The Way Home // Chapter 1: Paradise Lost (by: Beast)

As the sun shined down on a quiet suburban neighborhood one fall morning tiny voices could be heard within one backyard.

“Bwuddah nu can catch Tuwip, he he he!”

“Hewe Bewwy come, gon’ get yu sissie!”

An orange pegasus filly ran around the backyard while a blue earthie foal chased after her. This continued for a short while until the foal finally caught up to the filly and grappled on to her, which soon became a hug that the filly eagerly returned.

“Wuv huggie-tag, wuv bwuddah!”

The happy filly known as Tulip giggled, which caused the equally happy foal known as berry to chime back with “Bewwy wuv sissy tuu.”

As the two young fluffies contentedly hugged one another, their mother and brother watched from afar as they lounged in the warm sun. The yellow earthie mare known as Lemon nudged her oldest child with her snout and gently asked him, “Babbeh nu wan pway wid bwuddah an’ sissie?”

“Nu, if Spike gu dewe tu pway, mummah be awone hewe. Su Spike stay hewe, dat way mummah nu get saddies.”

The purple unicorn foal known as Spike nuzzled into his mother’s fluff to show his affection and emphasise his point. Lemon hugged Spike eliciting a soft coo from the foal submerged in fluff.

“Am otay babbeh, mummah nu get saddies fwom seein’ babbehs pway, onwy heawt-happies!”

Spike craned his head to look at his mother’s face, “Weawwy?”

“Yus, naow pway with yu bwuddah an’ sissy, yu am gud babbeh.”

With that Lemon placed spike down on the grass and nudged him towards his siblings who had started up another round of huggie-tag. The children happily played the afternoon away, occasionally stopping to go fill up on milk while their mother sang them one of her ‘Mummah songs’. John watched the whole thing through the window as he reclined in his chair with a cup of camomile tea and a slight smile on his face. Lemon had been one of the best decisions he had ever made, he thought to himself.

John was an animal lover through-and-through, however he just so happened to be allergic to most common house pets. He was about to give up on getting a pet at all when he remembered about the existence of fluffies. So he started checking out local fluffy-marts and shelters. He found Lemon at a regular shelter and picked her up knowing that fluffies in regular shelters tended to spend the majority, if not their entire lives within them. It was shortly after adopting Lemon that John learned she was pregnant. If it had been anyone else this probably would have been an unwelcome surprise, but for John it was a happy one as he had always wanted to raise a pet from birth.

The days went by and Lemon gave birth to three healthy babies: first came a purple unicorn, then a blue earthie, and finally a very vocal orange pegasus. Lemon loved them all dearly and got right to cleaning and feeding them. As time passed they learned to talk, walk, use the litter-box, and most importantly listen to rules. Special rules had to be set for Tulip as she was turning into quite the splorin babbeh and would end up hurt if boundaries weren’t set. Berry on the other hand loved to ‘dance’ if you can call it dancing, if anything it was more of a full body wiggle. Then there was Spike, he liked all the things the other babies did, he just seemed more cautious and thoughtful than the others.

Life has been a joy for John ever since he adopted Lemon and he didn’t know what he would do without them. As he watched them frolic in his backyard – which had been given extra effort into securing so he didn’t have to watch them at all times – he heard his phone go off. John looked down at the caller ID and sighed, “Mom again, guess she’s gonna want me to look more into why her computer is acting up again. My goodness, you fix the wifi ONE TIME and all of a sudden my parents think I’m some kind of techno wizard!”

As he answered the call John went to go look stuff up on his PC, confidant in the safety of his beloved pets. Meanwhile, the foals played with their ball by kicking it off in one direction and all chasing after it at the same time while giggling. Lemon smiled at the sight of her happy children and laid down to nap. The game continued for a little while until the foals heard a sound coming from the other side of the fence.

“Hey little fluffies, come over here.”

“Wha’ am dewe?”

The neighbor’s face popped up over the fence just barely, with a smile a bit too big.

“I got some toys over here that I’m not using and was wondering if you would like to come play with them?”

Tulip fluttered her little wings in excitement and responded, “Tuwip wuv toysies! Tuwi-”

However, before Tulip could continue Spike cut her off and said with puffed out cheeks, “Daddeh say nu fowwow stwangah!”

“Silly! I’m not a stranger I’m your neighbor, my house is right next to your daddy’s house, nothing to be afraid of from me.”

Spike’s cheeks slowly deflated as he said, “Dat make sense… otay babbehs come wid nice wady!”

As the foals neared the fence-line, a small bowl connected to a string was lowered to the ground. the bowl was big enough to carry a full grown fluffy so all of the foals were able to get on at once. they were then lifted up the fence which Berry and Spike found a bit scary, while Tulip had the time of her life. Once on the other side of the fence the first thing all of the foals noticed is that there were no toys, “Whewe toysies?, Tuwip onwy see gwassies!”

“The toys are inside, follow me!”

With that all of the foals hopped out of the bowl and marched behind the neighbor towards her house. She lead them deeper and deeper into her house until they reached her garage. There were black splotches on some tables and soundproofing had been installed along every wall.

“Dis pwace nu smeww pwetty!”

Without responding the woman closed the door and quickly picked each of the foals up, eliciting a “Bad Upsies!” from each of them. She then put them all in a see-through plastic tub on a short table. All of the foals were shaking now as Spike asked the woman, “Nice wady? Why put babbehs in nu-see sowwy-box?”

However, the ‘nice’ lady refused to answer the foal’s question and simply left the room, causing the baby fluffies to begin to tear up. Meanwhile, Lemon was waking up from her nap only to be met with… nothing, no giggling, playing, or even fighting. The silence disturbed Lemon as she began to call for her disappearing children, “Babbehs! Whewe babbehs gu!? Pwese come back tu mummah! Huuhuuhuu!”

That’s when Lemon heard a voice coming from the other side of the fence, “I know where your babies are.”

“Weawwy? Whewe babbehs at?”

“They’re over here, come on over I’ll show you!”

As the voice finished saying that a bowl was lowered to the ground. Lemon was hesitant as she remembered daddy’s rules, but she had to make sure her children were safe! So with a determined mind Lemon climbed into the bowl so she could be carried to the other side. The woman went through the same routine with Lemon, as she guided the fluffy through her house to the garage. As the foals and mare saw each other there was a joyful chorus of “Mummah!” and “Babbehs!” only to be cut short with the door shutting once again.

The woman forcefully grabbed the mare by the fluff on the back of her neck and jerked her upwards, receiving in return a “Bad upsies!” and a few scared farts. The woman threw Lemon down on one of the tables covered in black splotches and held her there. All of the fluffies began to cry and thrash about (with the occasional squirt of scaredy poopies) as the woman picked up a hacksaw off the wall and proceeded to unceremoniously begin sawing off Lemon’s legs.

“SCREEEEEE! Wowstest huwties eva!”

“Why meanie wady huwt mummah? Huuhuuhuu!”

Berry had curled himself into a ball as he rocked back and forth suckling on his hoof. Spike had gone silent as he stared at his crying mother, the only sign he was alive being his constant shaking. Finally the woman had removed all the legs from Lemon and dropped the hacksaw, she then went and grabbed a metal ruler only to come back and start mercilessly beating Lemon with it.


Eventually Lemon did become quiet as she no longer had the energy to scream.

“Good, Now to get these little ones to shut up!”

That comment got Lemon going again, “Nu huwt bestest-babbehs!”

“I guess your lesson wasn’t long enough.”

However, before the woman could begin hitting Lemon again, the phone rang from the other room.

“That better be the exterminators, those rats keep making holes in my walls and I have had it up to HERE with them!”

With that, the woman left the garage and closed the door behind her. The fluffies sat in relative silence for a time (apart from the huuhuuing) until Lemon got the energy to talk.

“Wun awa’ bestest-babbehs! Babbehs safe wid daddeh!”

“Nu! nu wan weave mummah!”

“Pwease babbehs! Wun awa’ fwom meanie wady! Babbehs weggies stiww dewe! Pwese!.. Mummah wuv babbehs, babbehs wuv mummah…

The song brought Spike back to reality as he looked around and evaluated what to do. That’s when he saw a small hole slightly hidden behind a cardboard box beside the garage door.

“Spike knu wewe gu, bwuddah an’ sissie fowwow Spike!”

“NU! Tuwip nu weave mummah!”

Spike didn’t even receive a verbal complaint from Berry only more soft whimpering. However Spike was determined to get his family out of here, so he grabbed berry’s ear in his mouth and gave it a slight jerk.

“Owwies! Why bwuddah huwt bewwy?”

Spike puffed out his cheeks and look defiantly at his brother and sister, “Bwuddah an’ sissie am dummeh! If babbehs stay mummah get wowstest heawt-huwties, an’ den daddeh awone an’ get saddies!”

The idea that them staying there would cause both their mother and daddy to be sad caused the other babies to immediately start following Spike’s directions.

“babbehs nee’ push nu-see sowwy-box, su babbehs gu tu howe.”

While normally this plan would never work, luckily for the foals the woman hadn’t been careful with the placement of the plastic container and had put it right on the edge of the table. So with a few soft pushes from the foals it came tumbling down to the ground. After a second to reorient themselves the foals followed Spike to the hole which they were just barely small enough to fit into. As they exited the hole into the woman’s driveway the evening sun washed over the tired foals.

“Spike am dummeh, twust meanie wady an’ got mummah foweva-sweepies, huuhuuhuu!.. Spike nu be dummeh nu mowe! Spike be smarty, pwotec bwuddah an’ sissie foweva! Spike wead babbehs home!”

So they set off down the side of the road, unfortunately none of them had ever seen the front of their house or were any good with directions. So they ended up walking the wrong way, but even still Spike would not rest until they were all safe at home.

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Yikes, what a horrible woman.

I’m glad the foals survived the fall. In my story a similar thing happened but only one of the fluffies survived the fall. :confused:

I wonder what will happen next, it’d suck if Lemon couldn’t be rescued.


Eh. Neighbors have been shot for less.


I’d sue if I was John. They may not legally be animals, but I’d argue it’s theft and destruction of property, considering she removed Lemon’s legs (and possibly took her life if I’m guessing).


Small claims court.

Depending on the canon, the value of a Fuffy is $1-$5 unless they’re rare.
Even then, hating Fluffies is the default position in many canons so a judge could simply dismiss on the trchnicality that the resale value for Fluffies is very low, or even allow a countersuit if she claimed she lost sleep. If she happened to lose her job or got into a car accident recently, hecould end up hundreds of dollars out.

Nah. Better off just relying on Stand Your Ground laws to get away with murder.


Neighbor lady can get claw hammer or bat to skull… no sound, no serial number, and no waiting period. Also little blood if one hit wonder.


Id prefer poisoning but hey whatever works.


That neighbor deserves to have her house be flooded with wasps for being such a bitch.


Foolish neighbor. Abusers, remember to abuse responsibly, no matter how happy the neighbor fluffies are.


This is the kind of abuser I really hate in stories. A fluffy herd invades your land? A smarty mouths off at you? Go at them with all your hate. I don’t care. But steal someone else’s fluffies when they aren’t being bad; you just hate them? Well, enjoy being convicted of petty theft (stealing something worth less than $500) if the crime is solved, which can get you up to a year in prison in most US states and a fine of one or two thousand dollars.


No imagination. A couple pellet gun shots to the miwkie pwaces from the upper floor of her home would be more entertaining.

That said, lemon seemed to be a good mother and behave, even her offspring were behaved. I don’t think they did anything worthy of the abuse yet.


Her justification seems to be their voices drifting over the fence during the day.


The neighbor comes over as the kind of woman, who hate the noise of children play in the jard. A a-hole bissybody


Probably the same time of person who would thrown sharp objects over their neighbors fence into their yard.