Wooly Adoptables [Closed] (Watcher)

Got a brood of inbred wooly’s here ready for the taking, first come, first serve and welcome to all
(Colours are whatever you want em to be, go nuts)

[Taken] Dusty |Eathie?, ???| Found in a different spot if left alone long enough, the other foals and mares cry “no huwt babbeh” if tempted to be thrown out

[Taken] Chief |Pegasus, Male| Feathers only seem to grow on top of his head, has started showing signs of smarty syndrome

[Taken] Wad|Pegasus, Male| Derped, dwarfed, and a coat consistency of wads of matted fur, he’s ready for flight, into people’s faces

[Taken] Willow|Bicorn, Female| A filly on a roll, ready to dish out all the tiny hugs in the world (no back legs)

[Taken] Wooly |Tricorn, Female| Mildly derped with gigantism, she has an anxiety disorder, which is worsened due to her bladder control issues

[Taken] Jim Crim |Eathie, Male?|—
Found email of missing manager; ‘Get rid of that thing as fast as possible, it has too many legs, too many eyes, it hisses constantly, it’s scaring guests and staff alike, pretty sure it learned to open doors rece. . .’


Can I get wooly? That bitch is cute as fuck


Dusty looks like a Tribble.


Willow and Jim Crim give off equal yet opposing chaos vibes,I love them.


May I adopt willow? She’s so cute!

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Can adopt Jim Crim?


May I have Dusty?

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Can adopt Chief ?thanks

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