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Welcome to My Blog! StuffedWithFluff


Hewwo nyu fwiend! I’m StuffedWithFluff, and I want to warmly welcome you to my blog! If you’ve found me then, most likely, you’re a lover of all things Fluffy! Join the club! I created this blog to reach out to other forward-thinking Fluffy “Mummahs (lol)”, and provide a safe space for us to converse and share tips with one another :slight_smile: Feel free to email me at StuffedWithFluff@G-link.com, or private message me through the link in the upper right. I’ll answer all questions and do whatever I can to make sure you and your Fluffies live a healthy and happy life together.

Thanks for dropping by, and be sure to join the blog!

(Smarties will be instantly banned, lol).

June 2nd, 2023
Ah, a mother’s work is never finished! I just dropped Terry and Sherry off at the fluffy daycare, and of course they cried and begged to “pwease stay in housie wif Mummah”! Silly things. I really don’t know how anyone can prefer dogs over these adorable little angels!

June 3rd, 2023
Sherry was looking a bit down today. Her pretty pink wings were drooping as if she carried the weight of the world on them. I don’t think I saw her ears perk up all day :frowning: I secretly asked Terry about his sister’s sudden melancholy, and he confided in me that Butterfly, one of Sherry’s closest fluffy playmates, didn’t feel like playing with her today. Poor Sherry! But we all have to learn how to deal with rejection one day, although I always hoped that my cute little fluffs would never have to.

I boiled a pot of whole grain pasta for my downtrodden girl and topped it all off with a jar of my very own StuffedWithFluff Organic Skettis Sauce™ (available in the Blog shop for only $2.99 a can!!!). Of course she and her brother loved it, and Butterfly’s faux pas was practically forgotten! The two pegasi spent the rest of the day playing together, and by the time I had tucked them into bed, you wouldn’t have known that there had ever been anything wrong! Guess I’m just really good at what I do :slight_smile:

June 4th, 2023
I’m starting to get really mad at Butterfly, my fellow Mummah bloggers. Again she refused to play with my precious Sherry! My fluffies even had to be sent home early because Sherry couldn’t stop crying! Terry is really upset with his sister, because he didn’t get to play with the ball at daycare today, but I set him straight by telling him that Sherry didn’t mean to cause him to lose his playtime. She had “wowstest heawt huwties”. When I uttered the magic phrase Terry instantly understood. He went and wrapped his blue hooves around his sister in the biggest hug I’ve ever seen! It’s moments like this that make me believe I have the very best fluffies in the whole world!

June 5th, 2023
Since it’s a Saturday and my “babbehs” don’t have daycare today, I decided to take them on a walk at the local park. They got plenty of compliments! People absolutely loved Sherry’s new hairdo (I’m practicing my French braiding skills on her beautiful blond mane!) and Terry got lots of petting because people found his little tuxedo coat simply irresistible (The tuxedo coat is available in the blog shop for $14.99!!!). The fluffies were worn out after our long day in the park, and Terry actually fell asleep halfway through enjoying his meal of vegan kibble!

June 7th, 2023
Today is Monday, and there has never been a worse day in existence. As I was preparing the fluffies for another day at daycare, my cell phone rang. I answered, and received some of the most horrible news any fluffy lover could ever get. Butterfly had passed suddenly in the night :frowning: The woman in charge of the daycare told me that they believe that she died of food poisoning, but she strongly advised that I keep an eye on Terry and Sherry for a few weeks.

My poor babies. How will I ever be able to tell them that their dear friend has taken “fowevah sweepies”? Wish me luck, Mummah bloggers.

June 8th, 2023
The fluffies are laying out of daycare for a few days. I don’t believe their delicate psyches could return so quickly to the room where they last saw Butterfly alive without suffering major scarring. They don’t know why they aren’t going to daycare today, but they’re very happy to be spending the day with Mummah. Poor things. Every time I see their silly smiles, I can’t bring myself to tell them the horrible truth. But they must know.

I gave them each a relaxing bubble bath with environmentally-friendly shampoo, and lathered their beautiful manes with argon oil. Terry especially loved the attention, giggling madly as he splashed his hooves about in the water. Sherry was more subdued, as if she knew something was wrong. After their baths I gave them a mixed salad and a couple of cans of organic, pre-made pasta, and sat them down to watch FluffTV.

I told them what happened during a commercial break, to lessen the blow. Predictably they both began sobbing and lamenting the “fowevah sweepies” of poor Butterfly. I tried to comfort them the best that I could, but they were borderline inconsolable. Eventually their sobbing and whining caused a headache to form, and I had to send them to bed with broken hearts. Does that make me a bad Mummah?

June 11th, 2023

Wow! Thank you for all the encouraging comments on my last post! You ladies are right, to be good Mummahs for our fluffy little angels we sometimes have to tell them the hard truth. It’s painful watching something you love suffer so, but I firmly believe that ignorance is NOT bliss.

Terry and Sherry have been recovering well enough. Terry has returned to normal, more or less. He wasn’t as close to Butterfly as my darling Sherry. Terry is itching to return to daycare to play with his friends, I just know it, but he hasn’t said anything. He probably doesn’t want to push his sister, the poor dear. Sherry does little more than mope around. She begrudgingly eats her skettis and only plays with her brother for a few minutes before returning to her bed. She just stares at me with those huge, brown eyes, and I can’t help but blame myself for allowing her to go to daycare. If she had stayed home with me, she would have never met Butterfly, and she wouldn’t be hurting :frowning:

Tomorrow I’ll talk to them about returning to daycare. I can’t stand the way Terry constantly paces the house from boredom, and the endless flood of “huu huus” from Sherry. I love my fluffies very much, but Mummahs need a break too.

June 12th, 2023
The fluffies seemed happy enough to return to daycare. Terry was excited enough for ten fluffies, and his enthusiasm more than made up for Sherry’s sullenness. I dropped the fluffies off at daycare and picked up a macchiato from a local shop, and waited for the inevitable call to pick up Sherry to come in.

It never did, and Mummah was never as proud as she was then of her little fluffballs.

June 15th, 2023
Okay, WOW! I will NEVER take my fluffies to that daycare ever again! While I was enjoying my lunch I received a very rude call from the secretary. Apparently following Butterfly’s incident (that’s what they called it—an incident. As if the poor little baby hadn’t died from negligence!), the company had made the employees check the files of each of the enrolled fluffies. It seemed as if my fluffies had never received their vaccines, and they could no longer attend daycare without them.

Of course my fluffies haven’t been vaccinated! What kind of idiot vaccinates a fluffy?! The same kind of idiots that buy into the lies of Big Pharma and have their children vaccinated! VACCINES HAVE BEEN FIRMLY LINKED TO AUTISM, WHY CAN NO ONE UNDERSTAND THAT?!1!! And if you don’t believe me, I have provided a link to a very informative chart on my homepage! There is no way that I’m vaccinating my fluffies against ANYTHING! My “babbehs” are perfectly happy and healthy the way they are, thank you very much, and I refuse to buy into the idea that vaccines do any good for fluffies at all! >:/ I thought these people taking care of my angels were smart, but apparently I was terribly wrong.

June 27th, 2023
Sorry for the huge gap between posting, my fellow fluffy lovers. I’ve been having a hard time finding a daycare that will accept my fluffies without their vaccines. They say to accept them poses too large of a health risk to the wellbeing of the other fluffies. Are they not thinking of the huge health risks that vaccines pose to MY fluffies?!

Oh, and by the way, if you have ANY PROBLEM with my views on vaccinations, you can just stop following this blog ASAP. I don’t have to explain myself to you. What I choose to do (or NOT DO) to my precious fluffies is MY business! Please stop posting inflammatory comments and links to all those charts and studies on my blog. There is NO solid proof of a lack of bias in ANY of those experiments, and they can be easily faked. If you vaccinate your fluffy or, God forbid, your child, you are everything that is wrong with society and I have NO respect for you!

June 28th, 2023
The fluffies are getting restless, staying at home with me all day. I’ve bought them plenty of new toys to play with, and even upped my cable bill by $29.99 a month just so they could have a few more channels of FluffTV. Although those little fluffballs are my world, they make it very difficult to get my work done.

I’ve found a template for a fluffy vaccination form online. I’m sorely tempted to plagiarize it, just so I can get some time to myself again.

June 30th, 2023
Ha! They bought it, hook, line, and sinker :smiley: I followed through with my plan, and they didn’t even look twice at the fake forms. Wow, if I knew it was this easy, I definitely wouldn’t have spent all that time at home trying to cope with Terry’s energetic trotting and Sherry’s mopiness, lol. Oh, it feels so nice to be free!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in my bathtub, soaking in fine oils and drinking a tall glass of Chardonnay!

July 6th, 2023
Terry got into a fight with some mean little stallion! Of course it was a unicorn, they’re always the confrontational ones. Probably a Smarty in the making. I’m VERY tempted to sue the irresponsible establishment, the neglectful father, and maybe even the entire state of South Carolina for allowing such shoddy business practices!

The woman watching the fluffies, some skanky number called Mrs. Daryl (though I HIGHLY doubt she’s married! What self-respecting wife would go out in a skirt that short? I could practically see her panties!), swears that it was MY Terry that started the fight! She claims that the little unicorn just wanted to stack blocks with my baby Sherry, but Terry got made that a male approached his sister and bit the stallion on the flank! And of course the rude little monster got upset and sank his dirty teeth into my precious Terry’s shoulder! So the fight escalated into a battle of sorry hoofsies and biting, made worse by all the fluffies scattering from the scene. By the time Mrs. Daryl was able to separate the two, my dear Terry was covered in little cuts and bites!

Terry is currently at home. I’m letting him sit on the couch with me as I type this, although little drops of his blood are staining the fabric. I’m treating his wounds with an organic paste I made myself.

July 10th, 2023
Lol, are you Mummahs just joking around with me? I’m not taking Terry to a veterinarian! Veterinarians are just a bunch of con artists and scammers, like doctors! They make up illnesses and make you take medicines you don’t need. Once you’re addicted to the medicine, you have to keep coming back for more! That is if you live long enough! I know for a fact that some doctors prescribe medicines that actually kill you FASTER! A veterinarian would do the exact same thing to my little Terry, and I really don’t feel like dealing with a drug-addicted fluffy for the rest of my life :wink: You Mummahs should really do some research on this stuff. Email me or private message me, and I’ll send you some reliable studies and links to websites, if you need further proof.

July 13th, 2023
A few of Terry’s bites have started oozing pus. It’s really disgusting, but as a caring fluffy Mummah I know I have to take the good with the bad. I’m having to change his bandages once daily, and he always whines when I have to roll him over onto his back to clean the cuts on his belly (the motion puts too much pressure on his tiny wings), but it has to be done. His flesh shivers a lot. Maybe I should turn up the thermostat? It is the middle of summer, but I don’t want him to be cold….

June 14th, 2023
I’ve gotten quite a few emails about my treatment of Terry, so let me walk you through my day with him. First I blend peppermint oil, raw, fair-trade honey, and tea tree oil in a small bowl. I grind chamomile in with two tablespoons of turmeric, and then blend it all together to make a hearty paste. The organic ointment smells really nice, but Terry seems to really hate it. Every time I bring the bowl out he’ll drop whatever toy he is playing with and flee the room! Sherry doesn’t like it, either. Both claim that it “gibs nosies buwnie huwties!”. I know fluffies are supposedly sensitive to intense smells like peppermint, but I can’t find any other recipe that I trust.

After I wrestle Terry from whatever hiding place he has managed to find this time, I remove his bandages and apply the paste. If the bumps that seem to multiply daily are present, I squeeze the pus from them. Sherry particularly dislikes this part. More than once she has had “accidents” all over the carpet from hearing her brother’s screams. If I’m being honest, Sherry has never been the same since Butterfly’s death. She is much jumpier, and has lost a lot of her glowing personality.

I then reapply Terrys bandages (I used to change them daily, but it ran into way too money! I figure it won’t hurt him to wear them for a few days at a time. Fluffies are sturdy little things!). Terry will sometimes lick or tug at the bandages, but he eventually gets distracted before he can remove them.
Being a Mummah is a very hard job, but it’s so very rewarding!

July 18th, 2023
Sherry is back in daycare. I was initially scared to send her back on her own, but I have confidence in my strong little “babbeh”. Terry is very jealous, of course, but I doubt that he would be welcomed back, especially with all the open sores all over him. Luckily I have two free months of Fluffy daycare as an apology for the injuries Terry sustained. I know I swore that I would never take my precious fluffballs back to that horrid daycare, but they’re the finest establishment around, and where all their friends are. I couldn’t bear to rip them away after all these months….

Besides, it’s hard enough making time to care for Terry. It isn’t possible for me to give Sherry the attention she needs anymore. Even Mummahs need help sometimes.

July 19th, 2023
It seems like the homemade paste that I’ve been using on Terry is finally starting to work :slight_smile: He says that his “boo boos nu gib wowstest huwties nu mowe”. He even asked me if he could go outside to play, something he hasn’t requested in over a week! He was in such a good mood, I decided not to inconvenience him with a bandage change. They should hold for three days at a time, right?

Due to the HUGE success Terry has had with the organic ointment, I’ve decided to sell it in the blog shop! Stay tuned for an informative update within the week!

July 21st, 2023
It’s been a couple of days Terry’s last bandage change (okay, maybe more than a couple, lol), so I wrestled him away from FluffTV and changed them. Let me say, I am VERY disappointed with the quality of these bandages. They make the skin beneath them pucker, and it sloughs off with even the smallest bit of pressure. Although Terry promises that the cuts and bites don’t itch or hurt anymore, I have a hard time believing him. The bumps seem to multiply overnight! I blame the bandages, they must act as a greenhouse or something to the infection. I have half a mind to sue the company for false advertisement!

I’m applying an extra dose of ointment to the wounds. I know Terry hates it, but he seems to have become tolerant of the sharp smell of peppermint (I honestly think he was just pretending that it bothered him. Fluffies are silly like that, LOL! You Mummahs know what I’m talking about.). I wish the oils didn’t make his fur so greasy, but it’s worth it to know that my little angel is receiving the very best, environmentally-friendly, organic, treatment at a fraction of the price that a so-called “doctor” would prescribe to him!

If you’re interested in buying this fluffy-safe, fair trade, homemade miracle cream, it can be found in my shop for the low price of $5.99 a tube, or $10.99 a jar! Satisfaction guaranteed!

July 26th, 2023
Today Sherry told me that the awful little unicorn that attacked Terry wanted to know how he was. Frankly I was surprised to hear that the tiny monster was allowed back into the daycare, with his clear exhibition of Smarty Syndrome. But I suppose money talks, huh Mummahs? Sherry then told me that the horned punk told her he had “wowsest heawt huwties an’ saddies” for fighting with my “babbeh”. As if!

July 27th, 2023
Terry asked me today when he could return to the daycare. I don’t have the heart to tell him that they won’t allow him back with all the open sores all over him. Instead of getting better, the wounds seem to get worse every day. My homemade cream seems to heal them quickly, but every time a cut closes, two more seem to pop up :frowning:

Although I hate to do it, I’m seriously considering taking him to one of those New Age Herbalist types. I know the problem isn’t with the organic cream I make (if it’s organic, how can it be bad?), but I’m at a loss as to what I should do.

Oh, and to all you “dummehs” that keep emailing me stuff about peppermint being bad for fluffies, you obviously need to do your research. The smell of peppermint can’t cause anosmia in fluffies, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard since people telling me I should vaccinate my precious fluffballs! It’s long since been proven by the PillowfluffsAreHappyFluffs research group that fluffies LOVE peppermint and other strong smells, since it stimulates their brains! I trust PillowFluffsAreHappyFluffs much more than I trust these experiments carried out by scientists (who are HIRED BY COMPANIES TO DO THEM, may I remind you!) who have no experience with these perfect creatures outside of the lab.

August 1st, 2023
Have you ever had your heart shattered, my fellow Mummahs? Today I received a call packed full of awful news.

I was doing Yoga when my phone rang. Although I hated my relaxation being ruined, I decided to answer it. Poor Terry was asleep in his bed (Which I am thankful for. I would have hated for him to hear the awful news). It was Mrs. Daryl.

My sweet, precious Sherry had had “special huggies” sometime during the past couple of weeks, but the staff had somehow overlooked the deed occurring :frowning: Mrs. Daryl explained that Sherry was caught singing to her “tummeh babbehs”, and when questioned about it, she admitted that she had a secret “special friend”, and that they had had “special huggies” during recess one day.

What really takes the cake, though, was her choice in mate. It was that horrid little unicorn that attacked her brother! Of course I DEMANDED the contact information for the awful animal’s “Daddeh”. Mrs. Daryl was hesitant to give it to me, but once I mentioned a lawyer and a case against malpractice, she quickly found the file for the beast and his owner. I’ll call the man after I pick up Sherry today.

August 2nd, 2023
Sherry won’t even look at me. She spends all her day curled up next to her ailing brother, trying to get him to perk up as she tells him about her “tummeh babbehs”, and all the fun that they’ll have once they’re “walkie babbehs”. Terry seems excited, but he can do little more than smile and flap his wings. His bites and cuts are almost completely gone (there’s only the bite on his shoulder left, all the others have healed), but he doesn’t seem to be as energetic as he used to be. Sherry, in contrast, is the happiest I’ve ever seen her.

I didn’t call the man yesterday. After I got home and told Sherry how disappointed I was in her actions, she cried and begged me to “pwease nu take tummeh babbehs away”. Her sobs combined with her brother’s agreement that his sister needed to keep her foals drove me to drinking three glasses of Cabernet, and I passed out before dinnertime. When I awoke I had a terrible hangover. I’m still not feeling my best, but I’m nursing the headache with a cup of black coffee. It’s so very hard to relax nowadays. I’ll call the man whenever I feel like I can let my full wrath be known.

August 3rd, 2023
Okay, apparently I’m going to have to address the issue of why I didn’t have Sherry spayed. First of all, spaying an animal goes against nature’s design. If the animal wasn’t meant to have babies, then the organs wouldn’t be there!! Secondly, having Sherry fixed would have done huge damage to her delicate fluffy psyche. It would break her if she knew she could never have foals. Thirdly, and most importantly, THEY’RE MY FLUFFIES! I don’t have to do ANYTHING that I don’t want, and I refuse to do anything that could hurt them in any way! For those of you that believe spaying or neutering a fluffy is safe, why don’t you go get yourself “fixed”! That way there will be less of you backwards thinking “dummehs” on my blog!

Now that THAT is out of the way, I can get back to my fluffy angels.

I called the “Daddeh” of that awful unicorn. Although I hate to say it, he seems to be a very nice man whose pet made a mistake, just like mine. He apologized for the actions of his horrid stallion and told me that he would gladly buy all the foals from me when they were born. It turns out that the mean unicorn is actually a prize-winning show stallion, ranked number two in the entire state! He requested that I text a few pictures of Sherry to him, so he can get the idea of the genetic make-up of the foals. He told me that they would make beautiful babbehs.

However, he offered me the option of having Sherry’s foals “removed”. He said that it was completely up to me, and if I didn’t want the hassle of dealing with a pregnant mare, he would pay for the procedure 100%. I told him NO WAY!!! Although I absolutely hate it, everything happens for a reason! I DO NOT support abortion in ANY case, for ANY animal or HUMAN! I told the man that, and he said that he respected my decision.

We agreed that I could have the first choice of the foals, and he would buy any foals with good colors for shows at $450 each, and all other foals for $300, to be put to use as breeding stock. I hope that Sherry has a HUGE litter!!! :smiley:

August 15th, 2023
Sherry is a bit more than halfway through her pregnancy, by my estimations. She is as round as a soccer ball, and her loving brother pushes her around all the time. It’s so funny to see him struggling to roll his fat sister up the small set of stairs that lead to the kitchen (and their dinner bowl!!). Sherry sings almost constantly to her “tummeh babbehs”, and Terry tells them about all the fun games they’ll play with him. It’s very sweet. I can’t believe that anyone prefers any sort of pets over these amazing fluffballs.

I’ve noticed that the bite on Terry’s shoulder has finally healed over. It’s left a rather nasty scar, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He does experience random bouts of fatigue, however, and some days his eyes are very yellow and he struggles to eat. I can’t imagine what could be wrong with him….

August 17th, 2023
Today Sherry wasn’t acting like herself. She said she had “tummeh owwies dat am nu gud fo’ babbehs”. I instantly became concerned. I called the man that owned the unicorn (we’ll call him Mr. Scheem), and he said that he believed that my precious Sherry might be having complications with the pregnancy!! He advised me to get her to a vet ASAP, and he’d pay for ANY expenses, even gas! Well of course, as you Mummahs know, I have a deep distrust of veterinarians, but I didn’t want my precious angel to suffer. So I packed her and her brother up in a carrier and brought them to the nearest vet.

The veterinarian’s office was full of all kinds of fluffies, some of them obviously sick, others fat with babbehs, and some that seemed as healthy as, well, a horse (lol). I had to fill out a ton of paperwork (and yet again lie about my fluffies having their vaccines. I didn’t need the doctors shaming me for not buying into their lies.) before the doctor would see Sherry. I had to leave Terry in the lobby. I tied him to the leg of a chair and asked a kindly old man to watch him. The man’s fluffy, a mustard yellow earthie that sounded as if he’d hack up a lung at any moment, left his master’s lap and settled himself in for a long conversation with my dearest Terry. I knew he was in good hands.

When we got to the exam room, the “doctor” asked Sherry to tell him “where the hurties are”. She explained that they were in her “tummeh”. He drew her blood, took a urine and fecal sample, then sent her back for an ultrasound. I was allowed to accompany them. The veterinarian told me that Sherry was pregnant with eight “babbehs”!!! Both Sherry and I were elated!

However, the doctor told me that, due to the crowded conditions of her uterus (she was a very young mother, she had never even entered her second heat before she became pregnant), deformities in the majority of her foals were not only highly likely, but already expected. He showed me a picture of her ultrasound and brought a pair of foals to my attention. He says that this foal was actually a babbeh with two heads, and was most likely dying. He told me that he could remove the “deformed” foal through a process called “selective reduction”. I told him there was absolutely NO WAY!!1! There was no way for him to prove to me that that foal actually had two heads, and not that it wasn’t one “babbeh” hiding behind another!! Besides, what if he were to hurt or kill some of Sherry’s other foals in the process?! Sherry, of course, wanted the “munstah babbeh” gone so it wouldn’t hurt her other foals, but I calmly explained to her that the “babbeh” was too little to hurt its siblings. She agreed, but even I could see that she didn’t fully believe me. We’ll see who’s right in a week or so!

What do you Mummahs think? I added a link at the top of my blog to the pictures of Sherry’s ultrasounds. Do YOU see a “munstah” in the images of the precious new lives?

August 18th, 2023
Lol, I forgot to tell all of you concerned Mummahs what was wrong with Sherry. It was only gas! The “doctor” claims it was pain from her body trying to expel the “deformed” foal, but that’s just stupid.

Mr. Scheem called today and wanted to know about Sherry and the foals’ conditions. I relayed the news (omitting the horrid veterinarian’s suggestion that I allow him to abort the foal, and also the “fact” that some of Sherry’s foals may be deformed), and he was very pleased that she had not suffered a miscarriage. Apparently he had a geneticist map the potential genomes of Sherry’s foals, and even foals of a worse-case scenario coloring would be highly valuable! Mr. Scheem was absolutely tickled when I told him that Sherry was pregnant with eight foals!

He requested that he and the unicorn that fathered Sherry’s litter be allowed to be present at the birthing. I did not want him nor that little monster there, but I left the decision up to Sherry. She said “yus!” within seconds, no doubt elated with the thought of seeing her “special friend” again.
Terry’s been acting a bit down again. Maybe he picked up something from the veterinarian’s?

August 22nd, 2023
Today was the day, Mummahs! A little past 2:00 Sherry started complaining about “tummeh an’ speshaw pwace huwties”. I called Mr. Scheem immediately and told him my suspicions, and he and his unicorn (I must begrudgingly admit that the unicorn was a very handsome fluffy indeed. He had a lovely black coat topped by a shockingly white mane) arrived just in time for the birthing.

Terry, if it was possible, was more excited than anyone there. He was so happy to see an old “fwiend” from the daycare that he sent himself into a coughing fit from laughing so much. The unicorn, who I learned was named Ash, had no time to play. He stood loyally by Sherry’s side, and although I didn’t particularly like the troublemaker, Sherry certainly could have chosen a worse “special friend”.

The birthing began at 2:47, and by 4:19, Sherry had pushed eight beautiful foals into the world.

Well, I suppose beauty is subjective. The foals did have wonderful colors, colors that would be at home on the stages of the finest fluffy pageants in the world, but, well…many of them were “wrong”. As I’ve stated before, I believe everything happens for a reason. Maybe this happened to teach Sherry the evils of “special huggies”, or maybe it happened to teach myself the horrors of greed, but no one really came out ahead in the end.

Two foals were stillborn. Both were very handsome stallions, just like their father, one a smoky gray and the other a warm orange. Three more foals were born with various deformities. One had failed to develop three legs, and the other was a morbid fusion of two foals joined at the neck (I don’t know, Mummahs, would this be considered two foals? Do we count bodies, or heads?) . These babbehs flailed and struggled for only moments before they, too, joined their brothers in “sketti land”. The final three “babbehs” were, thank God, perfectly healthy. One was a sugar white pegasus filly with the beginnings of a pink mane, the other was a pinto unicorn colt, and the final babbeh was a honey yellow filly with a smattering of a black mane and the very smallest pair of wings and a horn. An alicorn, Mr. Scheem told me, and I could practically see the money symbols blitzing across his eyes. He offered me $800 for the alicorn on the spot. After a very brief deliberation I accepted, but only under the conditions that the alicorn get to stay with its siblings and mother until it was old enough to go without milk. Mr. Scheem agreed, but only after securing visitation rights for himself and his stallion twice every week.

Sherry, Ash, and Terry all grieved for the lost foals. They comforted one another with “huggies” and whispered words of “wub” and support to one another. They cherished all three of the remaining foals, even the alicorn, which Mr. Scheem assured me was a sign of excellent breeding. Mr. Scheem collected the deceased “babbehs” in a Ziploc bag. He told me he would send them away to a lab for testing to determine the exact causes of death. If the causes weren’t genetic, he told me he would be interested in securing breeding rights to Sherry. He wanted to use Ash and Sherry as a show-fluffy breeding pair, because they had already proven they could make “babbehs” that were much better than anticipated.

Things are really beginning to look up! :smiley:

September 3rd, 2023
Sorry for the huge delay in updates, my fellow Mummahs! I’ve read all your emails about wanting to see Sherry and Ash’s adorable litter, so I added a link in the sidebar for you all :slight_smile: They’re getting so big so fast! Mr. Scheem and I came together to name the little angels, and due to show-fluffy regulations, we had to give them names that were a bit unconventional.

The white pegasus filly with the curly pink mane is now known as Powderpuff! Her pinto brother is named Smidgen! And last but certainly not least is Liqueur, the yellow alicorn!

Powderpuff, Smidgen, and Liqueur are all perfectly behaved, happy balls of fluff. Sherry and Ash are currently working together to teach them how to “hab wawkies”. Today was the very first day they attempted to walk, which Mr.Scheem is ecstatic about. He says that they’re too young to naturally want to walk, so that means they must be very intelligent and fast learners!

We still haven’t gotten the lab results back yet.

September 6th, 2023
Terry and Sherry are trying to teach the “babbehs” how to use the litterbox, now that they’ve mastered walking. Liqueur seems to be catching on very quickly, but her brother and sister seem more interested in just going potty wherever they are, lol! Terry loves his sister’s foals more than he loves her, I believe. He spends all day cuddling them and trying to teach them how to play. It’s super adorable, and every day I feel blessed to have such perfect fluffies in my life :slight_smile:

Terry has developed a very small cough. I blame the pollen.

September 8th, 2023
We finally got the lab results back! Sherry and Ash are genetically compatible, and the high failure of their first litter was simply because she was too young to carry so many “babbehs” once.

Mr. Scheem and myself have decided to finally make it official. We had a very small “wedding” ceremony for Sherry and Ash, and they are officially “Speshaw Fwiends fo’ Fowevah”! I have attached so many sugary-sweet photos in the link at the top of my blog that I guarantee you’ll get diabetes, lol.

If you’re interested in buying any of the clothing worn by the fluffies in the ceremony, they can be found in the blog shop! For a very limited time, the FluffyFowevahFwiends™ wedding dress is available for $29.99! With each purchase, the FluffyFowevahFwiends™ tuxedo is 20% off the already low price of $15.99!

September 10th, 2023
Terry is a mess. As if overnight he seems to have developed an awful case of pneumonia. I don’t know what to do. He’s begging to see the “babbehs”, but I can’t risk them getting sick :frowning: But it hurts me so very much to tell my precious Terry “no”….

September 11th, 2023
Terry has been hacking his little heart out all day. I visited him in the saferoom (where he is currently being quarantined), but I couldn’t bear to stay long. It just hurt me too much.

He spends all day coughing and crying, “huu huu”ing and complaining about “meanie scwatchie thwoat huwties”. I really don’t know what to do :frowning: I’ve looked on the internet for what it could possibly be, but I keep getting results for “kennel cough”. That’s just stupid. Terry’s never been to a kennel!

On a lighter note, Sherry and Ash have managed to teach the foals how to use a litterbox. They are beginning to reject Sherry’s milk in the favor of wet kibble, but I still catch Smidgen nursing at least once a day, occasionally alongside one of his sisters.

September 14th, 2023
Mr. Scheem is insisting that I take Terry to the vet. He says that having a fluffy that is clearly pneumatic around the foals is practically a death knell for all of them, because of their weak immune systems. He also told me that it was really strange that Terry could even develop pneumonia, especially after having his vaccines only two months ago. I lied through my teeth and said that maybe Terry was just immune to the vaccine? I could tell that Mr. Scheem was suspicious, but he didn’t press the issue further.

Despite his rudeness, I loaded the sick fluffy into my van and drove him to the vet’s office. We sat in the car and listened to music for an hour or so before I returned home. I lied and told Mr. Scheem that the veterinarian had diagnosed Terry with a very mild case of kennel cough. There was NO WAY that I was taking Terry back to the vet, just to have the “doctor” try to force those awful vaccines on my fuzzy angel! Terry is a strong little thing. I’ll heal him through organic, homemade medicines, just as I healed his infection and bites from Ash. Wish me luck, Mummahs!!

September 17th, 2023
After scouring lots of all-natural, environmentally-friendly blogs about fluffy-care, I finally devised a schedule and treatments for poor Terry.

When he first wakes up I make him drink a water bowl full of honey and spring water. After that he has to eat three generous spoonfuls of peppermint oil (peppermints, are there anything they can’t do???). He often cries loudly, claiming that the peppermint gives him “wostest buwnie owwies in thwoat!”, but I’ve learned by now that peppermint is easily one of the most beneficial oils for an ailing fluffy (thanks again, PillowFluffsAreHappyFluffs!). After that I let him wash it all down with a mixture of milk and tea tree oil. He always screws up his face at the taste, but he never complains.

I allow him a couple of hours of rest, then I return to help him exercise. Many, MANY valuable sources online say fluffies never get enough exercise. I don’t want my “babbehs” becoming fat! Of course the exercising always sends him into coughing fits, punctuated by him hacking up globs of phlegm, but it has to be done. Exercise always helps me feel great, so it must be the same for the fluffies!

After that it’s sketties time! Although many fluffy “doctors” advise against giving a sick fluffy pasta (something about the sugars and the starch being beneficial to the bacteria), I do it anyways. I love to see Terry smile after a long day of coughing and being miserable.

Terry doesn’t speak much anymore, I imagine his throat is too sore. When he does speak, he always asks “how time tiww babbehs?” The precious thing can’t stand to be away from his sister’s foals! He’s such a good uncle :slight_smile: Mummah’s so proud!!

September 19th, 2023
Terry has improved DRAMATICALLY!! When I went to give him his medicine this morning he was sitting in front of the door, babbling about a picture he had drawn. He showed me, and it was a messy rendition of the three foals and himself playing with what I believe were supposed to be blocks. He showed me it with such pride and heartbreak in his eyes, that I couldn’t bring myself to deny him when he politely asked if he could see the foals.

I let him out of the saferoom and he ran to the living room, where the small family was playing with a ball. I’d never seen so many “huggies” in my life! Luckily Mr. Scheem and Ash weren’t here. I knew neither of them would approve of Terry seeing the foals so quickly after recovering.

Also, if you’re interested in buying some fluffy-safe, biodegradable crayons for your little fuzzy artist, they can be found in the blog shop starting at $3.99 for the basic colors!

September 20th, 2023
Powderpuff is sick :frowning: It seems that Terry wasn’t as healed as I thought, because he is back to coughing and wheezing again today. Although I hated to take her away from her Mummah and siblings, I’ve put Powderpuff in the saferoom. I was worried that she would get lonely, but I know Terry will be great company to her, even if they only curl up together to stay warm.

September 21st, 2023
Sherry isn’t looking too well today. She has heavy bags beneath her eyes, her muzzle is puffy, and her ears haven’t perked up at all. Liqueur and Smidgen seem perfectly happy. Powderpuff nor Terry have improved, but neither seem sicker, so there’s at least some good news. Ash and Mr. Scheem are coming over for their bi-weekly visit tomorrow, so I hope it will cheer Sherry up to see her “special friend”.

September 22nd, 2023
My precious Sherry has taken to huge, whooping coughs at least once every minute or so. I’ve never seen such a miserable creature in my life. Her eyes are red-rimmed and swollen, her nostrils are leaking snot, and she has the most awful breath I’ve ever had the displeasure of smelling!! I’ve become very concerned for Smidgen and Liqueur. Can sickness pass from the Mummah to her “babbehs” through “milkies”?

Terry tells me he is feeling better, but I’m not sure if he’s being truthful. Powderpuff doesn’t say anything anymore. She simply lays in bed, watching me with those watery brown eyes, so much like her mother’s. It’s almost like she’s blaming me for the fact that Terry got her sick. I’d spank her for looking at me like that, if she wasn’t feeling so horrid already :frowning:

Mr. Scheem had to reschedule his visit. He’s going to drop in some other time this week. I’m glad. Maybe the fluffies will feel better by then?

September 24, 2023
Apparently I was right. Sickness can pass from the Mummah to her foals by nursing. Smidgen and Liqueur are both sick now, and Sherry won’t even get out of her bed to nurse them. My entire house is filled with coughing and crying fluffies. I released Terry and Powderpuff from the saferoom, because there’s really no one left for them to get sick. I hope my “babbehs” get well soon…

September 25th, 2023
FOR THE LAST TIME, I AM NOT TAKING MY FLUFFIES TO THE VET!1!! I know that my organic treatment will heal them, it will just take some time!!! STOP EMAILING ME IF YOU DON’T HAVE BETTER ADVICE!!! >:/

September 26th, 2023
My dearest fellow fluffy-lovers, I ask for your sympathies and support at this terrible time…

Terry woke me up at roughly 2:00 a.m. this morning. He stood at the foot of my bed and sobbed loudly until I could bare it no more. Once my feet touched the carpet he trapped my legs in a hug, blubbering madly. I switched on the lamp and was instantly presented with my poor, sweet, beautiful Powderpuff. Terry had carried the precious “babbeh” to me, because Sherry was too weak to do so or to care.

I held the perfect, little pegasus in my hands as she gargled and gasped around the phlegm in her throat. Her eyes were bulging, and I could feel the frantic heartbeat in her chest as she struggled to breathe. She passed within minutes.

Terry, angered by grief, howled and called me the “wowstest Mummah” and “babbeh kiwwew” and “meanie munstah Mummah”. He blamed me for the “sickies” that took Powderpuff. His words stung like the snaps of a whip, and I found myself spanking him across the rump with a sorry stick without knowing how I had gotten there. I quickly came to my senses and released him. He fled, weeping loud enough to wake the other pneumatic fluffies. I was left alone with Powderpuff’s corpse.

Although it was late, I called Mr. Scheem and informed him. He grew silent on the other end of the line before abruptly hanging up. Without him saying it, I knew he was on his way to my house, more than likely with Ash in tow. I got dressed, poured myself a glass of Brut Reserva, and waited.

Mr. Scheem was at my house within the hour, a harried black unicorn hot on his heels are he burst through my front door. Ash rocketed right past me and to the saferoom. Through the open door I saw Terry approach him and wrap him in a tear-filled hug. Sherry stumbled out of bed and practically shook the house with a heavy, guttural cough. She managed to drag herself over to the now sobbing Ash. Liqueur and Smidgen watched through bleary eyes from their beds. Even from my post at the kitchen table I could see them shaking under the cruel pressure of their temperatures. My poor, poor darlings. How had it ever gotten like this?

Mr. Scheem’s eyes flickered over the scene in the saferoom, and then fell on me. His anger filled the kitchen and loomed over me like a suffocating black beast. As if it had all suddenly fell into place (whatever “it” was, in any case), Mr. Scheem pulled himself up to his full height, opened his mouth, inhaled deeply, and…called the cops.

Three squad cars filled my front yard in less than ten minutes. The police questioned me in the silences between the screaming lamentations that poured from the saferoom as Powderpuff’s corpse was given to her parents to allow them to fully grieve. An emergency veterinarian was summoned to my house to tend to Sherry who, I overheard, was merely hours from death if left untreated. Liqueur and Smidgen were handfed milk (which I strongly doubt was organic or harvested in an environmentally-friendly way) by a patient veterinary assistant. The glares the “doctors” gave me as they tended to the ailing fluffies were strong enough to burn. I heard the veterinarian audibly sneer in disgust as she heard me telling the detective that I had been feeding the fluffies peppermint oil to soothe their coughs. The sheriff, as a brief deliberation with the “doctor” and her assistant, told me that peppermint, in large or concentrated doses, was toxic to fluffies. I resisted the urge to point them towards the PillowFluffsAreHappyFluffs studies that proved otherwise.

I’m updating from my cellphone in the bathroom. I’ll let you fluffy-lovers know how it goes. Wish me luck, Mummahs!

September 27th, 2025
Well Mummahs, it’s been two long years and a day, and I am legally allowed to tell you what happened now on that horrible day in September of 2023.
By the end of the night, all my fluffies were seized by the Humane Hugboxers Guild, taken under the guise of “negligence”, “abuse”, “psychological damage”, “suspected deprivation of necessary sustenance ”, “unjustifiable injury”, “administration of poisonous or noxious drugs or substances”, “cruel and intentional mistreatment”, and, after a quick check into my fluffy’s forged vaccination forms, “falsifying a government form”. I was arrested on the spot.

The sheriff told me that I had committed multiple felonies, and I could spend up to five years in prison if the state chose to press additional charges. I was guaranteed a minimum of ninety days and $5,000 in fines. I ended up serving two years (I was released at 12:12 yesterday afternoon) and paying $7, 250 in various fines.

Sherry, Terry, Liqueur, and Smidgen were all adopted by Mr. Scheem. They live in Texas now, alongside their Daddeh Ash on a huge, open ranch. It turns out that Sherry has a natural inclination to birth very large litters, and now Liqueur and Smidgen have over 40 brothers and sisters! Terry acts as a sort of “nanny” to all the “babbehs”, and judging by all the photos I’ve seen online, he has never been happier. Of their 40+ foals, Sherry and Ash have produced 7 alicorns and 26 additional show-quality fluffies. Mr. Scheem is now the head of a fluffy breeding company that specializes in beautiful colors and gentle dispositions, all powered by Sherry and her foals, and has become a multi-millionaire in two short years.

Me? Well, I can’t complain, I suppose. The house feels very empty without Sherry and Terry and the little foals running around, but a couple of years of reflection have made me realize how very much happier they are in their lives now. I realized that fluffies, or at least Sherry and Terry, were very…what’s the word I’m looking for…? Oh, yes.


I should have known better than to adopt a pair of shop fluffies. Ferals are much more grateful, after all. They’ve have nothing, and they’re used to minor scrapes and bruises. They’re made of tougher stuff, unlike that spoiled Sherry and her whiney brother. I’m glad they’re out of my hair, if I’m being honest. It allows me to start over :slight_smile:

So let me introduce you to my newest pair of fluffies! They’re ferals I found huddled in a box outside of the local coffee shop. The crème colored unicorn is a little filly I’ve named “Berry”, and her pale brown brother is “Perry”. I know we’re going to be a big, happy family!

Stay tuned for updates as I raise these beautiful fuzzballs into loving adults!

This is StuffedWithFluff, signing off :smiley:


Dear god

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Christ, that slow burn of knowing what’s going to happen and still watching it unfold and waiting for it all to crash down was very hard to read but very good because of that.

Honestly the fact that only one foal died is a goddamn miracle, I was expecting a Fluffy extinction. Good on Sherry and Ash for making it through together.


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holy fuck.

this is absolute DREAD. i realized what was happening when vaccines were mentioned but i couldn’t stop reading like a train wreck. this lady so perfectly captures the entitlement and self-importance these type of people have to the point where it was infuriating (in a good way, it worked very well) and i’m surprised any of the fluffies even lived. the entire time i expected terry to drop dead, but good on him and his family getting out of there

this is fantastic. i love it


Thank you very much,this was one of my favorite fluffy works I ever wrote.
Originally Terry was going to die of infection/poisoning from the peppermint oil,and StuffedwithFluff was going to become even more unhinged,but I decided to keep him alive as the vector for the pneumonia that almost killed all the fluffies.
Thank you for reading,and I’m glad you enjoyed!