What to put in an 'Unsafe Room?'

The idea is to create a room filled with things that will cause fluffies to injure or kill themselves through their own stupidity.
Nothing that actively kills them though, the fun would be had through them causing their own deaths.
My current ideas are:

  1. Easy to knock over objects in areas where fluffies will be moving through so they crush themselves.
  2. Lures in high areas so fluffies fall to their deaths trying to reach them.
  3. Pools of water that are dyed so fluffies don’t automatically try to avoid them.
  4. Sharp, breakable glass.
  5. Stuffed animals that will smother fluffies if hugged too hard.
  6. There are 2 litterboxes. One has normal sand, the other is filled quicksand deep enough that any fluffy who drowns in it will sink to the bottom. Fluffies are punished for not using the litterboxes.
  7. The walls are lined with spikes and one area has Mortal Kombat-style spikes rising from the floor.

I’m looking for suggestions for other hazards.


sand paper conveyor belt floor so they have to keep moving hahah


water is filled with salt? theyll get sodium poisoning and get dehydrated, forcing them to use the litter boxes and drink more water lol


Throw in an easy bake oven, that seems like the ideal toy to end up with a fluffy crawling inside


Instead of a normal litter box, fill it with powdered fiber glass, that ought to be fun


You could put a rug over a hole in the floor. The hole would be deep enough to give fluffies nonfatal injuries when they fall in. Though some fluffies might just walk into the hole if it was uncovered, so you might not need the rug. Maybe you could include a covered hole to get the smarter ones and an uncovered hole for the less smart ones.

I don’t think the fluffies could get out on their own, so someone should remove them before they die of thirst. Maybe they can wait until the fluffies get nonfatal health problems from the lack of food and water before getting them out.


Sketti Dispenser, push button to activate, put on 15-20 second delay after pushing. Every push after the first adds progressively more ghost pepper sauce to the mix until it reaches the maximum amount and dispenses immediately.

Milk dispenser with a continuous electrical current running to it that activates when suckled on. If the mother does not notice and pull it off, the foal gets electrocuted to death or drowns in milkies.


Some of those stress balls shaped like food so the fluffies think their food, try to eat them and get a blockage and die


There could be spikes on surfaces that a fluffy could go on. The spikes would be blunt, small, and/or soft enough to only cause nonfatal injures like mild bruises, cuts, and bedsores.

There are two ways I can think of to do it.

  1. Put spikes on everything a fluffy could be on. Sitting, standing, laying down, etc. would be constantly painful.

  2. Put the spikes around the food and water. The fluffies would be forced to inflict pain and injuries on themselves in order to not die a slow, horrible death.


You’re all overthinking it


Put a lot of cyanide in a bowl in the room.


Paint water on the walls, they’ll think they’re drowning.

Slow death. Asbestos blanket. They’ll be fire proof.

Hard candy and jaw breakers.



A toy that explodes if a fluffy touches a certain button on it.

Surround sound speakers in the room that occasionally plays creepy noises.


The Chamber of Bees


Go to the store and find toys that say, warning: choking hazard not for children under four! Then just leave them around for fluffies to play with and choke on.

Eraser, decoupage or paper clay fake foods.

A patch of carpet with dropped sewing pins and needles imbedded in it to stab into them.

Kibble, one in every ten pieces has a special filling of ghost chili peppers. Fill water bottles with hot sauce, only two have real water.

A ‘hall’ of motion activated jack-in-the-boxes to literally jumps are them to death!


A plate of skettis with all kinds of warnings to NOT EAT THE SKETTIS BECAUSE THEY WILL GIVE THEM FOREVER SLEEP.

The fluffies will, of course, eat the skettis.

And then shit themselves to death because they’re full of enough ivermectin to deworm ten adult horses.



I get the feeling that Ty wouldn’t have to do anything. Merely being in the same room with fluffies would cause them to start killing themselves or spontaneously combusting or something. Lol

  1. Magnetic blocks - strong enough to ‘snap’ in place with enough force to injure/scare a fluffy (mixed in with more standard blocks).

  2. Plastic noodles (just cut up some weed eater line and put ketchup on it).

  3. A ball pit (deep enough they can’t climb out of).

  4. Power cords (plugged in).

  5. A roomba.


Set up some misters to keep the air nice and damp, then spread quicklime all over the ground.


Just put them in a normal room. Nature will run its course.