A Chance Meeting (OtherCoraline)


Remember, whether you adopt from a shelter, Fluffmart, mill, or off the streets, chances are you are tearing apart a loving fluffy family :smiling_imp: :hugs:


Maybe it’s the familiar model of park bench that was known to me in my youth, but unf, yes. Right in the despoiled innocence. You’re like, the tops at this.

Missed switching out an R in the stallion’s dialogue though. Yeah, I’m envious enough to point it out!


The new site summoned OtherCoraline



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Im curious if it was the she1ter that did that to her/the babies, or if it was her new owner who adopted her and a11 the foa1s just to ki11 the foa1s.


Ahhh dangit. I can’t believe I missed that. I’ve been away from the fluffy community too long. My fluffspeak is getting rusty.


It’s whichever scenario you think twists the knife harder :wink:


Holy shitballs, that is the stuff right there!

I fucking love it. No beatings, no mutilation, but so much pain regardless.

Well done.


Oh yeah, that’s some good despair

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And the misery keeps on going


For me it’d be the shelter did it as a mercy kill because hardly anyone adopts “Poopies”, and then the current owner who doesn’t care about colours walks in.

I like to think the owners are too occupied talking to notice their fluffies in pain after reuniting and once it’s time to leave they start screeching at the thought of losing each other again.


You never cease to amaze me. :smiling_face_with_tear:


These humans are either completely oblivious/uncaring or they are not speaking the same language as the fluffies. Either way the sadbox is top tier


I feel that, but personally, I think most shelters would be glad just to find part of that family a loving home, instead of the gas chamber. Of course, the fluffy wouldn’t understand that.

I’d like to think that someone came in and wanted to adopt her, but not the foals. After missing out on getting her adopted, they probably disposed of the unwanted foals so they could get her out the door.


You’re 100% right.

The difference is that fluffies have a very human family structure where children are seen as more than simple vessels to pass on one’s genes. Special friends also form actual relationships (as much as fluffies can) and mate for life. Yet we still view them as pets/toys.

This puts them in direct contrast to real pets like dogs, cats, hamsters, etc where family is not a realized concept and procreation is simply a part of the instinctual drive to pass on one’s genes. The sadbox comes from the fact that we are treating creatures with human-level emotions and familial relationships as we would any lower animal who has no concept of ‘friends’, ‘lovers’, ‘companions’, ‘family’, ‘partners’, etc.

And we do this at the cost of fluffy relationships and emotional/mental trauma just for our own enjoyment. Fluffies suffer because we are too apathetic to care about what they actually want. Even if we pamper a fluff and give it the best life possible, odds are it will never truly live a fulfilling life of family, special friend, and babbehs as they are programmed to enjoy and pursue.

Ironically, the truly happy fluffs are the ferals/strays/runaways who find a special friend and start a family. Even if that life is devoid of comforts and luxuries and extremely short-lived.

Just my 2 cents :hugs:


There was, in the very beginning of the community, a very different kind of canon regarding fluffy family units. I’m not sure if you were around then, or if you’ve read some of the Sacred Texts, but most writers back then had some very different ideas than you find common today.

Of most interest, was the difference in long-term memory. Most seemed to think that once foals had grown up to full-sized adults, the parents wouldn’t really remember them as babies. Once grown up beyond their foalhood, they were simply “new friends” to the parent’s feeble little brains.

Some used this for the obvious incest plot it might create, while others had them capable of smelling the ‘wrongness’ of mating with close relatives. That one WS comic of the brother and sister being taken to the farm mentions this concept.

Me, I think that something in between the two extremes seems fairly plausible (for my HC). Parent’s wouldn’t forget their grown foals if kept around, but I think they would forget them fairly rapidly without the constant reminder of their physical presence. The idea that a mare once had babies would be there, I think, but not the identities and characteristics of the foals themselves, except when the memory is fresh (IE foals were adopted a week ago or something.)

Your HC is definitely primed for infinite sadness, but it also has plenty of internal logical consistency. Given those human characteristics, of course your fluffies have rights like other animals, and probably more than most. You did an excellent job with that.

Meanwhile, if a parent can’t even remember its own children within months of having them, its hard to argue for its humanity, no matter how well the thing babbles in baby-talk.

Edit: also, fuck Hasbio for hard-coding those desires into what is ostensibly a toy. That is some morally abhorrent shit.


Huh. I was unaware of that. Makes sense for some fluffies like Artist-Kun and Shaferaks. Their fluffies had the emotional maturity and intelligence of hamsters, but they could speak (broken) English and cry so they were fun to torment.

But i see your point. I think i make my fluffies a little more “human” than most creators. It can makes the sadbox and abuse come off as mean spirited and cruel as opposed to, say, smarty abuse or justified abuse.

But i kinda like the whole “game was rigged from the start” grimdarkness of it. Reminds me of Warhammer 40k and really dark episodes of Black Mirror or The Twilight Zone. The bleakness juxtaposed to the bright colors and baby speak just make it all the more entertaining to me. :hugs:

But i really appreciate your comments. It’s kinda crazy how malleable the fluffy fandom is with its wide spread of hugbox, sadbox, abuse, weirdbox, bleakbox, comfort and inspiration stories, and fluffy POV herd stories. Pretty much anyone can find something they enjoy. Which is crazy impressive in that it all started as international forum of shitposters :joy:


Honestly this isn’t something that ever crossed my mind but it’s so logical… how tragic and brilliant!

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You really know how to pull the heart strings with your expressions and dialogue, excellent work as always :slight_smile:

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This is beautiful! Classic OtherCoroline. Excellent fluffy suffering!