

Amused for the moment by simply listening to the terrified foal, Seth grabbed his toast and spread a healthy dollop of crunchy peanut butter on both sides. Filling a small glass full of milk, he noshed on his simple lunch as he chortled at the baby fluffy. While still only a foal, he could now run and stand on his hind legs for short amounts of time, evident as he stood against several corners of the drawer, screaming for his life as he searched in vain for some way to escape, his front nubs frantically rapping against it’s wooden prison.

“*chirp…*chirp…*chirp…p’we’ soww’e box…*chirp…*chirp…*chirp…ba’beh nee’ wun fwom huw’te mun’sta!..*chirp…*chirp…*chirp…”

Once he had finished his lunch, Seth stood up and loomed over the foal, prompting the horrified fluffy to cower, covering his scarred face with his tiny hooves. “It’s good that you can stand up now…it’ll help your odds later.” Leaving the drawer open for the time being, Seth went over to the milkcrate filled with the foal canisters.

Examining the foals within, Seth could already tell that they were all recently born, with their eyes closed and only able to chirp and peep. One at a time, Seth picked up each canister, placing them on the countertop vertically. Denied access to their only source of food, many began to chirp loudly, clearly distressed. Seth watched and noted which of the foals could try and stand, desperately reaching upwards to the can’s milk feeder.

Noting that two red, a blue, and three white foals were able to reach up for several seconds before collapsing, Seth separated those cans from the rest. As for the remaining three, Seth would come up with something for them later, either putting any keepers with his other fluffies, or perhaps a one way trip to his hobby room.

Smiling to himself, Seth reached in the drawer and grabbed the brown foal, walking over to the sink. Running the tap, Seth chuckled slightly as the foal screamed when he saw the running water.

“*screeeeeee!!!*chirp…*chirp…*chirp…wawa ba’!..*chirp…*chirp…*chirp…hewp!!!..”

“Relax, I’m just making sure you don’t crap on my countertop.” Rubbing the foal’s stomach firmly, he held him over the running faucet, the baby fluffy relieving itself with an audible grunt. Once Seth was assured the foal was empty, he placed the quivering foal next to the pile of canisters. Waiting to see his response, Seth was rewarded with the foal trying to hug the glass several times, the baby desperate for some kind of affection. After bashing itself against the glass wall countless times, Seth had to stifle a laugh when he saw that the foal had bloodied his own nose, crying as it sat next to the canister.

“*huuu…huuu…huuu…*chirp…*chirp…meen’e fwuf’e gib ba’beh huw’tes…*chirp…*chirp…*chirp…nu wan gib hug’es…*huuu…huuu…*chirp…*huuu…”

The idiot thought the foal in the can was hurting him! Deciding that it would be amusing to leave the foal surrounded by fluffies that he could never touch, Seth watched the sullen foal for a few moments before leaving for the living room. Walking to the gate, Seth was treated to the laughter of Cyclops, the mare playing with the old ball that Seth had left her.

Crossing the gate, Seth simply watched for a few minutes as Cyclops bounced the ball with her front hooves, occasionally rolling it into the wall and catching it as she giggled each time it returned to her. Eventually turning and noticing Seth, Cyclops bobbed lightly as she held the ball, her excitement making her unable to stay still.

“Daddeh! Cy’cwops wuv baww! Tank yu! Tank yu su muchies daddeh!”

Leaning over, Seth began to stroke Cyclops’ mane, the ebullient mare cooing and nuzzling against his hand with great fervor. “I’m glad you like it sweety, it’ll have to do until I can get you some more toys.” Lost in the joy of her owner’s affections, Cyclops put her ball down, squatting as she put her front legs in the air.

“Upsies p’wease…”

Scooping her up, Seth doted on her, hugging her as he gave her back long and satisfying pets. “So do you want to play ball with daddy?” Cyclops started to wiggle against his shoulder, a loud excited shout suddenly coming from the overjoyed fluffy.

“Cy’cwops wuv pway baww wiff daddeh! Daddeh am bestest daddeh evah!”

Sitting down on the tarp, Seth began to roll the ball back and forth with Cyclops, occasionally rolling the ball to the far end of the tarp for her to fetch, the adorable mamma rewarded with a hug each time she returned it.

Starburst had woken near the end of Kickball’s life, the poor mare coming to as Ash tried hopelessly to free the foal from her deathtrap. Looking on in horror as the stallion eventually gave up, she began to sob, shaking as she began to mutter nervously to herself.

“Stawbuwst ba’ fwuffy, dat wai babbehs awways gu foweba sweepies…Stawbuwst ba’ fwuffy, dat wai babbehs awways gu foweba sweepies…Stawbuwst ba’ fwuffy, dat wai babbehs awways gu foweba sweepies…”

It took nearly a forever for Ash to hear Starburst, his mind temporarily lost to the now at peace Kickball. Once he heard her speaking to herself, rhythmically rocking back and forth, he walked over to her placing his hooves around her.

sTawBuwSt! diS nU aM sTaWbuWsT’s fAwT! sEfF gIb bAbBeH fOWeBa sWeEpiEs!”

Shaking her head as she closed her eyes, Starburst continued her sad mantra, the manic tone now rising to a fervent scream.

“Stawbuwst ba’ fwuffy, dat wai babbehs awways gu foweba sweepies…STAWBUWST BA’ FWUFFY, DAT WAI BABBEHS AWWAYS GU FOWEBA SWEEPIES…”

Unable to get through to his old special friend, Ash simply held her, stroking her back as he tried in vain to console her.

After Seth had left the guest bathroom, Sassy began to hyperventilate, looking around the tub desperately as the mare searched for some way out. Her…daddy had been asking about Candyfloss again. And he had done something awful to Craven, something so bad that the hornless unicorn wouldn’t talk anymore. Noticing his former special friend’s panic, Plucky watched her curiously as he held his unicorn friend, the brain damaged fluffy still crying.

“Wat Sa’see doin’? Fwuffies nu can git ow’t. An’ if Sa’see twy, den daddeh gib fwuffies huwties…ma’be eben gib babbehs huwties…”

“Hav tu twy! Munstah daddeh tawkin’ bout’ Sa’see’s babbehs nao! Nu wan munstah daddeh taek babbehs!”

“Daddeh wan Sa’see be gud! Wan Sa’see du wat daddeh say! Daddeh gib Sa’see an’ babbehs huwties an’ shouties wen Sa’see nu wisten ow wen Sa’see yeww ow teww daddeh nu!”

“Sa’see nu wet munstah daddeh taek babbehs! Sa’see twy an’ weave! Yu nu wan come wiff, den stay hewe!”

Letting go of Craven, Plucky forced his back legs to help him upward, his injuries still apparent as they shook and quivered under his weight. Walking over to Sassy, the pegsus struck her across her face, his visage grief stricken and angry.

“Wen Sa’see nu wisten tu daddeh, odah fwuffies suffah! Wook at C’waven Sa’see! Yu du dat! Wen Sa’see nu du wat daddeh say, yu huwties C’waven! Yu huwties babbehs! Sa’see wan weave?! Dat am fines! Buh Sa’see nu taek babbehs! P’wuky nu wetchu wisk babbehs!”

Looking in shock at her former special friend, Sassy began to sob. Using her one front hoof, Sassy pushed the pegasus away from her, as she quickly turned around and began to grab the foals with her mouth, placing Candyfloss on her back and then reaching for another baby. Shaking off the mare’s attack, Plucky angrily rushed over, grabbing the two-toned foal away from the mare’s back.


Grabbing the other side of Candyfloss with her mouth, Sassy glared at Plucky as she pulled her foal away from the pegasus. Chirping and panicking from the yelling and being pulled and tugged around, Candyfloss looked to her parents, screaming as they fought.


Hearing what the foal thought of her parents, Sassy and Plucky began to cry, slowly placing the now shaking and terrorized foal back onto the bathroom floor.


I cant wait to see Candy’s abuse. Maybe she becomes a breeding pillow and her only toy is her stuffed special friend? Who has a microphone sewn into him and Seff talks into it to driver her insane. idk man lol Great story tho.

Also thx for the color coding its helping me read it alot


It’s no problem.
The stories I read with colored text were easier for me to read, as I have very poor eyesight. And I’m glad your enjoying it.


Candyfloss calling her parents munstahs



Goddamn this series is awesome


noticed you speedrunning it lol
glad you like it


What can I say? If I see an awesome series then I’ll turn into Dream and spreedrun that mf XD


long as you arent cheating


GOD DAMN! I wasn’t expecting that. Nice


On one hand I applaud Plucky for caring so deeply about his foals, on the other, Sassy is trying to get their kids away from certain death and he smacks her across the face for it.

Seth had told him he would hurt them from the very beginning and he has seen what happened to his friend.

I can understand his anger towards Sassy and the fear of punishment but this is not the time for parental disputes!

Poor Candyfloss.

Once Seth hears her call her parents monsters, they are done for.

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They’re both naive in their own ways.
Sassy thinks that they can escape without any problems.
Plucky thinks that as bad as things are, disobeying Seth is worse.