The Personified Penis Problem [By BFM101]

“Ok nyo speciaw-wumps, wememba nu tu put tummeh-babbehs in pwetty mawe, ow daddeh wiww hab biggesh angwies.”

Daedalus looked down at his genitals, they shook slightly which he took to indicate an understanding. With everything seemingly set, he turned back to the unnamed feral who had had her special-place presented for an almost worrying amount of time.

“Am nyu fwiend weady?” Daedalus asked her.

The mare nodded excitedly. “Yeh, pwease gib Fwuffy bestesh speciaw-huggies.”

Daedalus cheered and jumped on top of his new partner, immediately going at her with everything he had.

“Enf, enf, enf, enf, enf.”

“Cooo, speciaw-fwiend am su vigawous, Fwuffy wike.”


“Ooooh, wight dewe, jus wike dat.”


“The mare shuddered as she felt a ripple of pleasure wash over her, Daedulus rolled off of her and caught his breath before leaning over and licking her on the cheek.

“How speciaw-fwiend feew?”

The mare giggled. “Fwuffy feew gud, feew wawm an wubbed an… babbehs? Fwuffy feew tummeh-babbehs, Fwuffy am soon-mummah nyo.”

Daedulus looked crestfallen as he looked down at his traitorous ballsack.

“Wai speciaw-wumps nu wisten tu Day-Dah-Wus, daddeh gun gib Day-Dah-Wus wowstesh huwties gain. Speciaw-wumps take sowwy-hoofies.”



From his back door, having witnessed the whole thing, Liam Kennedy slapped a hand to his forehead and took a deep sigh. He looked down at Clementine, Daedalus’ mother.

“Your son is an idiot, you know that right?”

Clementine looked back into the house, where her mate Icarus – still horrifically derped from his accident the year before – was playing with their two daughters, his bugged out eyes and drooping tongue shook as he clapped his hoofs together every time their blockie tower fell over.

“Ibawus wub bahhab bwobbies.”

Clementine turned back to Liam and chuckled. “He git it fwom his daddeh.”


This is hilarious thinking his penis will not make a mare pregnant :joy: then again he got it from his dad.


Phenomenal. Love the naming.