Write a smol story 14 (InfraredTurbine)

What happened to this fluffy ? O_o
You tell me of course!

Rules are the same as the first versions, you can read them here.

Go wild!

For commissions, illustrations and so on, feel free to contact me!


Well, I’m at a loss here

hm ?

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My creativity is on break after I wrote a story of a BMS mare getting mauled by a chimp after said chimp adopted her ugly babies and killed her bestest




I enjoyed writing it


Be Bwuebaws, bestest babeh! Hewd live in old cwaked street, dis am smarty daddeh land! But dummy yellow hat hooman came with big big brooom monstah! Momma and Daddeh and sissi and poopy sissi hav big scawed! Bestest Babbe will give fowevah sleepy to loud huge broom monstah with dummy yellow hat hooman and give sorry poopies to other hoomans! Will become new smarty!

Be Manuel, you work as a laborer and this time you and your team need to fix some streets in the ghetto, chill folk but shit ton of urban ferals. Actually there’s one right now and it’s trying to take a shit towards the road paver. You try to scare it throwing a can next to it but your aim is shit. All you manage is covering that rat with fresh asphalt and ruin the new street a bit. You win some you lose some.

Tl;Dr at first I thought it was some sort of boiling oil? But the background made me associate it with a street, then remembered how hot is fresh asphalt and how deadly must be for fluffies. Also, the fluffy is called Blue Balls, thanks to hearing some passing conversation.

Lmao I’ll save to read it tomorrow

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Oh it was supposed to be just a fluffy impaled by some spears, but the coloring to fuse with the background screwed it up :frowning:

Fixed it

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Oh, so that’s why I was so confused and at a stump

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For da cwime ob being bad smarty herd am gib foreber sweepies

Nuuuuuu!!! Am gud smarty nu wan foreber sweepies!!!

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Hey it’s still an awesome art piece none the less and been there where the background mess up a bit.

So here we go seconds servings!

You are proud smarty! You are so smart! Made your herd jump on dumb human land roof so they can’t give your herd forever sleepy. Sadly a long long loud vroom monster comes from time to time…

-train horn-

You think you seen everything, yet here you are waiting for the train to pass by, when you see out of the blue. A fenced old house with a tree in the backyard suddenly had a multicolored kebab all around it. From chirpies to alicorns, brown ones to shinny ones surprisingly, hell the train conductor seems to be in a good mood and honked once more, making more shit rats jump out of the tree and the house itself towards their demise.

To your surprise one is still kicking a blue one so you heard it and did what you decide was the best option…

“Hu…huu…no wan…hurties…hu…new Daddeh help smartSSCREEEeeeee”

…you decided to push this hell spawn further down the pointy fence. Well, at least the train already left and you can keep on going with your day.

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The foal loves spwowin even when his mama told him not to go far from the nest. He never listen he even went further and he didnt notice he reached the end of the line, literally.

It was a drop as the old house they are living is built within the side of a mountain and the foal screams as it fell down on the wild bushes which have dried branches that he got impaled into.

All he can do is struggle as it makes worst for him as he get to be impaled deeper, his crys soon slowly stops and left hanging in the wind waiting for some predatory to pluck it off.

While the mother can only watch and cry.


Something something jigsaw from saw is involved.

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This must be the work of an enemy stand!


I’d say that the little bastard tought that he was a good dancer on a desk in a shed and accidently while dancing fell off the desk and stabbed himself with the equipements here.

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“Candewwick! Huuuu! Pwease hewp gud Pinowccio”


When working with threading tools especially pressurized ones be careful to keep your fluffy away.
Well this is a rather extreme example a sewing machine or other such items can easily puncture a fluff and thanks to there soft bone structure it can easily do excessive damage to the creature.

What is ‘worse’ depending on your view of the situation as can be noted with our example in Charlie here is he has survived all 4 incidents.
The first puncture in his hindquarters will have damaged his rectum meaning infection is probably without medical care and a soft food diet for a month or more.
The second through the front leg will cause nerve damage but it will be fine though you will need to keep him off it if you do not want to amputate. The more pressing concern as you can see is the flailing made the thread almost certainly clip a rib or lung.
If his lung is struck he will die shortly but if it is a rib luckily that will do though he will have trouble breathing until it heals.
The third strike from the machine we were hoping to demonstrate nerve damage but as you can see from the kicking we missed and probably just damaged his spine if we hit it. Charlie will likely walk just fine after this but he will be in a ton of pain should he ever do dancies if he can even support himself.
The fourth though is the most brutal. We were going for the vocal larynx as a way to show how the fluffy can be muted or have its voice be made even more high pitch so it hurts other fluffies ears. Charlie being a bad subject flailed and we hit his skull.
Will it be fatal? No fluffy brains are small compared to there big heads at least where the thread hit. He has a high chance of developing SBS from this if not careful and as you can see it possibly clipped his eye. So yeah 25% chance he is SBS now, 50% chance blind in one eye, 15% both, and 10% neither.

All in all keep fluffies away from sewing machines.

Audio file ends

Hasbio R&D 1: “So why were you lifting him by the threads where you punctured him doing this research?”
Hasbio R&D 2 holding a wrapped up and ‘recovering’ Charlie: “Oh to show how light weight they are and the fact even after this excessive damage that he is still alive I mean he was breathing and all that”

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Looks like a shrike got him, but then got bored!


experimentation using fluffies threaded onto the strings of a guitar for some radical soundwaves…

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