turned my oldest oc (of 15 years) into a fluffy (Rotking)

…she’s just sort of like that. (see the night mother from elder scrolls? somewhat similar)

definitely steals newborns from other fluffies who are abusive towards their offspring, who, best case scenario, get trampled to death for being a shitty parent.


You forget speaks perfect English


um, question? is she able to take care of all of her foals?

yes. she adopts younger ones and over time, either lets them leave if they feel like it or just stick around as adults remaining within her territory.

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and also how is she able to feed them? also, why does she have sharp teeth?

yep. she is sterile, but can still lactate. her special friend helps her feed them as well; bringing solids either for her to make more milk or to feed the older foals they have.

edit: she filed her teeth into points in order to… well, bite worse.


I’m sorry how did she file her teeth also most fluffy teeth are soft as fuck so wouldn’t it fuck up her teeth? I guess fluffies having hard teeth are your headconnan?

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You forgato talko muy goodo Spanish


You forgot to put your name in the title


rocks. and yea, not so soft teeth on this girl or her special friend.

The owl is back !


So it would seem


Now I can roll my warning out again.
But it’s always nice to see the familiar names again.

teleports behind u “Heh, nothing personnel, Mcgee…”

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Such edge, much wow. :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, a very interesting gritty style. Looking forward to your work.


Was she a cannible fluffy to start, or were her teeth reshaped as part of the abuse?

I have seen other fluffies with sharp gnashers.
Gmonty’s fluffies have some wicked looking sharp teeth.
and its even adressed in one picture by having them filed down.

While the fluffy is awake and not under anesthetics.

…maybe kitsune fluffies should have vestigial fangs, not really fangs just rounded little nubs.
Like these in this art by dra_sany

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reminds me of edgy warrior cats ocs. regardless, no judgement. their fur patterns are neat.

So this is like…Coldsteel the Hedgehog, but like a fluffy, right?

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Basically, yes.

It’s a stereotypical case of “this is ‘x’ only in appeareance, all their skills, physical and mental trait are those of a Mary Sue over-powered character from some other place”.

It’s clearly indicated by the lack of any real weaknesses, flaws or quirks.

  • She’s not mute, she’s selectively mute, which means she can talk at will.

  • She is sterile, but still has a large family of adopted fluffies.

  • She is “solemn and serious, with only three facial expressions and a chemical scar on her face”, but still manages to gather a group of devout, loving fluffies, rather than fluffies who begrudgingly accept her scary, no huggies-n-play looks because she is strong/helps out.

The “filed her teeth against a rock” also is a kick in the groin to all logic. Even for a fluffy, I mean.