A Smarty to Rule Them All - Chapter 4 [By Pyrofireflame12]

Once again the nameless fluffy, who knows when it will end. Maybe if you get adopted, but there are more important matters. The first thing you realize when you awake is that it is still night. But what worries you the most is the faint sounds you can hear. It sounds like growling, but not from the monster that killed your herd. You silently get up, as to not disturb your sleeping sister (you still had to talk about her with her name choice) and began to approach the noise.

Having soft hooves is a pretty nice advantage, even if it means that the only things you could hurt are other fluffies and possibly small animals. You made nearly no sound, but once you rounded the corner, deeper into the alleyways, you had no idea what you were looking at.

As soon as the creature saw you, the growling stopped. It looked like some weird cross between a soda can and a fluffy. It was bright red, but it stopped being normal there. It was devoid of any fluff, and its face was… not really there. It looked like some kid scribbled on a happy face and threw it into the alley.


Ah shit. It spoke. This can’t be good.

“We finally get to meet. I’ve been looking for you.”

“And why the hell would you be looking for me?” You shout at the beast. You started to feel a bit scared, but you had to stand your ground.

“The reason why is because you are special. The fact that you have more intelligence than the average creature of your kind, or the fact that you grow quite fast are redundant. I’m here about your origins, your past.”

“What past is there to discuss? I’m living in a box with a ratty blanket with my sister. I lived in a herd with my rat bastard of a father.”

The creature vibrates a bit. You can’t tell if its a laugh or a threat.

“So, you inherited it from your father. A shame really, he could have been great. If only he didn’t throw it all away to satisfy his pleasures in the worst ways possible.”

“What? Are you saying my father could’ve been like me?”

“Yes. But fortunately, his destiny was passed onto the… less corruptible being. But either way, I’m here to let you know that I am watching over you. Based on your actions, I will either help or kill you.”

As if to prove a point, the creature opened it’s mouth. Filled with rows and rows of teeth, you shudder. He isn’t lying.

"A pity, really. You just had to end up a feral due to your father's actions. But alas, that is not the point. Heed my warning. Never turn your back without looking twice. Never fall asleep without keeping vigil first. Because you are never safe. Stronger forces are in play."

You blink, and it’s gone. Yep, you’re going insane. Well, time to dwell on that for the rest of your life. Time to head back to bed.
. . .

You cant get the creature’s warning out of your head. What did it mean?


What stronger forces were in play?



And here you are. Upside down. You flip yourself over and greet your sister.

“Mornin’. Anything happen?”

Suddenly, liquid dropped outside the box. And then another drop. Oh. That’s what’s happening.

“Sky wawa cumin. Nee’ du sumting, ow nestie wiww get wet…” Her head perks up. “Bwuddah hab idea? Nu can tink of anyfing… sowwy…”

You really needed to have a talk with her about her self esteem. Anyways, she’s right. Would be a pain in the ass to have your bed soaking wet. Maybe just… Get an idea…
. . .
Great. Back in the mindspace with memories that aren’t yours. A solid dark green fluffy walks up to a human setting up some kind of nest.
“Daddeh? Wha’ am daddeh doin?”
The man chuckles. “Well little guy, I’m setting up a tent for us. Can’t go camping without a tent. Just need to get the tarp and we’ll be ready.”
“Hmmm… Wha’ am tawp? Nyu fwend?”
“No, it’s not a new friend. The tarp will protect us from the meanie sky wawa.”
. . .
God, what were these visions? Nevermind, looks like you need a improvised tarp. You turn to your sister.

“We need to cover the box with something to keep the rain away. Got any ideas?” You already know the answer, but you want to make sure she feels wanted.

“Hmmm… wha abou’… odda bwankie!”

Exactly what you had in mind. You nod to her to signal that you approve, and begin to leave. When she doesn’t follow, you look at her.

“Wha’ am bwuddah wookin at?” Her face lowers. “Nu can be in nestie…?”

“What? Where did you get that from? I want you to come with me! Were doing this together.”

. . .

You began to make the trek to any nearby blanket , making sure to avoid the tripwire you set up. This leads you down a relatively straight path, dodging any humans walking nearby. But you notice that your sister is slightly shaking. Must be cold, but you keep going. Until you hear the song that so many people hate.

“Mummah wub bestest babbeh… Bestest babbeh wub mummah… Aww miwkies am fo bestest babbeh… Bestest babbeh dwink miwkies…”

God. It’s like a verbal spell that makes you want to kill yourself. But that’s not important. Your sister is petrified. You gaze around the corner, and see it. A mare with a fat blue foal, but what shocked you were the two foal corpses. One of which noticeably had been crushed to death. Wait… Oh shi-

“Dis am whewe munstah hab to gib fowebah sweepies to wittow babbeh… sob am wowstest munstah…”

So it was this horrible mother’s fault that your sister was in this state. Killing her brown baby, abandoning and killing her other two foals, having a bestest, and calling your sister a monster seemed to trigger this. Un-fucking-fortunate. Looks like somebody is about to get taught a very serious lesson.

You approach the disgusting slimeball.


The mare nearly jumps out of her skin, but then she looks to you.

“Nyu fwen? Pwease nu make shouties, bad fow bestest!”

You flick your head towards the two foal corpses.

“What. Is. That.”

“Wai nyu fwend mak hoomin tawkies?”


“Huu… Munstah cum an steaw babbehs an gib babbehs fowebah sweepies… But dat am otay! Mowe miwkies fow bestest!”

It took a metric ton of willpower to not run over and crush that fat piece of shit in front of it’s mother.

“Why aren’t you sad about it?”

“If babbehs fowebah sweepies, den bestest babbeh hab aww miwkies!”

You hear a faint grumble of “dummeh fwuffy” from the bestest.

“bwuddah? whewe goin…”

Rage crossed the mare’s eyes. Shit, you’ve gotta-



Fuck, you aren’t fast enough. You can’t reach the mare before she swats your sister upside the head. But wait, she dropped something. Oh good. You begin to press.


You press harder. Time for a hostage situation.

“Don’t move. Or ill kill him.”

“Huu… pwease nice fwuffy… gib bestest bak… nee gib munstah fowebah sweepies…”

“Poor choice of words.”

. . .
Your name is… no, you are a munstah. You just got hurt by the mare whos baby you had to kill, and you deserve it. But your brother just killed it’s bestest babbeh. You aren’t really mad at him. But the heart-hurties are unbearable. You close your eyes and hope you wake up somewhere nicer.
. . .

The mare charges at you. Luckily, you sidestep her and she crashes into a trashcan. You turn around and give her a shit eating grin, just in time to see something fall. Oh shit.
. . .

You’re jolted from your sleep by your brother’s screaming. You look over, and his face is covered in boo-boo juice.


There’s an ugly gash along his left see-place. Oh no… did he lose it?
. . .
Fuck the nameless fluffy bullshit, you’re pissed, you’re hurt, and overall having the shittiest day of your life. Looks like some fucking can-eating human decided to throw a shredded can of soda into their trash can, and it has fallen down and taken out your eye. All because of that mare… that mare…

“Huuu… pwease munstah fwuffy… nu make meanie wowds… hab wowstest scawies…”

. . .
It all hits you like a train. Suffering. Screaming. It’s all you hear.
The cheering makes you lightheaded. You’re placed into a ring with another fluffy. Shit brown, but angry. It charges at you, but you, ‘Scourge’ dodge him, and bite him on the top of his neck. Hard.
“SCREEEEE! WAI WEGGIES DUMB?” The shit brown fluffy cant move anything but its head. Well then, that’s a perfect idea. Make them suffer.

. . .

You lunge forwards for her neck. Your teeth find their target, and crush down like a bears.

You watch as the mare crumples. You raise your hoof to finish the job, but you hear faint sobbing. You see your sister, face in her hooves, and leave to comfort her.

“Hey, come on, let’s go back home… You’re safe…”

“Am wowstest munstah…”

“God- look. I’m in a shit ton of pain right now, but you need to know. You are not a monster. That foal was begging you to end its pain. This mare was a horrible mother. The herd members couldn’t wrap their heads around the concept with a fluffy that had horns and wings. You are special, not a monster.”

She stops crying and raises her head. “Weawwy…? munstah nu am munsta-”

“Stop calling yourself that. I need to give you a name.”

You think, but your head is pounding. The blood keeps flowing and it feels like you’re going to explode with adrenaline. Her fluff was a sort of sandy yellow, and a blue mane. Fuck it, sand related it is.

“How about… seashell?”

. . .
You are walking back to your box with Seashell. Luckily, the mare found a blanket of her own, so you stole that along with the food she had collected. You left her to suffer and cry herself to death. The pain is unbearable, but you manage. Until you finally get home, and see a brown mare, black mane, with a brown foal of her own, in YOUR box. Luckily, they didn’t shit anywhere. Yet.

“Huuu… Nu wan be enfie mawe, bu nu wan babbeh tu be enfie babbeh…”

God. Fucking. Dammit.