The Story of Kegstand (Artist:Peppermintparchment)


The story of Kegstand by PeppermintParchment. This series had been uploaded before, but as single entries, so I decided to upload it as a full continuous story.

PeppermintParchment never got round to finishing Kegstand, but it was one of her longest running works. One can notice the change in her art style, from traditional to digital within the span of the comic.

This story was uploaded as I paid tribute to it in Chapter 6 of the Sam Adams Guide


What a great story, shame it never finished.


That’s some sad shit.

Y’know, there aren’t many normal fluffies I feel actual pity for. By and large I kinda view them as fodder for stories or amusing variations of abuse…

Kegstand breaks the mold for me, I don’t know why, but I really pity this fluffy. Moreso than most others. I read this comic a few months back and I hurt my soul in a very particular way.

I don’t even like baseline fluffies that much, but I would adopt the SHIT out of Kegstand!

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And that’s why you burn your seasonal fluffies after the holidays are over!

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Personally, I’m against even having that practice in the first place.

I still retain the hope that Peppermintparchment will come back one day. She did make a comment at the tail end of 2019, and I retain the hope that she’ll find some of her old work on Fluffycommunity. I feel that she intended a hugbox ending for Kegstand, and its the kind of closure I am hoping for the character.

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argument about moral relativism intensifies

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Well, in real life, I hate the idea that people spend hundreds on decorations and stuff they will throw in the garbage after a certain date. I can’t imagine what I would feel if they would do the same to living things.