What is your stance / opinion regarding MLP? [ CoronaryHeatingProcedure ]

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So we all probably know that fluffy ponies have a history with the My Little Pony Series, G4 specifically, and basically evolved from an mlp spin off thing to its own fandom.

I have seen that the community has many different opinions in regards to MLP.

Some people were or still are a fan of MLP and stumbled upon Fluffies in the process, some stumbled upon Fluffies randomly and don’t like or even hate MLP and others just came here with a neutral opinion or no prior knowledge of MLP at all.

I am cautious about all the different ways we ended up here and about what you guys think of MLP in general, not just G4.

I’ll start first.

When I was little, I absolutely hated anything “girly” so of course I dismissed MLP G4 and hated it with a burning passion ( ironically I was in fact the target demographic, a little girl ).

Later I re-discovered MLP G4 trough sheer luck due to finding one of those small Raindow Dash figures in a parking lot and gave it a try to find out more about it.

Watched the first two episodes in my early teens and was hooked ever since.

I learned quite a lot from the show regarding life lessons, emotional self-care and friendship so I’m thankful for that.

Also, the MLP fandom has some real talent in there.
So many animations, art, songs, fanfictions, alt. worlds,…

Save to say I enjoyed myself.

There are a lot of creepypasta and grimdark stories that I hold near and dear to my heart.

It wasn’t really a question if but rather when I would find fluffies, and find them I did.

I was disturbed because I found shadysmarty’s comic first but than i started to appreciate the idea behind the community.

Was super scared to show off my enthusiasm for graphic content but I found my way back here eventually.

Still like MLP G4 tho.
Haven’t watched any previous generators but seen some clips here and there. Seems fine.

G5 is weird tho.

Don’t like that they chose to continue from G4, the 3D model work or the fact that they decided to reverse all of the progress of G4 at unifying all different kinds of species. Meh.


I did first encounter fluffies because I like MLP. I was like, 8 and was searching for pictures of Fluffle Puff on my laggy old laptop and came across abuse art. Got spooked out of my wits but then when I was like, 14 I found out about them again and this time I could appreciate the spooky shiz. I still like MLP now too, though I do prefer the generations prior to gen 5.

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I’d say neutral. I’ve never watched FIM, but I don’t give two tugs of a dead fluffy’s cock if you do. It’s your free time.

Pretty much any exposure I’ve had to MLP was as a kid, because my sisters were fans, they had a video tape of one of the movies (the one with the purple goo) and it wasn’t always up to me to decide what we watched. If you’re a 90s guy with sisters, you know how it be.


oh i was a HUGE g4 fan. it was probably my first hyperfixation before i even knew what the word meant. i kinda fell out of it after a few years + god knows i don’t know what happens in later seasons but it holds a special place in my heart. i’ve actually been thinking of binge watching it sometime

as for the other gens i know very minimal but i’ve been considering watching those too, or at least trying it out since i do like some of the other styles and characters

I used to watch it back in middle school, (6th grade, 10/11 years ago) and now I’ve browsed through one of the NSFW reddits out of boredom ¯_(ツ)_/¯

fuck MLP, never watching that shit unless I have kids and for some reason my kids wanna watch that shit. That’s it, that’s the only time I’ll ever watch that shit.

I see you read Transmetropolitan.

Anyway on topic.
I have zero interest in MLP
I watched some of the G1 cartoons as a kid, because they came before cartoons I did want to watch.
And got some IDW comics in a Humble comics bundle.

And that’s about it.
I’m a Transformers fan first and foremost, as far as Hasbro IP’s are concerned and stumbled on to fluffies by accident.

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I remember the original one from way back. Not my thing as a boy at the time so I wasn’t aware of it being an enduring thing until the “brony” trend hit the internet.

Thankfully my one littles are still too small to really notice or care about cartoon talking ponies.

Hasbro did that as a conscious effort to shed and distance the brand from bronies.
Now the characters and art style are not so easy to rip off err copy err homage anymore, it’s harder for all the autistic man babies to latch on to it.
So they leave it to the actual target audience: kids.

Fluffies are just a weirdo HTF like off shoot.

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Never watched it but P3 did watch the 80’s show.
Didn’t get the correlation between fluffies and MLP until I saw older art that actually called them Fluffy Ponies and used MLP colors.

i was a huge mlp fan back int the day , I loved gen 1, gen 3. and gen 4 , i think their.pretty cool!

however I don’t know why there is alot off fluttershy fluffy abuse here

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Good luck with that Hasbro…

As far as I’ve seen, people that liked MLP G4 are already latched onto G5 and making content for it.

Especially since they didn’t make an entirely new gen, but rather a continuation of the old one and the main 6 are to some extent featured / are going to be featured in the show or whatever.

I think they are trying to keep old fans but at the same time try to make things more dull so it’s more “child friendly”? No idea.


And G2 ?
( i’m a TF fan so G2 to me means GUR GRIMDARK EXTREEEEEME 90’s comic )

That’s mostly a holdover from the booru days when fluffies were a more overt MLP offshoot.

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Never said it worked.
But the broby fandom is over their high point and most who latch on to G5 are the die hards.
Fluffies are the weirdo’s
But that’s okay,

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Probably because, to say it bluntly, Fluttershy is a character that can be easily brought to tears do to her being sensitive and some people tend to find that annoying to some degree.

I had a pretty similar experience as a kid. I was looking at mlp art and found the drawing of fluffies getting chili peppers shoved up their asses and noped out

I mostly watched the G3 series when i was a kid. didn’t find the fluffy community until last year.

i would basically chew/ tear out the magnets of the gen3 toys hooves , and mess with the tv


I liked some episodes of Friendship is Magic and read the Transformers crossovers.
Otherwise don’t really know MLP.

I’m an old brony from back in the day, 2014-2018 was my peak, after that kinda fell off though I never fully lost interest.

I got nostalgic while home with Covid last year and rewatched it and got interested again.

Ive been meaning to watch the last couple of seasons and catch up.

I actually used to fo a lot of pony comics. That was good fun back in the day.

Love it. Makes me feel like I have a childhood.

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