Abandoned Angel Part 51 (FB ID: 18962) (By SpaghettiDave)

Abandoned Angel

Part 51: First The Lightning

Mary left Flame in the garage. She wasn’t done yet. The door into the house was left open with the baby gate blocking the entrance. While it was enough of an obstacle for a fluffy, Mary just ripped it from the doorway. Her next stop, the safe room. She barged in to the sight of Brave and Angel on the bed with three very young foals and Robin sitting at the toy box.

Robin’s eyes went wide and his body released an amazing amount of scary poopies. The fluffy ran as fast as he could, zig zagging across the room until he hit the corner with a loud thud. His body curled up and he quietly cried. His hoomin mummah was back.

Mary smirked, “Like father, like son. Stay there, Robin. You look like your daddy, shit covered red fluff and cowering in the corner.”

Angel cried out in surprise and curled into a ball, wrapping her tail around herself, all four foals hiding in her fluff. Their panicking mother only giving them distress as they chirped and cried “mummah!” and “scawy!” Brave put himself in between Angel and Mary, doing his best to protect his mate.

Mary crouched down in front of Brave, “Are you the proud father? Did widdle Bwave make widdle babies?”

“Nu hewt babbehs or Angel, pwease.” Brave knew something bad was going to happen, he also knew it was useless to try to fight back. None of them saw what happened to Bright, but they all knew she gave him foweva sweepies.

Angel’s voice squeaked, “Nu… Nu hewt babbehs, gud babbehs, gud mummah!” She tightened her grip on the foals and they chirped in response.

Mary shoved Brave away and yanked at Angel’s tail, Angel chirping adding to cacophony of the foals chirping in fear. Mary gingerly plucked the brown foal from Angel’s protective grasp. “What an ugly foal. Ya know, Angel, I hoped you would’ve made pretty babies. What did you name the brown one?”

Angel shook her head. “Babbehs… nu hab name, tu widdle…”

Mary scowled and shook the foal in her hand, shit and piss dripping between her fingers. “Name. The. Foal.”

“Nu hewt babbeh! Babbeh… babbeh name ish Pizza!”
The foal wiggled and chirped in fear. She paused, “Ya know, fuck it. I think maybe I’ll let you keep the ugly one as a reminder. Especially since you named it Pizza.” She shoved the brown foal back into Angels’ fluff and grabbed the pink foal.

Brave tried his hardest, but only could weakly pat his hooves against Mary’s leg. “Wet babbeh gu!”

“Nu! Gif babbeh back! Babbeh nee mummah! Nee wuv an huggies and miwk and nummies!” Angel held out her hooves, pleading, yet remained firmly planted on the bed in a futile attempt to hide the rest of her babies.

“Nummies you say? Babies as food?” A wicked smile crossed Mary’s face, Angel had just named the first one Pizza. With her free hand she grabbed Brave and worked his mouth open. “They’re small enough, this one will fit. Eat up, daddy!” She shoved the small pink foal into his mouth and held his muzzle closed. Her other hand rubbing down his neck to force Brave to swallow the foal whole.

He fought as best he could, but a fluffy was no match for a human. Brave swallowed and Mary pushed him back. “Nu… NU! Babbeh!” His hooves batted at his stomach, he could feel the foal kicking and writhing inside him. It only took moments before the foal was still. Brave curled up, crying, “huuuuuu… Wan babbeh…. Monsta Mummah meanie!”

“A monster, am I?” Mary kicked Brave in the chest, sending him across the room.

Angel couldn’t comprehend what was happening. “Nu… Angel gud mummah, nu hewt babbies, dey widdle, dey nu hewt Mawy!”

Mary ignored Angel, ignored the pleading. She wasn’t done, oh no, not yet. She grabbed the bright blue foal in her hand, this one chirping in fear. “What a pretty baby. Don’t you think so, Robin?” Robin looked up from the corner, the pile of shit expanding under his rump. “That’s not very nice, you should answer me when I ask you a question.”

Mary stood over Robin, “do you love your mommy?” Robin opened his mouth but no words came out. “You should really answer me when I ask you a question.” She shoved the foal into his mouth, head first. Her fingers curled around his neck, cutting off his windpipe, strangling Robin while her other hand forcing the foal into his throat. Both foal and Robin struggled, both fluffies flailed their legs, weaker and weaker until both went limp. She tossed the suffocated fluffies by the door, their lifeless bodies no longer moving.

“And how many more babies do you have left?”

“Huuuu… nu hewt babbies… Hewt Angel! Babbehs gud, hewt Angel, nu hewt babbehs!”

“Oh, sweetie… I promised Robert I wouldn’t hurt you, that’s his job.” Mary grabbed the last foal, the red pegasus, the frightened chirps coming from her fist. Angel bolted for Mary, her hooves pounding against Mary’s legs.

“Gif babbehs! Babbehs nee mummah!”

“You can have them back.” She uncurled her fingers around the red Pegasus. Deftly she ripped a wing off and flicked it at Angel’s face. Her eyes went wide.

A leg. A tail. Another wing. A head. Mary ripped the foals apart, part by bloddy part, flicking each limb at Angel’s face. Angel gathered the pieces together, a small pile of body parts and blood. “It’s a game, you can put them back together.” Brave slowly limped back to Angel as they mourned their foals.

Mary picked up Robin’s dead body and slammed the safe door behind her. She looked at her watch, Robert would be home soon. She dropped the dead fluffy on the kitchen table and sat, waiting. Not long now, she thought. Absently she prodded Robin while she fumbled with her purse.

Robert turned off the engine of his car, it was nice being back at work. He paused a moment, not recalling leaving the lights on in his living room. He shrugged, he was absent minded at times. The keys jangled as he fumbled opening the door. The house was eerily silent, he mused as he took his coat off. THUD

He reeled as Mary tossed Robin’s dead body at him. Robert’s eyes went wide, two little legs and a tail were sticking out of Robin’s lifeless mouth. Robert’s mind stopped. He couldn’t think. He couldn’t speak. Mary stood in his kitchen with a gun. “Not going to give your loving fiancé a kiss?”

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Please tell me this bitch dies.


Pillow this cunt and use her as an irl litterpal


As she broke into his house with a gun, I wonder if he can legally beat her to death. Feels like it.

Hell if he wanted to her could turn her in to a god dam rug

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Mawy nd foebah sweepies.

But, wike… swowly. Juss to be suwe.