The Problem With Fluffies: Part 1 by FluffyOD

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the mom ate the alicorn as she thought it was a monster baby

The wolfram comic at the top of this thread.

The Wolfram comic I see linked in the thread is about parasites that look sort of like jellenheimers. I don’t see unicorns or pegasi, rejected or otherwise.

The pictures are accompanied by words.

The pictures in the Parasites comic are accompanied by words, yes. These words do not mention pegasi or unicorns. The picture this comment thread is based on has a lot of words. It claims that fluffy mummahs will reject pegasi or unicorn children, but has no examples of this, no story using the idea. I have asked if there are any stories using the idea, got linked to the story about parasites that does not use the idea as far as I can tell, then got sent in circles.

I feel like I’m missing something.

In the story wolfram said the mother rejected a pegasus baby and killed it for being a “munsta” but allowed the parasite babies to live.

That… ok, I see it now. I’ve read that panel, but don’t remember reading that.

@wolfram_sparks is my muse

why punish the yellow one? The fuck did the kid think it meant by “special hugs”? Bitch it’s called “SPECIAL hugs” for a fuckin reason! SHE EVEN KNEW WHAT SEX WAS ALREADY!

She was probably like 11 or 12 and was repulsed when this toy/companion starts asking about sex, and if anything it was the dad that went off the rails a little, he could have just returned it–oh right, I forgot I said Hasbio was accepting no returns.
Whatever, people just don’t see fluffies as a real being to be respected, more like some defective toy or invasive pest that needs to be dealt with. So it was either let it go, which the dad knew was probably a mistake given the feral infestation problem, or just smash it right then and there.
I guess I did mention fluffy shelters as well, but I think the guy was more bothered on multiple moral levels, like he paid money for this thing that talks about sex when it should be a toy for kids, it SHOULD be smashed with a hammer, Idk, feel me?


my bad. My adhd just makes me blow up sometimes

No, Ted Bundy wasn’t evil because he was very clearly totally super extra innocent. Especially of the Log Stuff.

I actually wrote a story of that during the first hellgremlin apocalypse specifically to show how you can have foal rape without turning the fluffy into a hateable monster:

In a nutshell, the point of fluffies is that they’re sweet but incompetent, so making one (or in hellgremlin stories, literally everyone except the victim) a sadistic rapist effectively ruins both cornerstones of what a fluffy is. Getting carried away and making mistakes is one thing, but yelling insults and killing the victim are 100% hellgremlin only things.


the way i write my fluffys, being more rational and less instinctual, i imagine baby enfers would be an extreme rarity, like extra spoiled domestics or ruthless hedonistic smartys, but those are seen very negative by other fluffys. The idea of accidentally happening is a good take, i could see it happening to fluffys who never had “the talk” from their owners or parents, like in that BFM101 story

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Very reasonable and measured response good sir

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I remember in that classic Spoosh comic called ‘Alice’, a human character refers to his breeding fluffies as hormonal territorial children. It is safe to say that the idea that fluffies as an end product are a child-like mind coupled with an adult organism’s desire to copulate and procreate is not something new from this “hellgremlin” concept.

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This is how I imagine them. There was another quote, I can’t remember the source, but it was something like, “fluffies have all the emotional maturity of a toddler and all the sexual urges of an adult horse.”

Edit: lol it’s on the next page


This is the post that made me realize I was reading Hasbio incorrectly. My mind always auto replaced the i with an r. Took me a solid month after first seeing this to actually start reading it right and I still slip up sometimes.

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