Where the Poopie Babbehs Go, Chapter Three (By Za)

Where the Poopie Babbehs Go
By @Za

Originally Penned January 10th, 2020

Chapter Three:
Head Above Water

You are Strong Branch.

You’re walking through the tall grassies towards the stream nearby. Your brother, Cloud Softies, clings to your back fluff. The sound of rustling leaves and running wawas make you feel comfortable… for a time. However, like forever sleepies, the memory of what had happened was something you couldn’t run from. The memory of what your brother had done. As he clung to your back fluff, dangling his dummeh leggies over the side, you gritted your toothies. You’d been here before with him, the bane of your existence. You stopped in your tracks as the memories came flooding back like bad wawas.

You were younger then, sitting by the stream with your brother and daddeh. Your brother was still just a chirpy babbeh then, but daddeh said that even little babbehs like him could hear fluffies. You certainly could remember a few things from when you were that young. “Daddeh,” you began, looking up at the muscular unicorn, “wai Smawty Fas’ Hoofsie nu wike babbeh?” He looked down at you, rubbing his chin with his hoofsie. “Wuh babbeh mean? Fas’ Hoofsie wub ou,” he replied, rustling your mane with his hoofsie. You told him, “Wen was onwy wittwe babbeh… Smawty nu wike fwuffy. Nu wan keep babbeh.” Your father, clearly shocked that you could remember, took a small sip of wawas from the stream. “Fas’ Hoofsie jus hab big wowwies fow hewd. Nu babbeh fauwt!” The tranquility of the forest and your daddeh’s words calmed your heart. Your brother adjusted his position, nestling deeper into your daddeh’s fluff.

“Daddeh?” you asked. He turned to you, smiling with a mouthful of grassies. You giggled, holding a hoofsie over your mouth. “Daddeh wook funny!” He laughed along with you, spewing bits of grassies from his mouth. You dropped to the ground, giggling and squealing “Icky!” as you rolled around in the grassies to clean the little green bits out of your fluff. As you and your daddeh calmed down from the laughing fit, you looked at the skyline. The bright ball was setting, turning everything a beautiful orange color. “Wes go, babbeh,” your daddeh said, placing a hoofsie upon your shoulder. “Nee’ get back to big nestie fo pawty.” You nodded, turning to walk back with him. You skipped right alongside your daddeh, excited for your party. Daddeh’s smarty friend called it a “ceremony,” but you liked party better. Party means lots of fun, bestest nummies, and playing! But today was the day you were getting named! All fluffies in the herd were named by the smarty friends, and it was finally your turn. As you returned to the big nestie, you saw an orange glow that reminded you of the sunset. “Eee! Buwnies!” you squealed, latching onto your daddeh. He chuckled, rubbing your mane again. “Nu, babbeh. Is gud buwny for wawmies and bwite!” As you entered the big nestie, you saw your entire herd gathered around the safe burnies waiting for you. They all cheered when they saw you, which made you feel really shy but also really fuzzy inside. Your daddeh walked to the tree stump in the middle of the big nestie and stamped his hooves. “Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!” the fluffies chanted. You took notice of what they were wearing. Everyone had feathers, paint, flowers, and shiny bits adorning their fluff. You felt underdressed for the occasion, especially since the toughies were dressing up daddeh on the stump. He stamped again, and the cheering stopped. “Cum hewe, babbeh.” You shakily trotted over to him, planting yourself at his feet. “Dis… am Smawty Big Twee babbeh!” he thundered, and the crowd beneath you erupted into thunderous stomping and cheering. You saw all of your teachy-nest friends out there, who seemed to be cheering harder than anyone. Even Smarty Fast Hoofsie was cheering, although he was sitting on his rear and slapping his front leggies together. You found this to be an odd way to make noise, but you didn’t mind. You were just glad that he liked you. Your daddeh continued. “Buh nao… babbeh nee’ name! Nee’…” he paused, looking to Smarty Fast Hoosie. He rolled his eyes, running past your mummah and whispering something into daddeh’s hear-place. He ran back, sitting down in his previous spot. “Nee’ i-denna-dee!” your daddeh shouted proudly. He turned gently to you, dipping his hoofsie into some color juice. Illuminated by the orange glow of the safe burnies, you watched as your father smeared the many different color juices on your face. “Ou am stwong babbeh. Make aww hewd biggest pwoudies.” The herd cheered again. “Buh befowe hewd, we aww no wuh happen. Ou am stwong babbeh. Stwong wike daddeh Big Twee.” You smiled at him, giving him good huggies. He gave you huggies back, caressing your mane again. “Ou am pawt of daddeh. Ou am pawt of Big Twee. Caww ou… Stwong Bwanch!” he announced. The crowd below you began to hop up and down excitedly, screeing happily. You looked over little brother, huggled against your mummah’s leggie. He looked at you, opening his eyes. “Bwuddah! Bwuddah! Bwuddah!” he peeped, smiling brightly. “Bwuddah! Bwuddah!”

“Bwuddah?” You snapped back to reality, looking down at Cloud Softies. “Wai take Cwoud Softies to stweam?” You came here to give him bad wawas and forever sleepies, but you couldn’t tell him. You raised a hoofsie, placing it on the back of his head. “Bwuddah…?” he cheeped curiously.

No. You couldn’t. This was your brother, and you loved him. Even if he did get special treatment, he needed it because of his dummeh weggies. You scooped him onto your back again, turning around and heading back to the village. “Is pwetty,” you said. Not particularly as a response, but just as a statement. Your brother hummed in agreement, giving you a big huggie. Or, rather, a small huggie with a lot of love. “Chirp chirp! Wub bwuddah!” You smiled hearing this. Your heart felt warmer than any safe burny. Almost warm enough to tell your brother something you’d never told him before.

“Wub ou tuu.”

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Was expecting something else for a minute there…


‘Almost’. :frowning:


This is a really good story, i never thought about a poopie babbeh’s perspective that way


i’m glad i finally got around to reading this.

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I’m glad you’re enjoying the story so far!

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