To Good Homes -- 4 + 5 [ Heroboitellem ]

One of the artists I personally miss the most here, gorgeous art all over.

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Make a point by ripping it in half.

Hope to see the next page soon.

It puzzled me whats with the clip stick anyway? :thinking: You can just take the foal with a hand, right?

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The way I like to see it is directly handling Fluffies counts as ‘huggies’ and part of their programming cements this a confirmation for attachment protocol in how they identify their owners. Especially with foal handling, they are less likely to imprint on employees, shelter or breeder staff if they’re handled with the grabbers instead, so they’re pretty stock standard.

They also tend to double as a sorry stick, which a lot of people find handy. There’s perks to avoiding early favouritism or behavioural issues that can stem from too much human attention. I think as an industry standard, it’s also better for hugboxy types to avoid attachment mutually, too.

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I see.

Looks like they need an extra stick with this kind of situation, tug-of-war is a nono on a fragile biotoy especially foals.

Hope they better do something or that paid foal is down the drain…

Like all fluffies it can’t dance for shit. Might as well take it away. Or let it die like this mom will eventually.

Remove teeth. Problem solved.

Oi! Get back here and give us the rest if it!.. pls,i beg


The narrative here is insanely compelling, but also heartbreaking :frowning: