What A Pity [By BFM101]

A sequel and follow-up to @recreationalsadist’s Pity Trap Story

The Mare waited in the bushes by the side of the road, as she’d done many times before, in front of her, lying on his back and chirping from the cold hard tarmac, was her babbeh, not abandoned, but intentionally placed on the road.

The Mare was smart, not smart enough to call herself Smarty, but enough to know how easy it was to guilt-trip humans into working for you, accuse them of killing your precious baby and then in a flurry of shame they take you home and give you all the sketti you could eat and more. At least it should’ve been easy, The Mare had done this three times now and gotten nowhere, all she had left was her son on the road and her bestesh daughter on her back, she’d rather not have to use her bestesh babbeh but she knew it may be a possibility.

And if that didn’t work, there was a small herd situated next to the river, they had a poopie Smarty so she didn’t want to associate with them but a stray stallion could be persuaded for a quickie if she was desperate enough.

Suddenly she heard it, the low rumbling of an approaching vehicle, The Mare hunkered down and waited, ready to dash out the moment she saw the wheel hit her babbeh.

The chirping little colt himself could hear the car as well, hell he could FEEL the vibrations in the road and it terrified him, he chirped and peeped and reached out for his mother, wondering why she wasn’t there to protect him from this monster. He looked around, trying to make sense of this horrendous blackness around him.

Then, slowly but surely, his eyes fluttered open, he was slightly dazed by the sunlight but once his new eyes adjusted he gasped in amazement at this open, endless world around him, looking straight up into the infinite sky he reached a hoof out to try and touch the clouds above him.

“Pwetty.” He whispered as his first word. “Su pwet…”


The colt didn’t even have time to see the wheel that killed him, his bright world turned immediately to black and then to nothing.

The car pulled over to the side of the road, the driver opened the door muttering about ‘punctures’ and ‘potholes’, but The Mare paid no attention, she ran out onto the road towards the squished remains of her dead foal, and pulled out her crocodile tears.


The Mare hunkered down beside her son’s body, close enough to look like she was mourning him but not too close as to actually get blood and bits on her pretty green Fluff. She covered her face with her front legs and ‘cried’, waiting for the barrage of apologies.

But none came, nothing but silence. Confused, and a little worried, The Mare peeked up and over her leg towards the driver. The driver, a pretty blonde woman, stood perfectly still in front of The Mare, her left leg cocked slightly, her right arm crossed over her stomach with her left elbow resting against the right hand whilst her left held a newly lit cigarette.

Victoria Harkness took a long drag before slowly blowing the smoke out and smirking at The Mare.

“No I didn’t.”

The Mare flustered, this had never happened before.

“Uh…yu did. Yu gibe babbeh foweba sweepies wiv metaw munstah.”

“Oh yes, I did run him over with my car, but I’m not the one who killed him. You are.”

“WHA? Am babbeh’s mummah, mummah wub babbeh, neba du anee-fing huwt babbeh.”

Victoria raised an eyebrow and The Mare “Really? And I suppose this little guy got up by himself, dragged his soft little body across eight feet of skin-tearing tarmac, all whilst too blind to see, and then perfectly stopped in the place that would get him killed?”

“Um… yeh?”

Victoria scoffed and took another drag. “Sure he did.”

“Weww… meanie wady stiww gib babbeh foweba sweepies, mummah onwy hab wun babbeh weft bu nu hab enuff nummies fow miwkies ow wawm bedsies fow gud sweepies.”

“Ah, so that’s your angle; The Guilt Trip. How’s that working out for you?”

The Mare’s eyes darted to her back, where her final, bestesh babbehs still slept, unaware of what was going on around her.

“Wha wady mean?” The Mare let out an involuntary nervous chuckle.

“It’s a good idea, maybe not good enough to work, but the pieces are there for everything to work out if you came across the right person. I bet you’re wondering if I’m the right person now, aren’t you?”

“Awe yu?”

“No. But I do have an offer for you. I will take you in and give you a bed and food and everything you need but…”

“YAY, bestesh mummah an babbeh hab nyu homesie. Biggesh heawt-happi…”

Victoria knelt down and grabbed The Mare by the muzzle, clamping her mouth shut to keep her from shouting anymore.

“Listen. I will take you in, but ONLY you. If you want a place to stay, I need you to kill your last baby.”

“WHA? Bu dis am bestesh babbeh, am onwy babbeh mummah hab weft.”

“There’s no room for her, I can only take one Fluffy. If it makes you feel any better, you can have more babies later on, maybe even some prettier than this one.”

The Mare reached back and picked her final daughter off her back with her teeth. Staring at the filly, she wondered if there ever could be a baby prettier than this, the filly had her luscious green Fluff with a yellow mane and Pegasus wings inherited from the stallion who fathered her, as opposed to the mare’s white mane and unicorn horn.

“Wady pwomise Fwuffy hab mowe babbehs?”

“I can almost guarantee it.” Victoria said with a grin.

With a deep sigh, The Mare placed her daughter onto the tarmac and raised a hoof over her head.

“Sowwy babbeh, bu mummah need homesie.”

The Mare shut her eyes and dropped her hoof down, unable to see the filly open her eyes for the first time in front of her.


The sudden squish prevented The Mare from hearing her daughter’s first, and last word. She pulled her hoof back and wiped the blood off on a patch of grass nearby, her final two children lay side-by-side on the road, both of them reduced to nothing more than stains, unknowingly joining their siblings in similar fates.

The Mare turned and looked at Victoria, the woman looked almost impressed at the cruelty she’d just witnessed.

“My my, you certainly didn’t hold back there, did you? Well a deal is a deal, let’s get you to your new home.”

Victoria scooped The Mare up by the bottom and cradled her in her arms, The Mare instinctively nuzzled into Victoria’s chest, finally feeling the warmth a human owner.

“By the way, do you have a name little one?”

The Mare shook her head. “Am ousside Fwuffy, neba hab namesie befowe.”

“Well I’ve got one for you, from now on your name shall be First Prize.”

The Mare gasped. “Fiwst Pwize? Dat am bestesh namesie eba, fank yu mummah.”

“Anytime hun, now you just wait paitently in the car while mummy makes a phone call.”

Victoria strapped the newly named First Prize into the backseat of the car, seating her like you would an infant child, before closing the door and pulling out her phone, with the driver’s door still open, First Prize could hear the conversation from Victoria’s end.

“Pete? It’s Tori. Listen, tell Gus to warm-up the cutters, I’ve got a new Fuck-Toy for the pits.”

Victoria looked back and smiled at First Prize, the green mare waved back at her new mummah.

“Oh no, this one’s special. Get your rowdiest stallion revved up for her, I want her first time to be unforgettable.”

Victoria hung up the phone and got in the car. “Won’t be long now hun, just getting everything sorted for your arrival.”

“Dat awwight mummah, Fiwst Pwize am su ek-sy-ted.”

Victoria gave the mare a final smirk and started the car, First Prize wasn’t sure what a ‘Fuck-Toy’ was, or what it meant for a stallion to be ‘rowdy’. But she was excited to find out.

She smiled as she watched the sky change through her window, her ingenious plan had finally worked and she’d found herself a home.

This was going to be the best day ever.




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I wrote the original story and the sequel to this one, check it out.


Wow that mare is truly a bitch got in her head bout more pretty babies righhhhht :rofl: and of all people…Victoria…seems the heaven sent the grim reaper on that mare.

Will there be a continuation ?

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