Alice's Fluffies - Part 05 - The Accident - By Hornlarry (Booru ID 39207)

Alice was very sad. Her mummy had told her about the accident. The fluffies had found an electrical wire while she was out in the store. They had thought that it was “sketties” and started to chew it. It had electrocuted them, and this had “reset” their memories. They were alive, and not hurt, but they couldn’t remember who Alice was, or what their names were, or anything else that had happened.

Also, Steve was going to go to military school. It was his fault that the fluffies had got into the room with the wire, and he had got into another fight at school, and mummy and her friend Susan had caught him watching “awful movies” on the internet. Alice knew they were videos with naked ladies in them. They were the worst kind of movies. Alice’s daddy had been in the army, and he said that it would help Steve to grow up to be a “proper man”. Alice wouldn’t miss her brother. Steve was mean.

She spent the afternoon playing with the fluffies. They were like silly little babies. They seemed to remember how to talk, but nothing else. When she told them what their names were they said things like “Weawy? Fwuffy hab name? Fwuffy am Webecca?” Alice noticed that they talked a little bit funny, but also that Humphrey was not sad about not having his special lumps any more, and Wendy had totally forgotten about her dead babies. It was actually like the fluffies were brand new, and in no time at all, she was laughing and playing with them just like they were brand new.

Later that night, her mummy let them sleep in her bed, but explained that this was just a one-off special treat, and not an all the time thing. She made sure they had all gone poopies first, and Alice wondered how they had remembered about making good poopies, even though they didn’t know what the litterbox was called. They were big enough to not get squashed if she rolled over in bed now, so Alice cuddled them close, and whispered stories to them underneath the bedclothes. The fluffies said they loved their “New Mummah” and licked her face, making her giggle, so she tickled them back, making them squeal and wriggle to escape.

Outside, she could just about hear her parents talking. It was hard to hear it all, but she heard something about “electric shocks”, and a “reset” and “the truth,” then they started talking about her brother again.

Alice fell asleep.

The next day, she had a phone call from Claire. Claire said she was really sorry about what had happened at her party, and Alice forgave her. Then Claire told her that a few days after the party, Jelly and Snowflake had escaped from the house, and had met some mean boy fluffies. They had been hurt, and Snowflake had been badly hurt, but they were going to be OK. The other thing was that they were going to have babies, perhaps any day now. Claire’s mummy was letting the fluffies keep the babies, and Claire wondered if she wanted to come over to play. She said her daddy could come over to pick her up.

Alice really wanted to see the baby fluffies when they were born. She thought it was really unfair that Jelly and Snowflake would get to keep their babies, but that Wendy could not keep hers. At least Wendy wasn’t sad about losing her babies anymore.


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And so ends the brief adventures of Alice’s Fluffies, although Alice and her Fluffies make cameo appearances in Snowflake’s Babies (if I recall correctly) and The Truth About Fluffies.

It used to be headcanon back on the Booru that a fluffy’s memory could be “reset” with an electric shock, and so I thought it would make sense for hugbox owners of abused fluffies to reset them to avoid further trauma to fluffies and their keepers.

Also, I remember RQ used to say that something she liked was that I actually wrote stories about little girls keeping fluffies, as they would be the key demographic fluffy owners, and not random 20 something male anons. For this reason, I write about hugboxers living in a world with plenty of abusers, which sadly feels much more like the actual world we live in. I think this makes for much richer stories.


im assuming the parents shocked the fluffys on purpose to forget what had happened with the shit brother?


Yes - that’s the plan. Alice didn’t quite hear the rest of what happened, or other reasons why he was sent away. If you read The Truth About Fluffies, later on, you learn even more.


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Hoping the sick psycho steve get his head bash in.


I’m not sure that training someone like Steve to become a trained killer (aka Soldier) and potential officer if his grades are good enough is the right thing to do. Therapy so that he can be a functional human being again would be way better.


I was so confused when steven was randomly introduced, then mad for what he did and then died of laughter about his mum catching him ‘pre-act’ and the lie about chewing cable. amazing story :DD


I agree with you, its potentially a really bad idea. But for some parents, military school is considered a good idea for disciplining kids with behavioural problems


Yeah great they fased them out here in Germany we had enough problems with Prussias Gloria if you catch ma drived

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Good choice with resetting them. That’s not the kind of trauma that goes away easily. Then again, there is the moral issue of literally deleting someone’s entire personality. But what are the parents supposed to do? Spend tons of time, money and effort for a chance of rehabilitating the fluffies? Alice would also be likely to find out what Steve really did.

Let’s just say this is the most practical solution.


To respond to @RQ and yourself, I need to remind you that the fluffy pony fandom was borne out of the brony fandom. So yes, it is true that MLP, and by extension fluffies, were designed with girls in mind but the immense success of G4 MLP was also due to the very unexpected demographic of young adult males who loved the show. Its a reason why pony pet is a tag on derpibooru, as some bronies did and still do want their own MLP character as a pet, and many elements of the fluffy fandom are derived from this concept, such as My Little Dashie. Thus, the appeal of fluffies is not just little girls owning them, but also the young males who have taken a liking to them.

I wonder what is the ratio you’re working with. Personally speaking, I think of fluffies as more akin to cats and dogs, with the idea that not only little girls but also young adults (and especially men) taking a liking to them, based on the idea that existence was spawned out of a young male demographic wanting to own a 'real life version" of a cartoon variant.

While I do agree that pet animal abuse is a real thing, its both uncommon and frowned upon in our modern society. Its the approach I go with because a lot of hugboxers in the booru’s past, I find, treated fluffies as being similar to pets, save for their limited ability to talk. I think its an angle thats not fully explored as people other assume or focus on the negatives associated with fluffies.


Yes even back on the Booru in 2016 it seemed apparent that there had been more hugbox in the past and that abuse and hellgremlins had become far more common

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