A Star is Born Comic 4/16 (Fluffus)

Old friends




From this comic, the one character I always remembered was Snowy, the Methuselah fluffy.


Duuude, Snowy looks like Falkor from Neverending Story!


Yo Snowy!
The best!
:muscle: :sunglasses: :+1:
A :heart:
D :heart:
O :heart:
R :heart:
A :heart:
B :heart:
L :heart:
E :heart:


Wow thats a good fluffy been treated well , sadly he is now blind due to his age.


theres something so deeply loving about someone keeping a fluffy alive that long, even if its out of a need for breeding or whatever it might be. love seeing old fluffies


Poor snowy probably has arthritis like a mother fucker

Wow… How old is snowy? He looks like hes ready and waiting to let his body to shut.down… Unless there is a means to transfer a.fluffies existence into a new fluffy body (like chappie)

Now something bad is going to happen

He is over a decade old.

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I love seeing older fluffies. I just noticed though,I think this is the first fluffy in both comics I’ve read (so far) that has an eye color besides brown/orange. Do your fluffies usually keep brown shades of eyes because actual horses usually have brown eyes,or is it just a coincidence?

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I try to work with eye color in all the major characters, either to make a pleasant contrast to fluff & mane or explicitly to express character.

Star’s eye color is red since he is an albino.
The foal in chapter one has orange eyes since that’s Celestia’s eye color.

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