Alternate Ending to "Where's Baby" (by: DrExposition)

Based on this comic: Where's Baby? Part 1 [Illustrated by Inshi, Written by Virgil] - #3 by TrueNeutralBox

As I walked to my car during my lunch break, I heard screaming coming from the car next to mine. Curious, I peered through the window of the back seat and saw a pet carrier with a pink fluffy locked inside.


“Crap,” I cursed. The car was like an oven with how high the sun was right now. Most of my coworkers did not like fluffies – some absolutely hated them and would leave one to die. Not me. I grabbed the handle and tried to open the door. Yeah, it was locked. I looked at the fluffy and saw that it had foals!

I went to my car and popped open the trunk to find my tire iron. I looked at the car and grimaced as I knew what I had to do. The owner could bill me later. I went on to the other side of the car and smashed the window. The alarm blared and I could hear the fluffy shriek. I knew that everyone in the parking lot was watching me. I did not care.

I reached inside and unlocked the door before opening it. Grabbing the pet carrier, which smelled like piss and shit, I set it down on the ground before I opened my water bottle.

“Here, drink,” I said as I held the mouth of the bottle to the fluffy and she drank greedily.

“Babbehs!” she gasped. “Babbehs nee wawa too!”

“OK,” I said as I poured a bit of water in front of the thirsty foals. They crawled towards the puddle and began licking it. “OK, you guys. Drink up.”

“Hey! What are you doing!?” I looked up and saw the security guard coming and a few people gawking and recording on their cell phones. He saw the damage I had done. “Did you do this?”

“Yes,” I admitted. “I heard some animals were in trouble so I broke the window.”

“OK, I need to call this in,” the security guard said as he read the licence plate. “The owner is going to want to talk to you.”

“If he wants me to pay for a new window, I’ll do it,” I said as I knelt down to keep feeding the fluffies water. “But can we take this someplace with some shade?”

“Ugh, is that a fluffy? Damn shitrat stinks.”

I frowned but bit my tongue. No reason to get into a fight with the security guard now.

The name of the owner was Bill Anderson and he was called to come to his car. When he did, he saw me standing beside his car and the pet carrier on the ground.

“Shit!” he cursed when he recognized it. “Baby!”

“So, is this your fluffy?” I asked, frowning.

“I didn’t know!” he cried. “I think my wife told me to take them to daycare but I was half-asleep! I forgot!”

I sighed. So, he did not do it on purpose. I was upset but I was not about to make a scene.

“I gave her and her foals water but you may need to take them to a vet,” I advised as Bill knelt in front of the pet carrier.

“Baby, are you OK? What about Sunshine? Waterfall? Caramel?” He squeezed his nose. “Ugh, that stinks.”

“Daddeh…” the pink fluffy was still weak but was doing better after getting water.

“They pissed and shit in there,” I grimaced. “Good luck cleaning that.”

“Thanks for saving them,” Bill said gratefully as he shook my hand. “My wife would kill me if anything happened to Baby and her foals.”

“Look, I just saw a fluffy in trouble,” I responded. “Just be more careful next time. I’ll pay for the window.”

“No, no need,” Bill shook his head. “I’ll take them to the vet now.”

“Make sure they get water. They were cooking in the sun for who knows how long.”

“Right, gotcha. Thanks again.”

I gave Bill my phone number and went on with my day.


I love a happy ending.


Yeah, I know it’s a tragedy but I just wanna give Baby and her babies a better ending. This, of course, is based on stories on infants cooking to death.



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MORE! I love reading vet visit stuff! Maybe it’s because I love taking my pets there. I think it has to do with being around others who care about my little buddy as much as I do.

it seems that my work here is not finished yet
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) drawable .

Drawable? As in you will draw this scene?