Write a smol story 6 (InfraredTurbine)

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Here’s Write a smol story part 6!
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Decided to keep it as a sketch, maintain it raw, but I’ll paint the next one, I promisse xD !

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“Just two you say…” murmurs the man, eyeing the mare with a glint. It was sinister, and exactly as the mare feared.

“Screeeee!! Wet gu, wet gu! Nu wan babbeh nu mowe!” cried the adult fluffy, for the man took hold of the mare. No longer was she trying to recue her infant progeny, but escape from the obviously aggressive human.

A torrent of shit came out of her, splashing against the man, but he wasn’t the only victim. The baby that wasn’t held in his hand suffered because it too. Covered as it was though, it seemed to value the life of it’s family more than how pwetty it is, “Huu~ huu~. Pwe-Peep, pweese! Chirp, nu hu-peep, h-huwties sissy! Cheep!”

The cries, both of the mother and the foal went ignored.


The man shoved the filly inside her own mother’s anus, silencing one tiny voice, and raising another a few decibels. He did the same with the other foal, then kicked the mare in the ass so hard that her spine cracked and then went flying all the way to the street.

This wasn’t the end of their misery though, a foal-in-a-can van that was passing by, recklessly being driven by a man that only had a cup of decaffeinated murky water in the morning. Sleepy, the man at the driver’s seat could only swerve slightly before flattening half of the fluffy that got in his way. Exactly the half that contained the two foals.

The mother screamed for an hour before succumbing to her wounds, and the man observed every second with a grin.

It was a good day.

  • There was a knock at the door.
  • Upon opening the door, you discover a young mare with two of her own on her back.
  • The fluffy asks for food and shelter, she explains that she ‘onwy has two babbehs’.
  • You tell the mare that there is only room for two fluffies in your home and that she would need to make a choice.
  • At first, she worries that she has to end one of her bebbehs, but you offer her a third option.
  • She can off herself so that the bebbehs can live a happy life full of happiness.
  • The fluffy becomes distraught. She cannot bare the idea of losing her one of her two babbehs. However, she doesn’t want to die either. The emotional tumoil is put to a stop when she looks at her bebbehs one last time.
  • She would look up at you asking if you’re going to do it.
  • You point at a puddle that had formed in your front yard.
  • With tears in here eyes, she says good bye to her bebbehs and waddles to the puddle, now fully crying.
  • She looks at her reflection and wonders how her foals will grow up, then she dunks her head in the water.
  • Shockingly, the fluffy pulls away, “Nu wan forevah sleepies!”
  • She gasps for air as you place her crying bebbehs in-between her and the piddle. “Choose.”
  • She pushes one and listens to to the bebbeh drown.
  • “I sabe yu brudda!”
  • The fluffy is horrified when the other bebbeh jumps in after the first.
  • Before the fluffy could save her bebbehs, you take her inside, “good choice.”

(I will never claim to be a good writer, or even a competent one.)


Aright, this is getting outta hand, @infraredturbine , your work is an inspiration to me!

Here’s my story on my own channel:

‘Adult adoption’ for 'Write a smoll story 6 (InfraRedTurbine) ’ Artwork by InfraRedTurbine, Text by Menn019 - Fluffy Text Self-Posting - FluffyCommunity (fluffy-community.com)


“Only two?” The man spat. “You’re lying, I know how many you shit out at a time. What are these, your two bestesh so you can leave the others to wither and die?”

“Mummah nu hab udda babbehs, mummah nu wyin.”

The man rolled his eyes and snatched up the other foal, it peeped and shivered at his too-tight grip.

“Mares like you don’t deserve kids. I’m taking this little guys to a place where they won’t be taught to be selfish little monsters like their mother. You can stay here and rot.”

The mare stood in shock as she watched her two foals disappear, she stayed frozen still until she couldn’t even hear their distressed peeping anymore.

“Huuuuuu, mummah nu wye.”

The mare turned back to her makeshift nest, a soggy piece of cardboard behind an rusty skip, with her two babbehs gone and her special-friend long since missing, the only companionship she had now were the three rotted corpses of her stillborn babbehs, she had been too heartbroken to get rid of them, now they were all she had left.

“Mummah onwy hab twu babbehs, nyo am mummah nu mowe.”

The mare dropped to her stomach, ignoring its growls of hunger as she felt a darkness swallowing her, a darkness only held back by the course, rough flesh of a dead foal nuzzling into it’s mother’s cheek, tricking a broken mare into thinking there was still love in her life.


“Hab two babbehs onwy!” The red and purple mare begged, pleading to find a new home. After her herd, along with her special friend and 3 other babies, were mauled by barkie munstahs, she was left with two babies and nowhere to go.

Her declaration of two babies wasnt a bartering tactic, but her barely explaining her trauma of only having two babies left, a pink and purple foal, and red and green foal. I picked up the first foal and to give it a quick look over, while the mummah got nervous.

“Cawefuh wiff widdow babbeh, dats mummahs onwy babbehs,” she whimpered, worried for her progeny, but also trying not to ruin her chances with a new lease on life. The baby begins cheeping in minor distress.

“Peep! Chirp! Ba’ upsies…” the foal whimpered, causing the mare to tap her hooves anxiously. I look down at the mare.

“What’s the story? Dont you fucks have a, er, special friend or something?”

The mare got even more antsy, and tears started forming on her face.

“Huu, owd daddeh wunnit wet Wose hab babbehs, su Wose wun way an foun bestest spechow fwien! We hab wots of babbehs, an eben fine gud hewd! Buh, huuhuu… buh BAWKIE MUNSTAS CUM AN NUM EBY WUN! HUUHUU DEY NUM WOSE’S SPECHOW FWIEN AN ODEW BABBEHS! HUUHUU, WOSE CUD ONWY SABE TWO BABBEHS! HUUHUUHUU,” the mare began breaking down crying and shaking, causing the foal on the ground to become distressed and start doing the “foal dance” I heard they do when they, their mother, and/or their owner are distressed, an involuntary reaation to calming those around it down and gain safety and attention from them.

“Wook! Cheep! Babbeh am dancie babbeh fow mummah! Peep! Dancie babbeh wub mummah!”

The foal in my hand struggled to release himself, desperate himself to comfort his mother.

“Cheep! Wet babbeh gu! Nee’ mummah! Peep!”

It was clear that these foals were further along as tawkie babbehs, and wouldnt be too long until weaned, but still needed there mother for now, as well as serving as her rock.

I bend down, and with my free hand, start petting the sullen mare.

“Shhh, its ok sweetie, its all ok. How about you live with me, where I can take care of your precious babies? You want that?” I ask her, scratching her face, and her sobs turning to coos.

“Coo… sniffle… yus, Wose wub tu stay wiff nyu daddeh,” she says, warming up to me. I slowly work my hand down until its close to the other baby, before snatching it up as well. This causes the Rose to panic.

“NUUUUU! DADDEH, DEM WOSE’S ONWY BABBEHS, TU WIDDOW FOW UPSIES, PWEASE GIB TU MUMMAH!” She screams. I move the red and green foal into the hand with the purple and pink foal, who quickly lock in a hug with each other, peeping in distress and trying to comfort eachother. With my new free hand, I smack Rose across the face, causing her to recoil with “SKREEEE,” but stifling the crying. I then lean down to her.

“No, no more crying. I havent hurt your babies, and if you want to a have a new home with a loving daddy, you do not scream and tell daddy what to do. Now, if you understand, lets go inside and get you some food. How does spaghetti sound?”

The mare quickly changes gears from being sad, to elated with those magic words. Even the foals were excited, as skettis was hardcoded into fluffies as some ambrosia.

“Daddeh gib Wose skettis! Wub! Fankyuu, fankyuu, bestest daddeh!”

“Peep! Skettis! Yay!”
“Cheep! Wub!”

With the foals in hand, and the mother in tow, i lead them inside my house. As we walk towards the living room, there is a doggie gate set up to separate the kitchen from the rest of the house. I bring the fluffies in to the kitchen and close the gate behind us. The fluffies were in awe other their new home.

“Cheep! Whoa!”
“Su big! Peep! Nyu housie fow fwuffies?”

Even the mare was excited, as being a former domestic, she new what a kitchen looked like.

“Nummie pwace!? Daddeh gib skettis nao?” She asked while sitting on her haunches. I laugh, and set the foals on the counter.

“Yup, I have some left over in the fridge,” I tell her, as I walk to the fridge and grab a decent container of leftover spaghetti. I take the lid off and walk over to the mare.

“Ready for daddy’s bestest skettis?” I ask

“Yus, daddeh! Nu hab nummies fow su wong, nee’ bestest skettis fow maek bestest miwkies fow mummah’s babbehs!” The foals on the counter begin to get anxious, looking down at the delicious sketti.

“Peep! Babbeh wan bestest skettis tuu!”
“Cheep! Am babbeh ba’? Chirp!”

Before I set it down, the mare addresses her foals.

“Babbehs tu widdow fow skettis! Babbehs wiww get bestest miwkies afta doh!” And with this, they begin to dance and babble about bestest miwkies.

I sat down the spaghetti, and Rose immediately digs in to the big pile of leftovers, so engrossed into her meal she doesnt even look up at anything.

“Daddy will be right back, i have new friends i want to show you!”

The mare barely chokes a response out. “munch munch otay daddeh munch munch

I pick up the two foals, and before they can make a noise, I put my thumbs over their throats, cutting off the airways to keep the quiet as I step over the doggie gate. I then make my way to my back porch and open the door.

Two giant dogs bust through the door, one an english bulldog, the other a blue nose pitt. They follow me to the living room, and after putting the two foals in to one hand, i start petting the two well trained dogs each.

“Whos my good puppies, huh? I got a treat for my little babies!” And as soon as i say that, the foals turn and see the dogs I was petting, who started making scaredy pees and poopies.

“M-m-munstah… Peep!”
“Cheep! Peep! Chirp! S-scawey!” They wail, as they struggle to get out of my hand, as the two dogs continue standing at attention, not making any movements without my say so, but salivating at the foals in hand.

I start to walk to the kitchen, dogs in tow, just to see Rose slurping the last bit of noodles. She finally hears her babies distress, and goes to address them before looking up.

“It am otay, babbehs, mummah hab dah bestest miwkies fow yuuUUUUU, SKREEEEEE! BAWKIE MUNSTAS! DADDEH! SABE FWUFFIES!” She shouts and begs, when she finally looks up.

“Rose! These are the new friends I was talking about! They loooooooove foals,” I say menacingly.

“Cheep! Scawey! PEEP! CHIRP!”
“NU! BAWKIE MUNSTAS! Peep! Nu 'gain! NU 'GAIN!” The foals cry, the last assualt of “bawkie munstas” fresh in their mind.

As the well trained dogs sit at attention, and know not to take anything from me with out verbal command, I start mock bringing the foals closer to the dogs mouths, before quickly bring it back, the foals losing their minds with sobbing and chirps. Rose is ballistic, and at first, starts slamming her body into the doggie gate, but her weak frame and strength did nothing but barely bend the gate, before lightly pawing the gate and pleading.

“P-pwease daddeh, gib babbehs tuu mummah. Dey nee’ miwkies, an hab wowest scawies…”

I flash her her a grin, and reply back to Rose.

“What did daddy say about telling daddy what to do?”

Rose starts to lose herself, on one hand, her foals are in danger from the meanie dogs, while on the other, her instincts are also screaming at her to be good and listen to their owner.

“Huu… buh-buh… daddeh nu huwt babbehs? Daddeh gabe Wose skettis an housie, daddeh mus be gud daddeh. Pwease be cawefuh…” she said, rapping her hooves on the goodie cage nervously.

“Good girl, now who wants some treats?” I ask. Rose starts doing happy taps, ignoring the continued distress of her foals, as well as the salivating dogs staring at the foals.

“Yus, daddeh! Wose wub tweaties!” Tapping her feet and bobbing her head in excitement.

“Thats great you think so, but they’re not for you. RUCA, BENTLEY, CATCH!” And with that, I chuck the two foals towards the big dogs maws, who catch them effortlessly, gnashing and shaking the foals in their mouth like a rag doll, blood, piss, and shit flying everywhere.

“MUMMAH! HEWP! NU WAN BE NUMMIES WIKE HEWD! CHEEP!” The foals croaked out as the the bull dog and pitbull tore them apart, and shaking with them, ripping their instines out and tearing off their legs.

“NUUUUUUU! NU 'GAIN! MUMMAHS WASTEST BABBEHS! DADDEH PWEASE SABE BABBEHS!” She shouted, doubling down into tackling herself in to the gate.

The foals were quickly fading, as the pitbull Ruca tore out the pink foal’s throat, who could only make gurgling noises as it finally passed.

“NUUUUUUU! MUMMAH’S PINKY BABBEH! DADDEH PWEASE SABE WASTEST BABBEH! WHY DADDEH NU SABE BABBEH!” Rose devasted and desperate, begging as even I was her agressor, I was her daddeh who was supposed to keep her and her foals safe, who should obey.

Since throwing the foals in to the dogs, I had been recording the whole thing on my phone, the carnage and the mare’s despair. As Ruca just starts finishing eating the babbeh, Bently the bulldog then bit into the backside of the green foal, shaking the foal like it was a chew toy, as the green foal screamed, definitely snapping its spine.

“SKREEE-EEEE-EEEE! W-WOWEST POOPIE AN SPECHOW PWACE HUWTIES! CHEEP! CHEEP! NU FEEW WEGGIES! HUUHUUHUU” the foal cried through the onslaught, before Bently threw the foal up in the air, and snapping it in its jaws as it landed in its mouth, silencing the foal for good.

This had broke Rose, who not only lost her herd, her special friend, even three of her precious babies from an attack from bawkie munstas, she still managed to save two of her last two of her foals. And her one ray of hope, who had given her sketti and promised to love and house them, had betrayed her, and in a twisted fate of irony, I had recreated her last trauma, and just like the first ones, her last progeny faced the same fate, the last memory of her love and her special friend we gone. Gone to the vicious maws of more bawkie munstahs.


As the dogs finish tearing them apart, I reach my arms out to the mare, and due to their programing, it put her in the upsies position, through sobs and tears, i picked her up into an embrace.

“Shhhh, its ok, Rose, daddy is here. Daddy will let you have looooots of babies,” i replied sinisterly.

The mare, having hit her emotional and mental limit, shes operating on the bare minimum of consciousness.

sniffle huuu, daddeh wet Wose hab mowe babbehs? W-Wose wud w-wike dat. Wose hab su… su many heawt huwties…” We then begin walking into the basement.

“Yes, gonna have lots and lots of babies…”


“Ah sorry. Only got room for two fluffies. Not three.”


“Can it or none of you are getting a home.”

“Pwease take babbehs! Mummah wub babbehs suuuuu much! Nee’ bestes’ housie!”

“Nah, can’t do that. You need to be there for your children. Be a formative figure for them y’know?”

The man chuckles as he grips the foal tighter, resulting in an alarmed response.



The man shoves his thumb straight into the gaping mouth and with little effort, pushes his lower jaw off as it whines.

“Strike one. Now let’s get this figured out, you have to pick one or the other, and I ain’t got all day my little friends.”



He tosses the dejected and delirious foal down, it then crawls meekly towards his mother’s teet. Instinctively, he tries suckling but is fruitless in his efforts.

“Babbeh nee’ wub and huggies. Huggies make huwties go 'way!”

The mother picks up the injured foal, and clutches it closely to her chest. Blood soaks into her deep fluff as she holds him tightly. The disturbing noises cease as the foal experiences some comfort at last.

“Pwease mistuh! Babbeh nee’ huggies fwom daddeh!”

“If you want help, it’s just going to be you and this baby. Not the little one down there.”

“Nu! Mummah wan’ bestes’ babbeh, nu wan’ dummeh babbeh! Babbeh gon’ go foweba sweepies soon.”

“If that’s what you want.”

The man grabs the unscathed foal, then with his free hand he grabs both of it’s hind legs. He chuckles as the mother screams and protests.


The man swings the foal straight into the wall, a sickening crack is heard as the foal makes an incomprehensible noise from the pain. He drops the foal to the sidewalk, then walks forward.

“Pick up that sack of shit, and let’s head home.”

The mother scampers over to the foal who is miraculously alive, if you can call it that. Her eyes dart wildly around as she cannot move, breathing is far too ragged to communicate with her mother as her limp body is scooped up by nape of her neck. Her mother wordlessly dashes to catch up with the man as the foal’s body flailed about.


“Hmm, what should i do with this foal… Oh, i know! i’ll toss it into a suction pipe! Specifically, the DELTA PIPELINE!”

“Eeeeep! nu wike bad upsies! gib back to mummah pwease! I beg you PWZZZZZ!!!”

“Ah shut up! now, SCRAM!”


“Bwubbubububub!! Bwubububwub!”

WHIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Blood, shit, piss, organs, brain matter, And Bone fly everywhere.

“Wat happen to him?”

“Dat was gwound fwuffy fall into gwindr, we aww seafwuffy”

“I wan’ see gwindr!”



That seafluffy ended up just like the foal, but since it was an adult, Much, MUCH More Blood and shit flew through the premises.



Only two? That’s perfect for my two brown stallions!
Dickzilla! Long dick Johnson! Get in here! I’ve got your Enfie babies!

Dickzilla and long dick Johnson:



The guy replied on her: that are 2 babies too much.

He crushed the one in his hand and stepped on the second.

Both where dead, she was screaming and crying.

The guy say then: Stop crying you stupid shitrat.
She try to stop with crying.

Then he said: Now clean the mess and eat your dead foals.
She was confused and didn’t want it.
The guy start losing his patience.

He said: Are you deaf?! Eat them now!!

She start eating her dead foals out of fear.
After she was done the guy said: Good now got from my property before I kill you.

She feels herself betrayed. She starts crying again.

The guy didn’t give a fuck and punch her hard away. She falls on her face. Her forelegs got damaged and her face bleed.

In pain she tried to walk away.

The end?

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“Oh no you won’t have a family anymore bitch! this one in my hand? belongs to me, and this one beneath my foot is already dead”.