Uglyface Part 1 - Remastered [The_Agony_Presence]

He was the firstborn in a litter of five.

His mother, a very fat and all-pink fluffy called Cupcake, unfortunately mistook him for some scat due to his brown color and the fact that she’d accidentally defecated on and near him during birth, disguising his newborn smell.

He desperately squirmed in the filth for nearly half an hour, his little chirps just too quiet for his mother to hear over her songs to her other babies, to which she fed all of her milk and gently snuggled with after lickie-cleanies.

He loved listening to her songs, though they weren’t for him.

Eventually, a Fluffmart employee- a teenager, his face pocked with acne- came along to clean out the nesting enclosure of afterbirth, and check the new mother and her brood; Cupcake and her foals both seemed problem free, at least as far as what he could remember from the manual, anyway.

As he cleaned the enclosure, however, he spotted the brown foal’s head barely peeking up, listening for its mother’s songs now they had seemingly stopped.

The foal was picked up by a cool, rubber-gloved hand just a little too hard, squeezing a portion air from him. He flailed his stubby hooves to no avail against the squashing pain, before being clumsily cleaned under a cold tap. He tried to squeak for help, but his voice wouldn’t come.

A thumb pressed against his tummy and slowly pushed downwards, painfully evacuating his bowels into the sink below. The hand then rubbed him just a little too hard all over, getting rid of all the dirt and afterbirth stuck to him.

Some rough paper towels harshly dried his only lightly furred skin, and while it did no damage it hurt him quite a bit.

He stretched out on the cold metal tray as the employee took him back through to the nesting enclosure, trying to feel around for his mummah to no avail. He heard her songs again once they passed back into the nesting room, and started to meekly peep once more for warmth, milk and hugs. The employee tipped him quickly into the enclosure from just a little too high up.

“Cupcake, you missed one of your babies earlier,” the employee said in a slightly annoyed tone.

“Wha? Cupcake haf aww babbehs hewe, siwwy!” She replied daintily, cuddling up close with her new bestest baby, a light blue unicorn with a dark blue mane and tail. He cooed as she pressed it into her thick neck fluff.

“No, look at what I found in your nest,” the employee pointed down at the brown foal who had curled up due to the pain of his fall.

“Poopies?” Cupcake tilted her head, raising an eyebrow and sniffing at the air, “poopies am nu babbeh!”

“No, it is a baby, look,” the foal felt a hard nudge from the tray and quickly stretched out again, peeping fast at the sudden pain. He needed huggies badly now to take away the pain and the cold!

Cupcake was taken aback by the employee’s suggestion- not only did she not remember having a fifth baby, but this one was a smelly poopy baby!

“Dummeh, dat am bad poopie babbeh! Cupcake onwy maek gud babbehs!” She held up the bestest baby, “Nu wan gif miwkies tu bad babbehs- gud babbehs nee’ aww miwkies!”

Fuck’s sake,” the employee said under his breath. What was it the manual said? If the breeder rejects a baby… uh… perform integration session and uh… well, he really couldn’t be bothered; his shift was nearly over, and he had a party to go to shortly. Besides, one of the other employees would probably take care of it, right?

“Listen, Cupcake, you either take care of this baby or, uh… no more sketties!”

Cupcake’s ears flopped down and her face drooped into a pitiful expression, “Wha!? Nuuuuuu! Nee’ skettis fo’ maek bestes’ miwkies fo’ babbehs!” She shouted at him, “Pweez, mistah, no maek Cupcake gif miwkies an’ huggies tu poopie babbeh!”

“No. You take care of it or no sketties- that’s final,”

The little brown foal had begun to awkwardly wiggle its way across the padded floor towards the sound of its mother’s voice and sibling’s peeps when he suddenly he felt a warm, soft hoof scoop him up and place him onto something even warmer- he wiggled around for a second, unsure of what was happening…

And then he smelled it.


He pressed his face forward into Cupcake’s teats, feeling and sniffing around for the nipple with his snout, instinctively kneading the area with his minuscule front hooves to help produce more milk.

Finally: mummah! He’d found her!

She was so warm, and smelled sooooo pretty! She was soft too, it felt so, so nice to touch her, and be caressed by her- all of his pain and cold instantly evaporated as he lost himself in her cottony coat.

And the milkies! It tasted so sweet and silky as it began to fill his craving belly.

His tiny heart, that only moments ago had been anxiously aching and beating with fear and loneliness now slowed and relaxed as a feeling more peaceful and wonderful than anything else washed over ever single piece of his diminutive body.


A love for his mummah. He could not yet comprehend this feeling, or even the world around him, but he- like all foals- understood how truly extraordinary it was to be loved by a mummah, and wanted to give that feeling back.

Unfortunately for him, Cupcake did not quite feel the same way in return.

“Dummeh poopie babbeh, yu nu am Cupcakeses babbeh… no wike yu…” she spat down to him as he began to suckle hungrily- or, perhaps, greedily, as was Cupcake’s opinion. That milk was for her babbehs, not him.

“Cupcake: do what you’re told. Give him a name like all the others,” the employee nonchalantly commanded as he snapped off his gloves and threw them in a nearby bin.

“Hmmph, dummeh, stoopi, ugwy poopie babbeh nu gud fo’ namsies…”

“Cupcake, do it now,”

“Otay… bu’ poopie babbeh git poopie namsie!” She looked down at him suckling what milk was left as her other foals snuggled into her belly fluff, “Poopie babbeh namsie am… ummmm… Ugwyface!” She stared up with a devilish smile.

“Uglyface, huh?” The employee asked, already walking away towards the breakroom, “Well, he’s gonna have a fun life with a name like that,” he joked coldly.

The exact moment he was out of sight, Cupcake swiped Uglyface away from her, lightly kicking him into the corner beside the litterbox. He chirped in fear the whole way, “poopies gu in wittahbawks!” Cupcake snarled, punting the foal in the tummy to wind him and stop his chirps.

He did just that, tucking his face down into his chest and covering his tummy with his hooves. He didn’t understand, why was there hurties? Where was mummah’s warmth and milkies? Why wasn’t she hugging the pain away?

“Use heawin’ pwace fo’ Cupcake’s wordies, stoopit poopie Ugwyface; Cupcake nu wub yu, nebah gif huggies, onwy gif miwkies cuz hoomans say su. Yu git sowwy hoofsies if maek Cupcake nu happeh,”

Uglyface didn’t understand her words but did he understand her tone, the pain, and the sudden ripping away from the closest thing a fluffy could have to heaven.

His first day concluded with another final punt to the side.


I uploaded this on the Reddit page ages ago, and decided to repost it here with a few story revisions and mistakes corrected.

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I like the way you written foal POV, wonder how it will go on




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