Abandoned Angel Part 41 (FB ID: 18735) (by SpaghettiDave)

Abandoned Angel

Part 41: Damaged Goods

Mary relaxed as best she could. The room was bare, save the chairs and table. She grimaced, as she did every time, when the bright orange of her uniform came into view. She hated this. All of this. Everything! Robert obviously couldn’t take a joke, nor did he realize that she was the only woman for him.

“Were you listening to me?”

Mary blinked. “Yeah, I was.” Her lawyer was a joke. He kept babbling on about ‘breaking and entering’ and ‘personal property damage’ and ‘felony stalking’ and even ‘terroristic threats!’ Obviously, this lawyer bought his degree.

“Liquidating your assets should take several more weeks. You should be able to post bail in about three weeks, potentially four. You could post next week if you decide to go the loan route.”

Mary watched her lawyer put away his binders into his briefcase. “I’ll wait.” She needed time to cool down. She needed time to let Robert cool down. He’ll realize it was a total mistake on his part, that she was doing something cute and adorable for him and the whole thing will be dropped.

“I know you’re paying me, but try to show some interest, this is your life. Four years, maybe up to ten.” Her lawyer left her alone. He was a jerk, a pompous asshole. What did he know about love?

Only two dishes of food. Since Bright left them, he only needed two dishes of food for his fluffies. Technically, Flame, Rose and Runt were the property of Mary, and Robert didn’t know If he would ever think of them as his. Angel and Robin were stacking blocks together. They would stack the blocks as high as their little hooves could reach and knock them down, repeating the process again and again. Brave was playing with the cotton ball stuffed with wax paper, infused with the scent of vanilla.

“Daddeh, Bwave wub vanwiwwa baww!” Brave squeezed the ball, making the wax paper crinkle under his hooves. Brave rolled about on the bed, tangling himself in the blanket, the ball slipping from his hooves. Fighting free from the cocoon, he emerged with the ball impaled upon his horn. “Whewe baww gu? Bwave smeww baww!” He waved his head about, sniffing the air.

Robert chuckled, as smart as Brave was, he was still a fluffy. He watched with rapt attention as Brave started wandering bout the safe room, mumbling about “nummie baww” and “whewe vanwiwwa baww?” Brave even managed to walk into both block towers. Blocks now strewn about, Brave ran to Robert, “Vanwiwwa baww meanie! Nee huggies!” He didn’t remove the ball, it was too amusing.

Angel and Robin followed Brave over to Robert. Once Angel was close enough, he lifted her and put her on her back on his lap. “Tikew?”

“Tickle!” She squealed and flailed her hooves about as he tickled her, her wings fluttered as she squirmed and giggled. He held his hands above her, his fingers bent. “Gonna get’cha!” His fingers waved about in the air and she started giggling and squirming again, without even touching her. Angel was panting and writhing in his lap.

Robert set the still giggling Angel onto the floor and picked up Robin. “Tickle time!” His fingers tickled deep in the pink fluff of his mute Pegasus. Robin was mute because his tongue had been removed, but Robin could certainly make noise, which he did. His giggling sounded almost like a human baby as Robert tickled the fluffy all over. Robin was especially ticklish where his wings met his back. Which Robert took advantage.

Brave wandered off again, the vanilla scented ball ever elusive. Brave didn’t partake in tickle time. Sight, it seemed, played an important part of the anticipation of tickling. At least it appeared so for Brave. For his blind fluffy, tickling was only silly petting which rarely elicited laughter.

Angel trotted over to Brave, ignoring the giggling Robin and batted her hooves at Brave’s horn, still adorned with the ball. Robert still tickled at Robin as he watched them play, a bit more friendly than before. Angel knocked the ball off Braves horn and gave the blind fluffy a long hug.

Robert set Robin down and called Angel over. It was time to get to the bottom of this. She trotted up happily, Brave not far behind. They seemed inseparable. “So, Angel, how’s your tummy feeling?”

Angel sat on her rump, her stomach was ever so slightly noticeably bigger. She rubbed her tummy and gave Robert a huge smile, “tummeh gwowin!” She beamed, complete bliss. “Gun hab bes babbehs!”

Robert couldn’t help but smile as Brave nuzzled against Angel’s neck. “Angel be best mummah.”

He gave both a good petting. “Angel, still want that special friend?” He wanted to get them both to admit to it.

“Angel hab spechew fwiend!” Angel ungraciously licked the side of Brave’s face, oblivious to the strange face he made as his fur got screwed up.

“Now, Brave, no more special hugs for Angel. I can’t keep letting you guys having babies. Do you understand?”

Brave nodded and rubbed his fur with his hooves, unsuccessful as both sides of his head had messy fluff.

“Angel, we have to go have a talk, okay?” Robert stood up, time for the big talk.

“Upsies!” Angel stood on her hind legs, lifting her front legs towards Robert’s towering figure. He lifted her effortlessly and carried her to the living room, leaving Brave and Robin to their own devices. Angel got comfortable on the couch and Robert sat next to her. He rubbed her ears and tiny wings as she cooed happily.

“You know I can’t let you have babies all the time. Do you understand? Babies are a lot of responsibility. You have to train them. You have to feed them.” He kept petting her as he explained, as simply as possible. “I didn’t want you to have a special friend yet. That’s mostly my fault, I should’ve had Brave and Robin fixed. I should’ve had you fixed.”

Angel tilted her head, she didn’t understand what he meant by fixed. She wasn’t broken. “Buh daddeh, Angel gud fwuffy, hab gud babbehs.”

“You are a good fluffy, and your babies will be good. Next time, you need to ask before having special hugs or babies. Otherwise, you’ll be a bad fluffy.” There were enough damaged and broken fluffies in his house, he didn’t need to add to the abuse. There were enough fluffies in his house, period. He wasn’t building a breeding farm. He wasn’t a shelter.

“Angel gud fwuffy!” Her muzzle scrunched up, her daddeh didn’t understand! She was a good fluffy and good fluffies made good babies!

“You are a good fluffy. But… You can’t make any more babies after this unless I give you permission. Do you understand? I can’t have too many fluffies in this house. I can’t take care of more fluffies.” He didn’t know what to say, or how to say, ‘stop fucking, you breed like fluffies.’

Angel tilted her head with the most quizzical expression she could manage. Her tiny brain working as hard as it could. “Angel gud fwuffy. Gud fwuffies owny make spechew huggies if daddeh wet dem? Owny make babbehs if daddeh say so?”

Robert gave her chin a good scratching. “That’s right. No more babies unless you ask.” He hoped that Brave understood as well. At least he didn’t have to play twenty questions with Robin.

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Maybe if he had told her having babies without permission would make the babies bad. Maybe then it when stick


Okay dude, the first time you didn’t know they were mature enough, that was an unforeseen complication. When it happens next time it’s on you for knowing and STILL not fixing them.

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