Abandoned Angel Part 47 (FB ID: 18873) (By SpaghettiDave)

Abandoned Angel

Part 47: One Step Forward

Mary sat in the cold and unadorned room. Another meaningless meeting with her lawyer. She hated the prick. Even more so once he handed her the documentation on the personal protective order. She had taken the guy as some sick joke prankster, but there was line and not only did he cross it, he pissed on it.

“Your assets should be in order in about… three weeks. Once the financial situation is resolved we can get you out on until the trial. I recommend tying up loose ends as you’ll be going away for quite a while.”

Another fucking joke. Mary glared at him, remaining silent. He sighed and left. It wasn’t the first time she gave him the silent treatment. Her mind just kept running. Get out. Get Robert. Get married. That would fix everything.

It had been a week and a half since Rose gave birth to three foals. It had been a week and a half since Runt killed two of them in his desire to get “owies” from Flame and Robert. It had been a week and a half since Angel got knocked up by Brave. Robert’s vacation had been eaten up by taking care of his fluffies, it was never an easy job. Erin had been the best girlfriend he could have asked for. Mary was in lock up, which he was thankful for.

Robert kept up spending time with Runt. Robin looked a bit jealous, as every time Robert went into the garage his fluffy sat at the gate with his hooves and nose pressed against it. Runt was improving. He was eating more and even managed to play ball with Robert. Calling it play was a bit of a stretch. Robert would roll the ball to Runt who would get a disgusted look and bat the ball away. This went on for several minutes before Runt let out an exasperated sigh and pretended to sleep.

Flame had managed to keep his fluff clean after the last bath. It helped that he wasn’t as terrified of Robert and he became desensitized to the normal house noises. No longer did he run into the garage door when Robert or his fluffies appeared. Angel no longer came to the gate begging to see the foal, she was busy singing to her stomach and letting Brave dote on her.

Polaris had gotten big enough to being playing with the toys full force. While the ball was nearly as big as she was, she would headbutt it and buck at it to give chase. She rarely cried for attention as Flame still gave no physical love and Rose was oblivious. Robert noted that Polaris stole a lettuce from Rose’s food bowl and started munching it down.

Susan and Erin came by after the wonderful exciting news. All three of them were in the garage watching Polaris play about. She was energetic. She was clumsy. She was cute as hell.

Susan reached her hands out towards Polaris, “want upsies?” The little filly ran to the outstretched hands and jumped. Susan caught her and brought her up, giggling all the way. She held the foal close to her chest. “You’re such a cute fluffy. Would you like a mommy?”

Polaris blinked, “Powawis hab mummah.” She waved her tiny hooves in the direction of Rose.

“Would you like a human mommy?”

The foal’s eyes went wide. “Hoomin mummah? Mummah gif huggies?” She never had hugs before. Flame wouldn’t, even as he was mellowing out while Rose couldn’t.

“Hugs all the time.” Polaris smashed her body into Susan’s chest, reaching out as far as she could with her tiny fluffy legs. Susan hugged her back, gently. “Want to come home with me?”

“Powawis wub mummah!”

Susan gave Robert and Erin a big smile. Silently Flame had walked up to Susan and tapped her on the leg. “Soosen, can Fwame see Powawis?” Susan handed Polaris to Flame. He held her a bit away from him and with a determined look, gave her a hug. “Be gud babbeh fow Soosen.” He gave her a lick on the face and held her out for Susan. Rose didn’t say a thing, she just rocked back and forth humming to herself.

Susan sat on the couch with Polaris on her lap. Robin sat in the kitchen, he wanted a new friend and the last chance at one was about to leave. Angel and Brave came out to see the commotion and were overjoyed meeting Polaris for the first and last time. Susan let Polaris run about with Brave, Angel however just waddled after them. Robin did not join in the fun, he was feeling sorry for himself. Unable to watch any longer he returned to the safe room and hugged Bright’s favorite stuffed animal.

Susan gathered up Polaris, the fluffy foal cuddled against her arm. “I’ll take good care of her.” Susan said to Robert and Erin.

“I know you will.” Robert gave the foal a pat. As Susan left he sat on the couch with Erin. “Well, that’s one less problem. What am I going to do about Angel’s litter?”

Erin snuggled against Robert. “Keep ‘em? Give ‘em away? It’s really up to you. We could buy a farm and raise a fluffy herd of Angel and Brave’s offspring. A whole herd!”

Robert grinned, “yeah? Then you gotta clean the litter box.”

Angel waddled back to the bed and rolled into it. Her hooves flailed about in the air as she sang to her soon to be born babies. While only about two weeks along, she was getting huge. Robin ignored her as he cuddled with the stuffed animal. Brave nudged Robin, “wan pway?” Robin looked surprised, it had been so long since Brave asked to play. The two brothers spent the evening chasing the chiming ball about the safe room.

Flame curled up against Rose. His last babbeh was gone. While he knew Brave and Robin were his children, he couldn’t bring himself to try to spend time with them. Every babbeh Mary took ended up broken and horrible. Even Runt was broken, body and mind. Flame couldn’t forgive Runt for killing the other two foals. Thinking about it made him angry sad. But, that was okay, because his new daddeh didn’t make him give special hugs to Rose. No more babbehs to go away. No more scary poopies.

Rose nudged herself into Flame, “whewe babbeh?”

Flame didn’t budge. “Wat babbeh?”

Rose got a quizzical look on her face and went back to humming to herself. “Wose wub Fwame.”

Robert and Erin made their rounds. They made sure each fluffy had water and was ready for bed. Robert even gave Runt a quick petting before turning off the light. Angel was in the center of the bed with Brave curled against her and Robin snoring away on the other side. Robert and Erin returned to the couch. Erin tapped her wrist where a watch would be if she wore one. “Getting late, huh? See you tomorrow then?”

Erin grinned and grabbed Robert’s hand, half dragging him into the bedroom. “Damn right, you will.”

The next morning Robert awoke before Erin, thankful that Angel no longer shit on his girlfriends. But, maybe, just maybe, she was right before. Robert felt a twinge of guilt for the beating Angel received for that. Hindsight was a funny thing like that.

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