Where the Poopie Babbehs Go, Chapter Two (By Za)

Where the Poopie Babbehs Go
By @Za

Originally Penned January 8th, 2020

Chapter Two:

You are a fluffy.

Your head was pounding and your see-places wouldn’t open. You did as you remembered the nice fluffy telling you and kept still, snuggling yourself into the softness all around you. The loud, unfamiliar voices surrounding you caused you to worry. This quickly faded away as a mare offered you her teat and you began to suckle.

“Ou num feew-bettah gwassies, speshuw fwend? Make miwkies fow babbeh?” a familiar voice asked. You recognized it as the smarty from earlier. Big Tree, you thought.

“Yes! Mummah gib babbeh bestes’ miwkies!” a nearby mare replied.

“Listen, no can take more fluffies now. Herd already take Grassies Green and Deep Wawas in past few bright times,” a gravelly voice said, drowned out slightly by background chatter.

“Ou think ou am suuuuuu smawty jus because ou have hooman tawkies!” a nearby nasally-voiced fluffy hissed.

“Smarty Fast Hoofsie am smarty, but no think am better than Smarty Big Tree or Smarty No See. No talk no more, dummy fluffy,” the first voice shot back, this time louder. You wriggled your little legs just a bit to get the pins and needles to go away. You didn’t feel any pain, but you had a sweet taste in your mouth from the mare’s milkies. However, she had run nearly dry. You were very hungry, and what little milkies you were given would not suffice. You chirped for more, wriggling your little leggies in front of you like a dancie babbeh, hoping to amuse the mare into giving you more.

The room fell silent as you peeped. You cracked open your eyes and saw a room full of ugly colored, scarred, dummeh-leggied fluffies. Closest to you was a dark yellow unicorn mare with a brown mane, standing beside a fluffy you recognized as Smarty Big Tree. “Bwoomin’ Fwowew make babbeh feew bettew!” she chirped gleefully, scooping you up into a huggie. You didn’t have the strength to give one back, but you certainly felt much better. “Thank ou, speshuw fwend,” Smarty Big Tree told her with a huggie. “Mummah need take babbeh to nestie. Smarties decide if herd keep babbeh.” Smarty Fast Hoofsie suggested disinterestedly, turning back to the others. “We gunna keep babbeh. Is gud babbeh. Smawty Big Twee can teww,” the brown alicorn replied with his wingies flared up. “Buh the herd-” Smarty Fast Hoofsie began. “The hewd can feed one mowe babbeh. Das finaw, Fas’ Hoofsie!” Smarty No See chimed in, scrunching up the fluff near where his see-places should have been. Smarty Fast Hoofsie, clearly irritated, puffed up his cheeks and stormed away.

“An’ das whewe Stwong Bwanch came from!” your mummah cooed gleefully. You snuggled into her yellow fluff, giving her a warm hug. “Mummah?” you said tentatively, looking into her pretty blue eyes. “Thank ‘ou. Nu know weal mummah, buh ou am bestes’ mummah to Stwong Bwanch!” you sobbed into her fluff. They were tears of joy, tears of gratitude. Your mummah hugged you tighter, crying joyfully as well. “Mummah wuv ou, babbeh!” You and your mummah sat cuddled up in the middle of your nestie. You lived in a large, hollow tree with your mummah, Blooming Flower, your daddeh, Smarty Big Tree, and your brother, Cloud Softies. Your mummah was a very sweet mare who loved to spend time with foals. When you were younger, you would often go with her to pick nummie flowers with the talkie babbehs. Your daddeh was a brave stallion, and a smarty of your herd. The herd had three smartiest. There was the elder smarty, an old grey alicorn called Smarty No See. He didn’t have see-places, but he was the smartiest smarty ever. Daddeh said so! There was also the young smarty, a black earth fluffy with a green mane named Fast Hoofsie. He can talk a bit like humans, but it’s not perfect. He’s a very angry fluffy, often having outbursts for the smallest reasons. You remember your daddeh telling you about one time when he and Fast Hoofsie went to find nummies. Fast Hoofsie tried to pull a branch off of a bush, but it wouldn’t snap. He got so angry that he ended up ripping the entire bush out of the ground. Seeing so much strongies in another fluffy made you scared.

Oh, you’d almost forgotten your brother. You wish you had. Cloud Softies was a blue-maned white pegasus with dummeh back leggies. You hated him for his dummeh back leggies. Mummah always took care of him before you, always fed him first, and gave him huggies first. You knew that it was the code of the tribe to never hate others for being dummeh. The entirety of your tribe was made up of fluffies with ugly colors, scars, disabilities, and even abused runaways. The world had turned its back on everyone here, so all we had were each other. You were still a babbeh, but you knew that you owed your family greatly for saving you. You sometimes looked at your reflection in the wawas, wondering who could love a dummeh like you. You were an earth fluffy with poopie-brown fluff and no mane or tail. You, overall, looked like poopies with leggies. Not to mention your dummeh see-place that never looked the direction you wanted it to. You couldn’t help but hate your brother for getting special treatment. Or maybe it was that… mummah didn’t love you as much? No, mummah loved you. You knew it. Either way, your thinkie-place had hurties and you needed to rest.

“Am goin’ fow walkies, mummah,” you told her, slipping away from her embrace and trotting out of your tall wooden nestie. “Be cawefuw, babbeh! Cum back to nestie before dawkies!” your mummah called after you, waving. You smiled at her, walking through the middle of your big nestie - or, as Smarty Fast Hoofsie called it, a village. You preferred big nestie, but your daddeh made you call it a nestie to make the other smarties happy. As you walked through the village, you saw littler babbehs than you running and playing with each other. Some of the dummeh derp babbehs were sputtering and hugging their mummahs. The bright-thing in the sky was straight above you, meaning you had lots of bright-time left. As you walked past the biggest tree nestie in the village, you looked in and saw your daddeh talking to the other smarties. Other fluffies said that it was weird to have more than one smarty, but this was all you had ever known. It felt normal to you.

“Bwuddah!” chirped an annoying voice from across the field. You instantly felt extremely angry. You knew it was wrong to say, but you wish he had gone forever sleepies when he was born like your other dummeh siblings. He took all of the attention from your mummah and daddeh, and you hated him for it. Cloud Softies called to you again, shambling across the grassies and bumping through a crowd of fluffies. He waddled up to you on his non-dummeh leggies and cooed. You puffed up as he hugged your leggie, and you kicked him away. “Nu wub ou, dummeh bwuddah,” you huffed, walking away. He simply giggled, dragging his filth-matted self towards you again. He clambered up your leggie and into your back fluff. “Whewe ou goin, bwuddah?” he cheeped, giving you huggies. Rolling your eyes, you continued galloping into the forest. “We goin fo wawkies.” As you and Cloud Softies went deeper into the forest, a meanie grin spread across your face. Maybe you could get rid of your brother forever.

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Very interesting… Smarties not enfie babbeh… Herd that is very deformed but somewhat living…