Woes of a New Owner, Chapter 28 - Story by iasche, Art by gr1m_1

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In An Alternate Universe


Well now that story makes complete sense now I know where he’s coming from. Also while not ideal I’m glad in the end he didn’t give up on Skippy.


That was actually insane. I really loved how you to took aspects of the lore and actually incorporated it into a fluffy with a mental illness (Like how the Jellenheimer was in there). Very few stories in my real life have actually made me go from hating a character, to actually wanting to understand and redeem that character. And when the audience gains that understanding for Skippy, its through the eyes of the owner, and at that point the audience and the protagonist ride the same wave, and a special connection between the reader and the material is unlocked. Being able to get the audience to emotionally relate and pair with a character within writing/demonstration is INCREDIBBLY difficult and even through the nuisances of “This is literally a shitrat with DID”, you nailed it. You have some great skill and I commend you for your ability in storytelling. “We will watch your career with great interest”.


Will there be more of your stories with fluffies having their own mental or physical problems


Jesus F. Christ, is gr1m_1 back? I was somewhat angry of seeing the comic at one image per post and then looked at the author.


I really wish there were more epic sagas like this one. Really had me wondering what the next page will bring. Fantastic emotional rollercoaster. Mark really had some crazy restraint on his part, especially after enjoying some of the booru. Just superb all around.


This may be the very best comic series in all the fandom


It’s certainly one of the most requested. That’s why it was imperative to me to get it posted again.
(not to mention it’s one of my top favorites. I love Skippy)


You see, what i do is grab them by the back of the neck, drag them down an alleyway, and, once out of public view, roll their glass bellies back and forth with my foot like a rolling pin.

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Are there any plans for more comics involving Skippy? He’s about the cutest fluffy I’ve seen on the whole site not going to lie.

And here is where our story forks.
It becomes A Wild Smarty and The Loft Awaits its Victims by the Great White Nope.
It is part of the Red Conan story which also crosses with Valentine a Pegasus Story by Wangew_Wick which is a sort of a fork of Jelly and Snowflake by Hornlary. If can find these along with Badmummahfluffa’s story lines (the pillow fluffs are happy fluffs meme), I think we can get the whole Jellyverse madness up and running again.

Virgil please can you?


I would have killed them

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I’ve read this one somewhere before, but since I only recently got an account here, I figured I might as well slap a heart on the chapters, since I did think this one was rather interesting. I do enjoy your art style, and end up checking out yer stuff, though at the same time a lot of it can get to be a bit much for me sometimes, but I consider myself “neutral” rather than abuser so that’d certainly be a part of it.

Does any of you now what hapend tho Skyppi in his later storys like the Loft. Is that poor shit dead?

I could be wrong, but I don’t think The Loft was actually written by iasche.

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It was great white nope and from every thing I get it’s a follow up on this story

Yeah but if iasche didn’t write it, it’s just a fan sequel and not canon.

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my gosh, this felt so deep, with the fluffy being mentally ill really made the idea of the story so much more interesting

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god I remember reading this on the booru, I never finished it but as far as stories about tiny mentally ill horses go this was so good. I assume the stories done but I would love to see more of Skippy, idk what it is he’s just such a compelling character I wanna see the little guy win.