Wrong turn (fluffsplosion)

Dexter takes a wrong turn on his journey, but finds his way back on track with the help of a new friend.

Someone had to do it…


Fucking lol


And of course it’s one of yours that manages to get lost to the point of stumbling into a different reality!


Love me some Depresso. But Chillet for life, brother!

He should be careful not to run into a Pal trainer. Pokéballs might only work on Pokémon, but Pal Spheres are a very different story.

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Maybe a follow up is in order. I’d need to think on a bit, but I have a couple ideas.


"Pal Index #420 - Fluffso

Fluffsos are bumbling and clumsy Pals. They have no skill in anything, and provide very little resources- which is to their benefit as not many predators want to hunt them as a result. Often, they are used simply as meat shields by Pal Tamers."