Wasabi and pancakes go together (By: NekuChan)

So some quite long time ago @Mlgbunnyiscool put some fantasy fluffies on adoption and I got this bunny-like fluffy named Pancake. I got a little backstory with bunny’s help but a lot happened and I was kinda scratching my head about what to do. More recently @Gal-with-pastels gift me a fluffy and just with Bunny I asked for some backstory. I somehow managed to merge both together and create a single comic with both of them with the happy ending I promised and keeping the original names.

I felt a little pressured and stressed (specially for Pancake’s details ;w; ) but I really believed it would work and come out fine. I like the characters but I can’t adopt more fluffies and create personal stories with each of them ;w;U

Just lost the comic I’ve been months working on and figuring out how to continue so… this kinda helped me out LMAO

Hmmm… Wasabi giño-giño :v


ahhh this is so cute! these two deserved a happy ending! ahh rex has a poopie fluffy in arms.


I mean, without the bunny fluffies context, this comic has been a wild ride for me. First, I thought you changed your style, then recognised you fluffies alright, then Rex comes around and later his one-eyed alicorn sister, ending with a slight scare of the owner being an abuser all this time.



Hey @NekuChan another excellent story and comic! Such a cute way to implement your adopted fluffies. I loved seeing Rex and Dolly again. They are two of my favorite story fluffies. I also just want to say that I absolutely love all your comics! But I’m especially fond of “When Winter Comes so does Karma”, “From Bestes Babbeh to Munstah Babbeh and “Huggies Save Lives”


Que tierna historia, jeje me percate de la marca de wasabi :wink: gracias por ese guiño a la pequeña perv XD


Kinda weird how that babbeh’s mummah hated him when they are practically the same color lol. And the bunny fluffy hybrid things are cute too! Can they breed with regular fluffies?


As always, magnificent.


Very appreciated how you played around with expectations, and once more demonstrating that hugbox doesn’t have to be boring.


Despite the low probability of us seeing these two again. I hope we get a look into how they will look like when older!

i just adore how you design each Fluffy’s mane .


Well done neku, you just have doned again as a suggestion what about a story that involves a fluffy smarty family trying to get honey and after being chased by the bees itselfs, and that’s the idea.

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Happy endings all round, especially for Wasabi who didn’t deserve to lose their legs like that.

I do hope Pancake finds their mother again, they need some good news in their lives


The bunny-fluffs look more like chinchillas.

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Bunny fluffies? Yeesh.

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“Buckle up ladies and gentlemen and remember to keep hands on the ride at all times”
Yeah, I was a little concerned about it too, the style differs too much to mine and I was hesitant on how it’ll end up xd But it came out quite fine, maybe a little confusing for readers at first tho xD


Hugbox endings rock ;3

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Cuando me dijeron el nombre del fluffy, tu Wasabi fue lo primero que se me vino a la mente xD no podía dejarlo pasar sin hacer aunque fuera un pequeño guiño :3

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Wow you scared me there a bit glad their new owner gave wasabi a wheelie.

Love pancake heart shape fur, sad she got lost due to her running around :frowning:

Man Wasabi got worst from his mother typical to any mare programming.

Love their design and the scene they drink milk and stuffed :heart_eyes:


Your fluffy designs are intresting. Its like a mix between a long tailed fox and your traditional fluffy.

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My fluffies are actually round and simple, the bunny kind fluffs design belongs to MLGbunnyiscool :slight_smile: I just adapted it for this comic!

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What kind of species of Fluffy is that?! It’s so much cuter I love it! :sparkling_heart::wavy_dash::sparkling_heart: