Useless Things [By BFM101]

Inspired by @Pastry_Knight’s Pillowfluff artwork

Rebecca had a smile on her face as she walked into the Pillowfluff section of her Fluffmart, there were all sorts of reasons why a Fluffy lost their limbs, sometimes it was accidents, sometimes it was illness. Most of the time it was abusive owners returning the Fluffies once they were bored of them. It wasn’t a very popular part of the store and most people tended to avoid it, but today was the lucky day for not just one of them, but TWO.

Rebecca reached the enclosure where the Pillowfluffs were kept together, due to their lacking ability to get themselves into trouble, the store were more lenient in letting Pillowfluffs interact. She knelt down and reached into the pen, softly stroking a lilac Pegasus mare with a dark blue mane called Peony on her chin.

Peony giggled and shook her stumps, her limbs had been lost when she was a foal, her mother had accidentally sat on her when she was still learning to walk so her weak little legs had snapped from the sudden weight. It was also how they found out Peony’s mother was colourblind.

“Hehe, hewwo Miss Webek-kah. Gud bwite-time?”

“It is indeed Peony because I have good news. You have a new mummah!”


“That’s right, and even better, your friend Rusty gets to go with you.”

The dark red earthie stallion with a green mane laying beside Peony looked up from his kibble bowl and stared slack-jawed at Rebecca. His limbs had been cut off by an abusive owner when he was still a colt and it had sent him close to the Wan-Die loop until Peony’s chirper attitude cheered him up.

“Wusty hab nyu mummah tuu?”

“That’s’ right, a nice lady said she was looking for two well-behaved Pillowfluffs who she could rely on to keep each other company as well as be good friends for her. I knew exactly who deserved to go with her.

Peony had tears in her eyes as she turned to Rusty and rubbed her cheek against his. “Pee-oh-nee hab nyu mummah, an bestesh fwiend Wusty git come tuu. Hab biggesh heawt-happies.”

Rusty returned the affectionate cheek rub, neither of them stopped smiling even as Rebecca carried them out of their pen and placed them into their Carrier Cage. She could hear the two of them singing about ‘Nyu mummah’ all the way to the cash register where she happily handed the cage to a very pretty blonde woman who had been waiting patiently for Rebecca to return.

“Sorry about the wait, Pillows are kept right at the back of the store. But here you are, Peony and Rusty, I’m sure they’re going to make you very happy.

Victoria Harkness peeked down at the two smiling faces looking up at her and she grinned right back at them.

“Oh my dear, they’re going to be perfect.”

Victoria returned home with her two new Fluffies and showed them to their saferoom, the two of them gasped and gaped in wonder at the majesty of their new home, which considered of a decently sized room covered in bright wallpaper, a few toys and a TV.

“Here you guys are, your saferoom, I tried to keep everything as close together as possible, my last Fluffy had her legs so I might forget you guys can’t move much but if anything is too far away, all you have to do is ask me, ok.”

Rusty nodded happily, loving the soft feel of the carpet on his belly. “Ok mummah. Fwuffies askies in need hewp.”

“Whewe am weggie Fwuffy mummah? Fwuffies wike tu hab nyu fwiend.”

“Oh my, Apricot’s gone Peony. She was a bad mummah who hurt her babies so I sent her away, I couldn’t stand a monster like that in my life.”

The two Pillowfluffs had tears begin to well in their eyes at the thought of a mummah Fluffy hurting her babies, even Peony knew her own mummah only hurt her by accident and would never intentionally hurt her.

“Dat am su sadies, wai Apwicot huwt babbehs, dey onwy wittew babbehs? Pee-oh-nee nu hab babbehs, bu neba finkies can eba gib dem huwties.”

“That’s because you’re a good Fluffy Peony, and I’m glad to have you both in my life to help me move past Apricot’s cruelty. Now the two of you rest up, and I’ll cook us up some spaghetti for our first night together.”

“SKETTIS! FANK YU MUMMAH!” The two Pillowfluffs cheered almost simultaneously. Victoria laughed, turned on Fluff-TV and left the room to cook up dinner. Peony and Rusty sat happily together as they watched The Amazing Adventures of Captain Stuffy-Friend.

“Dis am gud pwace.” Rusty breathed out contently. “Fwuffies be happy hewe.”

“Wusty weawwy fink su?”

“Wusty knyo su.”

From outside the room, watching on a security feed she had set up, Victoria sneered at the footage of the two happy Fluffies.

“Those fucking retards are gonna make this too easy.”

She rolled her eyes as she turned away to make dinner, cheap noodles and watery ketchup were all she was going to spare on them, not that they could ever tell the difference.

It was a few days later when Victoria enacted the first part of her plan, she let the two Pillowfluffs get settled in and kept an eye on them, waiting for the right moment. Due to their lack of limbs, the two of them did very little, often content to sing with each other, pass a ball back and forth with their noses, or watch Fluff-TV together. It was during TV time, and especially during shows like ‘Dancing Babbehs’ or ‘The Mummah Hour’ where Peony would gaze at the screen with wide eyes and even wider smiles, but Rusty would stare longingly at Peony, his eyes filled with love and hopes and dreams.

That’s where Victoria would strike first,

She took Rusty away for a clean-up in the bathroom – not a bath as she made sure they both understood – and decided to broach the subject.

“So Rusty, do you like Peony?”

“Wusty wub Pee-oh-nee, she am bestesh fwiend, hewp Wusty nu hab heawt-huwties bout nu habben weggies nu mowe.”

“I see, would you say you loved her as a friend, or as a special-friend?”

Rusty’s blush was so deep it could be seen through her red coat. “Wusty wan Pee-oh-nee be speciaw-fwiend, she am su pwetty an nice. Bu…”

“But what dear?”

“Wha is she nu wike Wusty da same way? Wusty nu wan hab wowstesh heawt-huwties.”

Victoria smiled as gently as she could as she ran a warm wet cloth over Rusty’s stumps. “Oh Rusty, I’m sure she loved you too. And even if she doesn’t then she’ll still be your friend no matter what, but you’ll never know if you never ask.”

“Du mummah fink Wusty shouwd askies Pee-oh-nee tu be speciaw-fwiend?”

“I do, in fact if she does say yes, then I will give you both permission to have special-huggies.”

Rusty’s eyes narrowed, the thought of being a dad – and of having enfies – was something he had never considered, wanted yes but who would ever want a dumb legless Fluffy for a mate. Now not only was his mummah giving him the option to be a father, but to start a family with his best friend, he knew he had to take that chance, it was too good not to.

“Ok mummah, Wusty askies Pee-oh-nee tu be speciaw-fwiend.”


Victoria quickly dried Rusty off and took him back to the saferoom, Peony was happily nudging at some wooden blocks when she saw them return.

“Wusty! Pee-oh-nee miss yu.”

Victoria placed the two Fluffies together and let them nuzzle each other for a moment. Rusty pulled back first and cleared his throat.

“Wusty miss yu tuu, an Wusty hab sumfing wan askies Pee-oh-nee.”

“Oh, wha Wusty wan?”

“Wusty wan knyo if… if… if Pee-oh-nee wan be speciaw-fwiends wiv Wusty?”

Rusty shut hjs eyes tight, dreading the inevitable rejection. Instead, he got a gentle lick on his cheek and opened his eyes to see Peony smiling at him.

“Pee-oh-nee wub Wusty, wan be speciaw-fwiends.”


Peony nodded and two of them shuffled closer together so they could nuzzle even deeper and more lovingly than they had ever done before, their relationship finally confirmed. Then Rusty shuffled back to tell his new mate the good news.

“Ooh, speciaw-fwiend, mummah say dat if Pee-oh-nee wan be Wusty’s speciaw-fwiend, den Fwuffies am awwowed tu hab babbehs.”

Peony’s eyes went wider than they had ever gone before, her very own babbehs, with her bestesh ever friend. This was the best day in the history of best days. Peony turned to Victoria, as though scared this was all just a dream.

“Am it twue mummah? Can Fwuffies hab babbehs?”

Victoria smiled at the pair and nodded. “I told Rusty you two could have all the special-huggies you wanted.”


Victoria chuckled at the excitable pair. “Ok, I’m gonna give you two some privacy, just shout if you need anything.”

The Fluffy pair lovingly nuzzled each other as Victoria shit the door, eventually Rusty got a whiff of mare scent, and felt his no-no stick stir in anticipation.

“Am yu weady speciaw-fwiend?” He asked her softly.

Peony nodded. “Pee-oh-nee weady, wan hab babbehs wiv Wusty, wan hab famiwy.”

Peony lifted her tail and waited for Rusty to position himself, then she waited some more, then some waited some more, then she turned and saw that Rusty wasn’t even at her backside yet, he was slowly shuffling himself along the carpet, his worthless stumps doing nothing to help him move any faster.

“Am speciaw-fwiend awwmosh dewe, Pee-oh-nee wan be mummah.”

“Neawwy speciaw-fwiend, jus wittew bit mowe.”

It was several minutes before Rusty reached Peony’s back, the mare scene emanating from her was intoxicating, but he was here now and with his front legs he pulled himself up onto her back and…

Wait. He didn’t have any front legs, or any back legs, he had nothing to help his no-no stick reach her special-place. Rusty started to panic, he pushed himself forward, trying to use Peony as leverage to angle himself upwards, but instead all he did was hurt her feelings.

“Owwies, wai am speciaw-fwiend gibben pushies? Nu wub Pee-oh-nee?”

“NU! Nu, Wusty wub speciaw-fwiend su muchies, bu nu can weach speciaw-pwace wivout weggies. Need mummah tu hewp. MUMMAH! MUMMAH HEWP FWUFFIES!”

No response, Peony joined in the shouting. “MUMMAH! PWEASE HEWP FWUFFIES, NU CAN HAB SPECIAW HUGGIES!”

Nothing again, clearly mummah couldn’t hear them so the two of them shouted even louder.


Victoria could hear them, and hear them quite well through the wooden door, but she ignored their cries for help as she smoke a long, slow cigarette, the panicked cries of her Pillowfluffs blending into white noise.

It was almost 20 minutes before Victoria returned to the saferoom, when she opened the door Rusty and Peony were both wailing on the floor, Rusty had lifted Peony onto her side but being unable to hold her steady, she had rolled onto her back, gotten scared of her upside down world and pissed herself, which sprayed onto her stomach causing her to start crying, which made Rusty start crying, and now both of them were drenched in tears and piss, and they still hadn’t fucked yet.

“Oh no, what happened here?”

“Mummah!” Rusty blubbered out through his tears. “Whewe wewe yu, Fwuffies shouties fow su wong an mummah neba come.”

“Oh hun, I promise I never heard you, I should’ve left the door open, I’m so sorry.”

Victoria rolled Peony onto her belly and gently stroked the frightened pair. “You two must’ve had the worst time, come on, I’ll clean both of you up, then you can tell me all about it.”

A short wash in warm water later, and Victoria returned the pair to the saferoom, having heard their terrible plight.

“…den Wusty twy tu woww speciaw-fwiend oba, bu she gu tuu fah an hab wowstesh scawdies, wich gib Wusty wowstesh scawdies.”

“My goodness, that sounds awful, I’m so sorry guys, I never thought about your legs, most Fluffies do it so easily I just thought you two could do it too.”

Victoria relished the shameful looks on her two Pillowfluffs as they were reminded neither of them were like ‘most Fluffies’.

“But that’s my fault, and I’m sorry for not thinking about it. I’ll help both of you out here, but only for a little while because this is a private thing for you two.”

The two Pillowfluffs nodded and Peony raised her tail, letting Rusty sniff out her mare scent again, once Rusty’s body had… reacted to the scent, Victoria lifted him by his sides and guided him into place. Peony felt something poking around her backside and just felt embarrassed about the whole thing.

“Down wittew mummah, weft… nu udda weft.”

Eventually Victoria was able to help Rusty push his penis into his mate, a warmth enveloped him and he let out a contented sigh.

“Fank yu mummah, Wusty an speciaw-fwiend can hab babbehs nyo.”

Victoria smirked at the little idiot. “Sure you can.”

Then she stood up and walked out of the room, Peony freaked out. “Mummah, whewe guin?”

“I told you, this is a private thing between you two and I don’t want intrude, just do what comes naturally and I’ll get started on dinner.”

Victoria was already gone before the pair could argue, with no other options they tried to hump but it just wasn’t right. Without legs to stead himself, Rusty ran the risk of topping over whenever he bucked his hips, so all he could short, shallow thrusts into his mate, just barely getting the tip into her and little else.

Peony felt awful about the whole thing, she knew what enfies were supposed to be like – she’d seen a few bad Fluffies at the Fluffmart breaking the No Special-Huggies rule – but this was nothing like it, this was awkward and uncomfortable, with every tiny push inside her reminding her that she and her mate were stupid no-leggie Fluffies who nobody wanted.

By the time Rusty finally finished inside her, she was softly weeping, even the feeling of her tummy growing her future babbehs didn’t make her feel any better.


Victoria calmed down on the emotional abuse through Peony’s pregnancy, it was clear that the humiliation of their first special-huggies had left a mark on the pair as their smiled were less bright, their laughs less cheerful. But like all Fluffies, the promise of foals cheered them up and as Peony got larger, they put their efforts into their unborn children, constantly singing to them and thinking of all the things they were going to do with their babbehs.

Which notably didn’t including running or hugging.

But now the time had come, Peony was giving birth and now Victoria could enact Part 2 of her plan. She ran into the saferoom where she found Peony straining in her bed with Rusty laying beside her.

“Mummah, wha wan Wusty tu du, speciaw-fwiend hab wowstesh speciaw-pwace huwties.”

“You stay right beside her Rusty, keep her calm, I’ll help with the foals.”

As Rusty shuffled closer to his mate, Victoria pulled a length of string out of her pocket and quickly tied it to the pair, one end on Rusty’s green tail, one end on Peony’s blue tail. Thankfully both Fluffies were too distracted by their incoming foals to notice what she was doing, Victoria was just able to tie off the end to Peony’s tail when the mare let out a loud grunt.


With a grunt, Peony pushed out her first child, a blue Pegasus colt with a red mane, Rusty turned to see his first-born son but Victoria pointed him back towards Peony.

“Focus on her Rusty, there’s still more foals to come, I’ll give them all to you once they’re all here.”

Rusty nodded and returned to comforting his mate as she strained through more childbirth, alongside the blue colt she delivered a lilac earthie filly with a red mane, a purple earthie colt with a green mane, and a green unicorn filly with a pink mane. Peony knew it was over when the dull throbbing pain in her special-place dissipated and her bloated body shrunk back down to regular size. Panting and exhausted, she leaned over to Rusty and licked his face.

“Fwuffies du it speciaw-fwiend, am mummah an daddeh nyo.”

“Wusty am su pwoud of speciaw-fwiend, hab biggesh heawt-happies tu be daddeh.”

“Whewe… whewe am babbehs?”

“Mummah wookin afta dem, she wight… mummah?”

Victoria wasn’t behind the pair, and neither were their foals. The pair looked around until they saw Victoria place something right in the corner of the room, then she strolled over to the next corner, and placed something there as well.

All the blood in Peony’s face drained out when she saw what her mummah was placing down.


All four babbehs were in all four corner of the room, with the parents stuck in the middle, with no regard for her own safety, Peony shuffled forward to the closer babbeh, the green and pink filly. But she was immediately stopped when the string tying her and Rusty together stopped her dead in her tracks.

“Wha speciaw-fwiend duin? Wai nu wet Pee-oh-nee hewp babbehs?”

“Wusty nu du aneefing, wai speciaw-fwiend gib puwwy-huwties?”

The pair argued and yanked at each other, neither of them realising Victoria had left the room. It wasn’t until she returned that they both turned to their beloved owner, completely forgetting she was the reason their infant children had been taken from them, and begged for her help.

“MUMMAH! Mummah, babbehs am tuu fah way fwom Fwuffies, pwease hewp, babbehs need miwkies an wickie cweans an…”

Peony’s words trailed off as she watched Victoria pull up a chair from the hallway, place it against the wall and calmly sat down, crossing one leg over the other as she silently pulled out a cigarette and lit it up.


Victoria said nothing, her face showing no anger or worry, or even joy, just cold, dispassionate indifference. Her eyes glances over at the blue colt closest to her as she took a drag of her cigarette, but she did nothing to help him.

Rusty felt his heart break, why was mummah being so mean? “Mummah? Wai nyu hewp babbehs, dey onwy wittew babbehs?”

Victoria said nothing.

Peony started to panic, all of her children were crying out for her;





They were all too far away from her, she couldn’t turn her body in time fast enough to look at all of them, she didn’t know where to go first, and any time she tried to go anywhere, the string on her tail pulled her back to Rusty.


Each passing second the cries of her foals got more and more desperate, not only had none of the foals had that important first gulp of milk, but none of them had been cleaned of amniotic fluids yet, they were starving, sodden and scared, each of them crying out for their mother, why wasn’t she with them, did mummah hate them?

For several minutes Victoria coldly watched the pair work themselves into a tizzy, neither of them could walk so they were reduced to shuffling around on the carpet, an already herculean task made even worse by their lack of communication, both of them were too frightened, too frazzled to talk to each other, all they knew was that every time they went to save one of their children, the other one would hold them back.


The venomous yells from their mother only frightened the foals even more, making them scream out with energy they couldn’t spare. It took all of Victoria’s efforts not the smirk.

It took less than a half hour for the foals chirping to get noticeable slow and weak, and just under an hour before they started going silent, starvation would usually kick in at this point but Victoria knew it was the exposure that killed them, soaking wet and alone, even if Peony and Rusty were able to reach their children and feed them, they would’ve been too late to save them from the cold.

One by one their foals went, their rasping gasps the last thing their parents heard as they were too exhausted from anger and stress and exertion to move anymore. Rusty and collapsed to the floor, a dead weight muttering ‘Wan-die’ over and over, his eyes glazed over in shock and trauma. Peony’s eyes were on her blue colt, her first born, her strongest babbeh, her last babbeh, in her mind she was reaching out to him, telling her she loved him, that he was going to be ok.

The colt couldn’t see her, too blind in his infancy, he couldn’t hear her, her voice was gone from screaming, and he couldn’t speak to her, his own vocal chords shredded from crying out for her. Peony watch as her final son let out a slow, crooked breath, then like his siblings, died without ever knowing milk or huggies or love.

Peony didn’t even have it within her to scream anymore.


Victoria stood up, stubbing the last of her cigarette out on the floor and picking the chair up as she moved towards the door.

“You were so close as well.”

“Wa… wai mummah?” Peony croaked out, her voice harsh and jagged. “Wai yu nu hewp babbehs?”

Victoria paused for a moment, then to Peony’s horror, she just shrugged.

“Dunno, could be any number of reasons, could be that I never said you could have babies, I said you could have special-huggies and nothing else. Could be that I’m a cold hearted bitch who hates children. Or it could be that I wanted you to see for yourself, how absolutely fucking useless you are.”

Victoria left the room but returned shortly after with a bowl of kibble, and not a very full one either, she placed it on the floor, close to the dead purple colt and far, far from the still tied together parents.

“Now, I know this is obviously a hard time for your two, so I’m going to give you your space, in fact I’m going to give you several days of space because I’m off on a holiday with my girlfriend. But don’t worry, I’ve left you a nice bowl of cheap-ass kibble to tide you over until I return. I’ll it up to you two which one gets first dibs on dinner.”

Victoria left the room, but not before switching the TV onto the 24 Hour Leggie Appreciation Channel – honestly it was like FluffTV was trying to traumatise Pillowfluffs – and closing the door behind her. She could just barely hear Peony’s sobs through the door as she gathered her luggage for the holiday.

For a moment she stopped, she was torn, she wanted Peony and Rusty to starve but she wanted to be here to see it happen, of course if she did stay to watch, there was no guarantee that she wouldn’t try to hurry things along and ruin the starving. Whatever was a girl to do?

The answer was to set the security feed to record it all and watch it all when she returned, maybe she could invite Izzy over for a date night.

Victoria took one final look at the camera feed and saw Peony helplessly trying to shuffle her body towards the food, the living corpse of her distraught ex-mate holding her in place as the string refused to let loose between the two.

“Useless fucking things.”

Victoria picked up her suitcase and left to enjoy her holiday with Izzy, silently hoping the house didn’t stink too much when she returned.


Wicked <3


This is another thing I am gonna have to draw


When the name Victoria Harkness pops in, I know those two were done for. Cruel and wicked as ever . :cry:


Absolutely fucking vicious. :black_heart:


The leggie appreciation channel. I fuckin LOVE IT!


Brilliant as always

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victoria DID WHAT

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yeah i thought so but it was too funny to ignore xD

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Victoria’s evil is exquisite, I wonder if there will be more stories about her, she is a great character


Goddamn, she’s wicked

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Victoria’s my new placeholder for abuse stories so I can almost guarantee she’ll be back.

I doubt I’ll ever do a full series on her, but never say never


watching two fluffies starve. dream date :heart:


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