Alice's Fluffies - Part 01 - The VETS - By Hornlarry (Booru ID 39197)

Alice loved her fluffies.

They were so cute! First, she was given a golden yellow coloured fluffy with a green mane and tail named Wendy, an Orange fluffy with a green mane and tail named Rebecca. They were sisters, and had snuggled each other since they were little babies. When she was first given them, they had cried for their mummah all the time, but Alice loved them and snuggled them, and fed them treats and sang to them. They called her “New Mummah!” and said that they loved her. Alice loved them back.

Alice had several friends who also had fluffies. They loved to dress their fluffies up in little costumes, and would play with them in her doll’s house, and have little fluffy picnics and tea parties. It was sooo cute! They would film the fluffies on their iPads and put the tea party videos on Youtube. Loads of people would watch their videos, and lots of people would say how cute they were. Some people were mean though. They would say mean things about the fluffies, about hurting or killing them! It made Alice cry. Alice’s mummy said it was OK to do the videos, but she turned the comments OFF.

Then, about a month after she was given Wendy and Rebecca, Alice found an abandoned or lost foal in her back garden. The foal was a green fluffy with a brown mane and tail. She picked it up and carried it inside, asking her other fluffies, who were just a bit bigger, if they would look after it, which they did. The new fluffy was a boy, and Alice called him Humphrey. Alice’s mummy and daddy didn’t realise until two days later that she had rescued him, but by that point, Alice and the other fluffies loved him so much that they begged and cried for him to stay. Alice’s parents decided that it would be OK, but said that as Humphrey was a boy fluffy, they had to make sure there were no baby fluffies later on. Alice and the fluffies agreed.

Humphrey was going on an adventure! He was a “big boy” fluffy now, a young colt. He knew he was going to grow up to be a BIG STALLION. Maybe he would even lead the herd! He had two friends called Wendy and Webecca, and he loved them and they loved him. Every night, they would sleep in a fluff-pile. His new mummah-Alice was the bestest mummah in the world, she would feed him kibble and fruit and sometimes even Sketties! Sketties were the bestest thing ever! Humphrey loved Alice and she loved him. She gave the bestest huggies! Except for Wendy and Webecca, they gave bestest-est huggies.

One day, the mummah-Alice-mummah said he was going on an adventure. He was going to the VETS. The vet was a special daddah who would check that Humprey was OK and would grow up BIG AND STWONG. Humphrey was excited.

“Bye bye Wendy! Bye bye Webecca,” he shouted at his sisters, “Bye bye mummah-Awice!”

“Bye bye!” they waved, and soon Humphrey was on his way to meet the VETS.

Humphrey was taken in the mummah-Alice mummah’s big metal vroom munstah. It was scary! The vroom munstah growled all the time, and they had to ride on its back all the way to the VETS. It took a long time, and Humphrey had to stay in a box the whole way. It was so scary, that Humphrey made bad poopies in the box. He was scared that the mummah-Alice mummah would sorry-stick him, but she didn’t. She said he was VERY BRAVE.

When they arrived at the vets, they had to sit in a big scary room. There were lots of people with lots of fluffies. Some of the fluffies were crying. Some of the fluffies were begging their mummahs and daddahs to take them home.

“Nuuu mummah! No wike VETS,” one fluffy cried, “Nu huwty Wonawd!” the fluffy begged.

Humphrey was really afraid now.

The VETS was wearing a big white coat, and had very cold not-hoofies when he picked Humphrey up. He put Humphrey down on a metal table, and reached for a big spikey thing! He talked to mummah-Alice’s mummah, but Humphrey didn’t know what ANASFETIC and CASTWATION meant. Then, he stuck a pointy owwie thing in Humphrey’s leg! It really hurt, and Humphrey started to cry.

“Huuu huu huuu! Nu wike! Pwease no more owwies fow Humpfwee! Nu wike! Huuu huuu huuu…” Humphrey cried.

"There there little fluffy, the VETS said, “No more owwies now.”

Then, the VETS picked up a scary looking metal sorry stick, and grabbed Humphrey’s special lumps with it.

“Nuuuu! Nu huwt speciaw wumps!” Humphrey begged.

“Don’t worry little fluffy, it won’t hurt,” the VETS said.

Humphrey realised that there was a strange cold owwie in his legs. In fact, he couldn’t feel his legs at all. Then, there was a crunch noise. Humphrey could see boo-boo juice on the metal sorry stick! It was HIS boo-boo juice. He looked down and saw that his special lumps had been chopped off! He was bleeding, and his lumps were gone!

“WaAAAaaaA! Why VETS take Humpfwee speciaw wumps!?! No wikey! No wikey! Huuuu huuu huuu… huuu huu huu huuu huuu.”

The vets sewed up the hole where his special lumps used to be. Humphrey cried all the way home.

For the next few bright times, he had horrible horrible burny owwies, and his lumps were gone forever.


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Theres a few chapters of Alice’s Fluffies to read before we get back to Red Conan and the Snake Daddy. I can’t quite remember the exact order of events so I’m going to repost things in approximately the order I posted things on the Booru so we don’t get any continuity errors. Looks for little crossovers between the different titled stories and also with those of other authors and artists.

After Alice’s Fluffies, there are 9 chapters of Psychopathy :smiley:


“Whewe am fwuffy’s testicwes, awice? dey wewe wemobed. Whewe hab dey gone?”


Many vets enjoy raw foods.


Wonderful start for hump free, which he will not be enjoying!


Something tells me letting a fluffy see his balls get removed is a terrible idea. That’s just asking for lifelong psychological trauma.


So much of the tragedy of Fluffies is human beings not understanding them, and fluffies not understanding human beings. Even aside from deliberate abuse, Fluffies are a tragic creation.


This speaks to me a great deal. There is a horrible and cruel irony, not being able to communicate with something that is capable of speech.


Doomed to suffer under mankind’s ire and spiteful machinations, never knowing why or ever
capable of.


They can say the same things but the underlying assumptions and reasoning could be miles apart from each other.

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