Winter is Coming [by AK]

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Ahh, a gorgeous classic.


Holy shit. I remember seeing this from way back when


The Cold Times are harsh. Most fluffies won’t survive their first cold time without help from a large herd. Which is why April is the BEST time to get out the stomping boots and thin the herd some more.


So sad both ended up dead and frozen , fluffies so dumb couldnt stack food for winter they just eat nonstop :man_facepalming:


To be fair Hasbio in many canons intentionally made them with an inefficient digestive system, although reasons vary. I prefer “smaller body is cuter, so less intestine”.

So they have to eat nonstop, shit constantly, make absolutely foul feces, and absorb few nutrients.

Which is why the Poopies and Litterpals can survive. Its still full of nutrients and liquid. Fuck, a Fluffy adopted by another species that has survival instincts would probably have its siblings/mother eating its feces every time. Fluffies in starvation forces to keep re-eating their shit could probably keep going for a while.


Always love a happy ending!


GOD this is one of the best sadbox

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One of the classics. This one got me hooked on the winter/cowd times trope.

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I do notice this mare is like … dumb as a brick not talkin nor reacting just cry on what she did to the yellow baby :triumph: raining she should be rushing for shelter but no, walking like an idiot and her bestes babbeh is crying as if she didn’t care

Excellent sadbox. Baby-eating is rarely handled well, but here you can really see its psychological toll on her face. I love how she went out of the blue babies sight to do it too - no point traumatizing her remaining baby with what she had to do.


In one of my stories the mare did store food. I guess I gave her too much credit.

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Yes and yet she ended up killing both of them in the end , i think she fallen in a pond or something, as she was frozen face deep.

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Her legs are splayed. It probably filled after she died from exposure and froze her corpse.


Sad, seeing her bestes babbeh seems like sleepin but its frozen dead too (sigh) :slightly_frowning_face:

Fluffies having variation in intelligence is preferable. Many generations have likely gone by in any work. Ferals evolved from the first generation release are probably far different than those fancy bred from that same release, and those from mills descended from a mix of Hasbio, knockoffs, later generations, and a Fuzzy.

Due to their thick fluff, wouldn’t fluffies prefer winter over summer?

Any herd or feral that has survived one winter ought to learn to store food. The horrors of starvation are a harsh teacher.

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Man…How long ago it was!? I think I’ve been doing this for 8 years now.