Abandoned Angel Part 14 [author:SpaghettiDave] [id:17374]

Abandoned Angel
Part 14: The Three Wise Fluffies

The next few days were spent renovating the safe room. Robert wanted the room as clean and safe as possible for the surprise. He agreed, with Mary’s help, to get Angel some new friends. Angel, his now adult and full size fluffy pony danced around him while he worked.

“Wut doin daddeh?” Angel asked curiously.

“I’m fixing up your room.” Robert set down the now much bigger bed, one large enough to hold half a dozen fluffies in one great fluff pile. The litter box was now twice the size of the previous one. Each wall now had a different bright color. A large flat toy box sat in the corner bursting with toys and stuffed animals. He ruffled Angel’s deep green mane and she bounced around him.

“Wub woom! Wub daddeh!” She hugged his leg, she was so easy to please. Robert looked around, pleased with the work and renovations. Only one box remained of the former storage room turned safe room. Angel head butted Roberts calf, she couldn’t hurt him no matter how she tried. She knew that, he knew that. She wanted attention. “Daddeh wub Angel? Pway wif Angel?” Again she head butted him.

“I love you, Angel. We can play after your room is finished.” He ruffled her mane and picked up the box. As he set it in the hall his pocket vibrated with a text message from Mary.

-Be there in 5 with a surprise! Keep Angel in the safe room.

-Hooray! I’ll be waiting.

“Angel, Daddy has stuff to do, so you’ll have to stay in here. Be a good fluffy and play in your room.”

She looked up, always eager to please her daddeh, “Angel be gud fwuffy! Angel pway wif bwoks!” She ran, not very fast since her rear hooves still wore the socks, to her toy box, “Bwoks bwoks!” And began stacking them up into small piles. She didn’t even notice the door close.

He didn’t even hear the front door open. His relationship with Mary has been moving quite nicely, nice enough that she didn’t even knock before walking into his house. He didn’t question it. She was standing there with a small cardboard box. “I brought you a present!”

“Oh?” Robert asked, Mary just stood there with a giant smile. He had an idea of what was in the box, a baby fluffy pony for his fluffy pony. She offered the box in her hands. He took it and set it down on the coffee table, not opening it. Mary took off her coat and sat next to Robert, waiting patiently for him to open it.

“C’mon! Open it!” Mary bounced on the couch like an eager little girl, exuding excitement.

Robert opened the box and was certainly surprised. Inside were three fluffy pony babies. An earth type with bright yellow fluff and a blue mane and tail. A pink Pegasus with a red mane and tail. Rounded by a unicorn monochrome red. Something about them made him pause. “What’s wrong with them?”

“What do you mean? I just… wanted to try something. They’re your three monkeys! The earthie is deaf. The unicorn is blind, and the Pegasus is dumb.” Mary looked concerned, as if her answer wasn’t good enough, as if the gift wasn’t good enough.

“You bought me three crippled fluffy babies as a joke?” Robert asked incredulously. He just stared at the babies rolling around. They were about a week old, small but weaned like he wanted.

“No. I didn’t “bought” any fluffies. I “brought” three healthy fluffies. I told you, I’ve had some experience in… taking care of fluffies. They’re fine!” Now she looked upset. The Pegasus looked up and worked its mouth, trying to talk, its tongue had been removed. It made a weird chirping noise and held out its legs. Robert pulled that one out and began to pet it, noting it was a male. They were all male. They still had their balls. Was that a good sign?

“You know, that’s kinda messed up.”

Mary pouted and picked up the blind unicorn as it chirped. “Nu wike dawk! Mummah!” It calmed down under her fingers. The deaf fluffy just looked around remaining silent.

“Let’s have them meet their new momma. They’re old enough to just need some soft kibble.” Mary took the fluffy from Robert’s hand and let them return to their shivering fluff pile. She lifted the box, “Are you coming?”

“If you ever hurt Angel, you’ll regret it.” Robert scowled.

Mary smiled, “I would never. That’s your job.”

Angel sat patiently on her bed, her formerly neat room now covered in toys, the toy box sat empty. Robert and Mary walked in, Mary holding a box. The box was making noise. Fluffy noise! Friends! “Mawy, wats in bawks?” Angel started bouncing in place.

Mary smiled, but her daddeh didn’t look too happy. He should be happy! New friends! “I’ve got some fluffy friends for you. They’re young, so you’ll have to make sure they don’t make poopies where they shouldn’t. And you have to give them lots of love and hugs.”

“Angel gib wots of huggies and wub!” She was bouncing excitedly, unable to contain herself she ran to her daddeh and hugged his leg. “Daddeh wub new fwiends too! Wub daddeh!” She pranced on her rear legs, twirling about.

Mary set the box down next to Angel and unfolded the cardboard flaps. The noise grew louder. Chirps and begs for huggies and scawy bawks poured out. Angel stood next to it, her legs hanging inside as she peered at her new friends. Something was wrong. She didn’t know what. She looked to her daddeh. What was wrong? Her eyes darted between the week and a half old foals. Back to her father. The concern didn’t leave her face. Her ears and wings twitched. She looked up at Mary, not knowing how to ask, clearly concerned.

“Angel,” Robert began, “these babies were hurt and they need lots of love.”

“Babbehs hab owies? Angel gib wots of huggies! Huggies fix owies!” If only that were true. Robert lifted Angel and set her back on her bed. Mary stayed quiet, maybe this wasn’t a good of an idea as she thought.

One at a time he brought the foals to her. He gently put the mute pink Pegasus down in front of Angel. It quickly reached out to his new friend and began to cuddle into Angel’s thick blue fluff. “Wub new fwend!” She exclaimed, holding it up in her hooves. It tried to talk, or chirp, or anything, but only a sad moan came out. “Wat wong?” She looked over to Robert. “Babbeh haf mouf owies.” Robert only nodded. A sad look crossed her eyes and she hugged the foal to her, “Gud babbeh.”

“Do you want to name him?” Mary finally spoke.

“Dis babbeh…” Angel looked at the pink Pegasus with the red mane and tail. “Dis babbeh be Wobin!” Mary and Robert both smiled at that. Robin, a fine name.

Robert brought the next, the bright yellow with blue earth type to Angel. She scooped that one up just as quickly, Robin curled against Angel’s tail. “Dis gud babbeh too?”

“Wan huggies!” The yellow foal demanded loudly.

Angel gave the pony a quick hug. “Babbeh wan nummies?” The foal looked around and kept hugging at Angel. “Babbeh wan baww?” Still nothing from the yellow earth foal.

“Angel, he can’t hear," Robert said sadly. "His ears have owies.”

She picked up the foal and turned it around in her hooves, peering into its ears. She couldn’t see any owies. How can she hug ear owies away? “Dis babbeh… dis babbeh be Bwight!” No one accused fluffies of being creative.

As Robert approached with the final foal, the monochrome red blind unicorn chirped in his hand. “Wan mummah!” CHIRP! He set the fluffy in front of Angel. It sniffed at the air, waving it’s head about, it’s ears twitching. “Wan mummah!” It walked into Angel’s fluff and hugged.

She picked this one up in the same fashion as the others. Its eyes tightly shut. She knew, it couldn’t see. “Dis babbeh am bwind.” She hugged the blind foal to her and set it down. It padded over her tail to his brothers.

“Are you gonna name that one?” Mary prodded. Watching Angel’s face scrunch in thought, the fluffy’s feeble mind working hard.

“Bwind fwuffy be Bwave!” Angel exclaimed, pleased that she gave the new friends great names.

Mary laughed. “Red, Brave, and Robin. I like it.”

Angel looked very pleased and turned to her new fluffy foal friends. They were little compared to her, only half grown yet. They would grow to be big and strong and wonderful happy friends! She knew it! Lots of wub and huggies and nummies! Mawy must be the best speshew fwiend for daddeh to save these babbehs!

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Such adorable names but the yellow one when demanding stuff is giving off smartie vibes and if thats the case then it will not end well for it.

Oh my sweet summer child… You e got quite a bit to go.

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