The Tale of the Tail-Eating Tail, by Disastrous Apricot

On extremely rare occasions, the puffy-tailed fluffy design goes horribly wrong and the tail itself goes rogue.

Thanks to @Lothmar for the inspiration.!



Twoubwe wif twibbwes

Has DA ever shown an instance of smarties in their work yet? I dont know why but I laughed picturing the smarty syndrom in the art style/breed manifesting itself in the tail rather then the actual fluffy for some reason. Thus explaining the rogue tails. xD

But that might be a little too weird box. Then again~ some types can teleport so who am I to judge.

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Yes, but I haven’t explored it much. There are a couple brief instances of smarty grumpiness throughout.

But a smarty-possessed tail does sound hilarious. Perhaps in the sequel…

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“Dis Smawty taiw noa!” ~pop~ Detaches.

Man that’s got to suck to have all the desires of a smarty but not have a mouth to eat, or a privates to enf or a poopy place to give sorry poopies with or hooves to give hurties with… Just kind of existing and rolling around until a bird abducts you to line their nest.

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