We Know Not What We Do - Part 9 - By Spaghetti Dave

We Know Not What We Do
Part 9

The light and warmth from the morning sun woke up Mocha. With a big stretch, including her tiny wings that are just starting to grow feathers, she pulls herself away from Prince. “C’mon Pwince, gud fwuffies make gud poopies.” At statement as true as the sun was warm, water was wet. Good fluffies do make good poopies. And she was a good fluffy, she stood up to her daddeh that was just being such a meanie, but she loved him too much to stay mad. He probably didn’t mean anything he said, not that she understood most of it.

Mocha was first to the litter box, Prince still struggling with just three legs. Wots uh poopies in hewe, she thought to herself, picking out a safe space to keep her hooves clean. She was done by the time Prince made it to the box. She felt bad for him, she felt bad watching him, he struggled with every step. And he didn’t want help. Dummeh bwuddah nee hewp, buh nu wet Mocha hewp.

Her tail twitched impatiently. She was hungry, her tiny stomach rumbling, but she didn’t rush Prince. She ambled to his side so they could walk together, and if he stumbled he’d bump into her and not the floor. At the kibble bowl is where the disappointment set in. It was the same amount of kibble they left last night. The water bowl also half empty. Or, if you were a silly fluffy filly, half full. She didn’t like the kibble, not one bit. And she didn’t like the water either. Bits of kibble, because this was not anything remotely premium food, littered the bottom of the water dish. The water ended up tasting like kibble.

“Daddeh nu bwing babbehs nummies.” Mocha’s ears lowered as she pouted. Prince didn’t say anything, he just bit onto a large piece of food and dunked it into the water bowl. Mocha followed suit. She grabbed a bit of kibble. Dunked it in the water to soften. Pulled it back out and bit half off it, chewing as best she could. Swallow. Stare at Prince. ~SIGH~ Put the other piece into her mouth. Chew chew chew. Swallow. Stares again at Prince. ~SIGH~ On repeat for the next five pieces of kibble. Prince stoically ate his kibble, refusing to indulge in Mocha’s obvious sighs for attention.

The toys were still the same toys that were in the room since daddeh brought them. But, they were for adult fluffies, still too big for Mocha and Prince to really play. Prince won’t play, or more accurately, he couldn’t. He couldn’t lift the blocks, even Mocha could barely do that. Mocha could barely play with the ball, it would still only roll about a foot. Maybe if she was bigger, maybe if the room wasn’t carpet they could actually play. But, that didn’t stop Mocha. She pushed the ball as hard as she could and when it stopped she ran over to the ball to push it back. Her tiny legs managed to keep this up a whole four times before she was out of breath and collapsed into a tiny brown pile of fur.

She was bored of the blocks. At most she could stack one on top of the other but it was so much work. Instead she started exploring. Not there was much to explore. Nothing was on the floor except the pillow beds, three blocks, a ball, the litter box, and the food and water dish. Dirty carpet. White walls. One window. Mocha made a few laps, stopping every few feet do look at something only a fluffy would find interesting. Even this became boring. For the next two hours she sat next to Prince, tail swishing, watching the sun and shadows fall across the room.

Mocha miss daddeh. Miss miwk. Miss mummah. She sighed again, softer than when she was trying to get Prince’s attention. Wan huggies and pway time! Wanna pway wif daddeh! Her silent demands went unanswered. The shadows were getting longer, the light fading and being replace with the light from the night light. It felt like so many forevers, even if unknown to Mocha or Prince, it was only about 5pm. The entire day spent mostly bored.

She still couldn’t get Prince to play, even after the herculean effort of getting the ball to him. She gave up on trying to play and went over to the food dish, it was about time for their usual dinner. In between bites, her mouth full “Pwince hungwy?” Bits of food falling out of her muzzle. Mocha was not very lady like. Another meal spent in silence, it felt like forever, just like the rest of the day.

The sun had set, the only light now from the single night light. There wasn’t much left to do in their room. So she spent the rest of her waking hours with Prince, showering him with attention and hugs. Trying to pet his head with her hooves. He didn’t smile, but he did make a coo’ing sound when she snuggled against him. By 7pm both fluffy foals were asleep.

Only for Mocha to be awoken the next morning by the sun again. Except this time, the disappointment turned into a worrying fear. She could see from the bed that the food bowl and the litter box remained untouched. She didn’t quite grasp what that meant, but her hoof found its way into her mouth. No longer just suckling, she was gnawing at it, bits of brown fluff pulling from her tender flesh.

Prince woke up shortly after and made his way to the litter box. His awkwardness and stumbling making everything more difficult. He did his best to try to stay clean but still ended up with poop on his hind legs. Mocha, being the best sister she could be, cleaned him up. Every lick inducing a gag. After the cleaning, she tried to rid herself of that nasty taste by eating slightly less nasty tasting kibble. It wasn’t very effective. After both eating their fill, both bowls were getting dangerously low, not that they could understand what that meant.

It wasn’t long after that both Mocha and Prince found something to entertain them. The two fluffies sat next to each other watching a spider walk around the wall. Neither really knew what it was, but Mocha was quite excited, she kept calling out to the spider “nyu fwen?” The spider didn’t listen, or maybe it didn’t care, she didn’t know which, but it looked like it could be a fun friend. It had so many legs, so maybe they could run and chase each other. It didn’t seem too interested in her as it scurried along the wall.

Mocha got up and started running after it, yelling, “fwen! Nyu fwen! Mocha wanna pway!” Her wings started fluttering at the idea of a new friend to keep her from being so bored. The new spider friend wouldn’t come down from the wall. If anything it picked up pace. Mocha lost balance and went tumbling, giggling the whole time. On her back she craned her neck to try to find her new friend, but the spider was no longer in sight.

She couldn’t take it. She flailed about and pounded her tiny hooves into the carpet, “Huuu Huuu! WAN DADDEH! Huuuuuu!” She cried out having a tiny tantrum to match her tiny size, and it lasted almost as long as she spent chasing the spider. The tears and frustration out of her system she made her way back to Prince. She cuddled against him he already seemed asleep. She was happily surprised to find him warmer than usual. She loved an afternoon nap with her brother almost as much as she loved him, almost as much as she loved her daddeh.

The sun was still up when she woke from the nap, the shadows were getting longer, night was soon approaching. Something seemed off. She couldn’t figure it out, but something was bothering her. She tried to not think of it and hugged Prince. Her eyes went wide. He was warm. He was too warm. And his breathing seemed off. “Pwince?” She nudged him and he made groan and rolled over, the sewn flesh from his missing leg was red and angry looking. “Bwuddah?!”

Mocha became distraught. She ran over to the door and started pounding as hard as she could, she yelled, cried, chirped and peeped.

There was only silence.

“Daddeh! Pwease daddeh! Pwince nee hewp! CHIRP! Pwease daddeh, hewp Pwince!” Her tiny hooves making soft pat pat pat noises. “Mocha wub daddeh, su daddeh nee hewp! Pwease!”

Her voice became ragged. She tried dancing. “Daddeh, Mocha am dancie babbeh, pwease” She tried begging. “Pwease, Mocha gif daddeh Mocha’s toysies, jus pwease hewp!” She gave up, unable to keep crying out. She curled up aginst Prince and gave him huggies and love, because every fluffy knows babbehs nee huggies and wub, dat fickes evwyting!

There was only silence.

Prince chirped into Mocha’s fluff, the one only words he said for the whole day was his weak call for help, “mummah, hewp babbeh…”

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Poor Prince :frowning:
I feel like there’s a gap that could be filled in as to why Mocha was pooping under the couch and whether Steve actually saw the extent of it after the emergency vet visit.


Not really clarified before, but she pooped under the couch because the litter box was too far away. As for Steve, everyone’s favorite negligent owner, he’ll be back in the next part.


Probably my favorite ongoing story. Not enough quality neglect stories here. Thank you for your efforts.


Glad you’re liking it! I don’t anticipate this to turn into 60 parts like the last story. But it still has a ways to go.