The Second Brain... play with this idea

Read this article first.

So, I’ve heard this before regarding humans. With this scrap of theory in mind, let’s go ahead and misapply it to fluffies. What are your thoughts on the idea? Some stories suggest fluffies have a co-brain or second brain to survive (handles autonomous things?). Or have a chip instead of a brain. Or a chip and a brain? I forget.

But what if you gave them another brain? A co-brain? In their stomachs? Or that they already HAD one and we’re only just figuring it out?


A chip wouldn’t work, only factory made first generation fluffies would have one and they cant exactly pass it down through breeding. Honestly I don’t buy fluffies having two brains, I barely believe they have a brain in the first place


The chip in the brain is for Fuzzies, Hasbio’s attempt at finishing Fluffies that an Abuser took advantage of to Order 66 them into slaughtering civilians and members of the US military in Cleveland.
So there’s precedent for it, but as @Skelley said they cannot pass it on. If a Fuzzie humped a Fluffy before the chips went fucky, or someone saved one to jerk off/knock up, you would not get the mental advancement of Fuzzies and would possibly get something mentally strange since Fuzzy programming was not organically based.

Since Fluffies are whatever sci fi bullshit you want, you can plausibly do whatever with the second brain idea. My personal interpretation of programming is indeed a second brain, a kind of structure generated within the womb of Fluffy mothers as a repeating copied “cloned” organ that attaches to the blastocyst not long after attaching to the uterine wall. Its basically an small brain with the programming as verbal, conceptual, touch/movement, and auditory “memories” triggered by stimuli. The fetus grows around it until its a tiny secondary brain attached to the true brain.
An embryo that doesn’t get one usually fails to survive birth, and if they do then it will be a true feral Fluffy; representing a sentient but nonsapient Fluffy “animal”.

I was thinking about the idea of what happens if they get two, or it integrates too well and the brain uses it for other functions. Or how it relates to things like Derping, Jellens. Wan Die, and other things. Haven’t decided anything though.


I think I can do something with this…


Could be a plausible theory as to why fluffies either hav liquid shit, or unknowing shit themselves.

With the liquid state of waste for fluffies: the ENS could act as an identifying neurons that track what passes through. Since most domestic fluffies are on a kibble diet, something in the kibble could trigger a response in the digestive tract (second brain) to evacuate it as soon as possible like diarrhea (yes, nasty, I know). Ferals could have the same issue, but, since they aren’t eating at regular intervals (and possible dehydration) it’s not as runny as domestics.

As for fluffy’s seeming limited to no bowl control: The ENS could have a either 1) a communication problem or disconnect from the main brain that may not trigger the “need bathroom” response or it might be very faint, or 2) the ENS is in competition with the main brain and the main brain is essentially ignoring the ENS

  1. This could be the result of an early release and/or unknowingly having it develop as extra neuron clusters with no where to go (kind of like humans with fingerprints). The ENS works with the brain by attaching to the spine only having to fight around the spinal cord making the connection weak or nonexistent.

  2. Again unknown development due to oversize, but the ENS instead of working with the main brain, it fights for control or resources. The main brain may ignore certain ‘unnecessary’ needs of the ENS, so, in response, the ENS may block off certain neurological transmitters (specifically lower body) which would block triggers the “need bathroom” response and the main brain having to deal with the consequences.


My headcanon is that in order to leave as much space as possible for big, cute eyes, fluffies have as much of their brain functions distributed along their spinal column as possible. Kind of like how the brontosaurus had a second brain-like nerve cluster near its hind legs to coordinate its movements.

A small side-effect of this is longer distance between neurons compared to regular brains, which further serves to explain the fluffies slow intelligence despite all their innate knowledge. And distributing their intelligence to their bowels too helps explain their sub-optimal intelligence and bowels even further.