Annihilation Ch. 2 [By BFM101]

The smell and sound of Reggie shitting himself as he quivered in fear just made Tara even more furious, the dark red stallion kept his face covered by his hoofs, hoping that if he couldn’t see the meanie lady, she couldn’t see him.

She saw him, his fat body too wide to hide behind the tree. She could see most of the herd, Cyan and Pippen were cuddling together in her rose bush, his blue mane kept them from blending in completely. Ronnie was hiding under her wheelbarrow, almost hidden if not for his constant ‘huuing’ and the trail of piss leading to his hiding spot. And Casey and the foals had tried hiding in the shade beside Tara’s home, her offensively bright pink coat making it impossible to ignore her.

The only Fluffy Tara couldn’t see right now was Belle, but there was no way out of the garden, she’d have time to look for her later. Right now she was after this red fuck, she was sure he and Ronnie had fucked the two foals to death, but she knew for a fact they had raped Orchid and her dead body, that insult alone was enough to put him at the top of her shit-list.

Tara made her way in front of Reggie, he still couldn’t see her but he could feel her presence, goosebumps crawled over his body as he silently hoped he was still hidden from the monster’s view. Then he felt something… nice, Tara knelt down and softly stroked Reggie along his sides, the stallion slowly dropped his hoofs and giggled at the touch.

“Heh heh, gud tickews.”

The other Fluffies started climbing out of their hiding places, how could this meanie lady who had given their Smarty the worst hurties be so kind? Khan looked on with shock and horror, the strain and pain on his legs the only thing keeping him distracted enough to stop from crying out from the injustice.

Tara rolled Reggie over, tickling his belly like scratching a dog, Reggie kept chuckling as he finally opened his eyes, taking in the funny sight of an upside down Tara.

“Heh, nyu mummah?”

The smirk she gave him as she raised the sickle over her head instantly replaced any hope Reggie had with fear.


Reggie didn’t even have time to scream for help before Tara brought the sickle down on him, expertly bullseyeing the tool’s point through Reggie’s genitals.

“AAHHHHH!!! SPECIAW WUMPS! Tuffie need speciaw-wumps tu hab bestesh speciaw-huggies.”

“REALLY!” Tara snarled as she dug the blade in deeper. “Like you gave huggies to Orchid? Like how you raped her corpse, how you fucked her children, her infant, FUCKING children?!”

“Huu, Tuffie nu wike meanie wowds.”

Tara seethed and hooked the sickle in deeper, the curved blade could be seen just lifting under the skin of Reggie’s abdomen.

“You have the GALL to complain about me saying ‘fuck’ after you raped children to death?”

“Bu… bu dey was weak dummeh babbehs, Smawty say it gud tu gib dummeh babbehs bad huggies, dat aww dey gud fow.”

“Do you do everything your Smarty tells you? Because your Smarty led you here, into my garden, to get the worst hurties from me. Doesn’t sound very smart now, does it?”

Reggie stopped crying long enough to consider Tara’s words, he looked down at his lumps, the blade essentially bisecting his cock and obliterating one of his balls, then he looked over at Khan, his Smarty still crucified on the fence, weeping as his joints were pulled down by his own weight.

And Reggie realised that Tara was right, this was all his fault.


Tars flicked the sickle up once more, finally piercing through Reggie’s skin and hooking him onto the blade. She carried the screaming Toughie over to Khan, holding him up for the former Smarty to see.

“Look at him. LOOK AT HIM! This is the first one you understand? You will watch, you will see them all die like this and worse, I’m just getting started on you goddamn monsters.”

Khan tried to shut his eyes and wish it all away, but the pained cries of Reggie as he entire lower half was held aloft by a blades instrument meant he could never escape it.

“Pwease, onwy wan wand fow hewd, need gud pwace fow babbehs.”

“And what about Orchid? What about Chip? What about their babies?”

Khan looked at Tara, his face one of confusion, as though Tara had just asked the dumbest question he’d ever heard.

“Dey nu pawt of hewd, hewd take gawden fwom dummehs, dis am Smawty gawden nyo.”

Tara felt the fire burn inside her again, with a violent swing she spun the sickle torwards Khan, the sudden momentum ripped through Reggie, sending his disembowled corpse flying towards Khan. The former Smarty was showered with blood and viscera before his entire head was covered by Reggie’s now bifurcated body, smothering Khan in innards and unprocessed shit.

Khan was almost the first Fluffy to be suffocated to death by Fluffy guts until a violent throw up gave enough force to push Reggie off, sending the bloodied body tumbling like a dead weight to the dirt.

Tara tossed the sickle to the ground and turned away in disgust.

“You picked the wrong fucking garden.”

Watching her mate get abused and belittled by this munstah lady, Casey retreated further into the shade of the house, so proud of herself for picking such a great hiding spot. Her fat, luminous pink body blended in ‘perfectly’ with the darkened walls of the house that Tara had a clear in-line to. Such a good hider she was.

Suddenly she felt a kicking on her side, briefly she thought it was her tummeh-babbehs and was worried they were coming too soon, but then she looked down and saw her bestesh blue babbeh was smacking her in the side.

“Mummah.” He whined. “Babbeh hab tummeh-huwties, wan miwkies.”

“Nu bestesh babbeh, mummah hidies fwom munstah wady.”

“Hmmph, bestesh babbeh gib munstah wady wowstesh sowwy-hoofies an foweba sweepies, wan miwkies NYO!”

“Wai dummeh bwudda nu num gwassies wike udda babbehs.” Blue’s yellow brother asked, pointing to where he and their purple sister had gathered some grass to nibble on.

“BESTESH BABBEH NU WAN GWASSIES. Dey gib teethie huwties.”

To prove his point, the fat colt opened his mouth, showing a line of yellow, decaying teeth, each too thin and weak to properly chew anything. A lifetime to abusing the sweet milk of his mother had rendered the colt’s mouth useless.

A fact that his mother disagreed with as she bopped her yellow son on the head. “Nu say meanie fings bout bestesh babbeh.”

“Bu babbeh onwy…”

“Nu cawe, bestesh babbeh am betta dan dummeh babbeh. Mummah nu wub yu nu mowe.”

As if proving a point, Casey turned away from her yellow son and positioned herself to feed her blue bestesh, the fat bastard blew a raspberry at his brother and started suckling. Casey was so happy with herself for teaching her now worst babbeh a lesson, until she looked up and saw Tara walking towards them.

“Nu. Uh… wowstesh babbeh, yu wan mummah tu wub yu gain, gu gib munstah way wowstesh hoofies.”

Yellow looked at the imposing figure of Tara and pissed himself. “Nu wan, munstah wady tuu big.”

“Mummah neba wub yu gain if yu nu du it.”

Yellow moaned, but he still wanted his mother’s love, so with his chest puffed out and his scardie-poopies held at bay, he charged at the munstah lady. Casey smirked to herself as she watched her worst son run off, either she wouldn’t have to worry about the munstah lady anymore.

Or she wouldn’t have to worry about her worst babbeh anymore.

Tara looked around the garden, trying to choose her next victim, when she heard a very faint and very pathetic sounding battle-cry coming from towards the house.

“aaaaahhhhhh, babbeh gib munstah foweba sweepies.”

She looked down and saw a speck of yellow approaching her, she watched as the little foal charged up to his shoe and starting pounding into it. His pathetic marshmallow hits making little to no impact against the toughened leather of Tara’s shoes, part of her was tempted to let him keep at it and tire himself out, but she hadn’t the time or the patience to wait that long.

Even when she bent down the pick him up, the little yellow colt kept swinging his hoofs, hoping the land a hit.

“Wet gu, babbeh need gib munstah foweba sweepies, make mummah wub him gain.”

So, Casey was emotionally blackmailing her own children and putting them up as sacrificial lambs? Tara made a mental note about that and added it to the list of reasons she was going to tear Casey to shreds but right now she had the colt to contend with, and while she sympathised with his plight, he was still guilty of his father’s sins.

Carrying the tenacious little bastard over to Khan, she gripped Yellow in her fist and held him aloft to meet his father’s gaze.


“That’s right, I have one of your foals right here, and congratualtions, you get to watch him fucking die now.”

Tara’s grip on the foal slowly tightened, the sounds of breaking bones and rupturing organs just barely heard over his screams of agony.


Tara ignored his cries, gripping him tighter and tighter until…


Tara loosened her grip on the yellow colt, thought didn’t drop him just yet, and turned round, seeing Cyan had foolishly left his hiding spot and was puffing his cheeks at her, behind him Pippen slowly waddled over to join her mate.

“And why should I do that?”

“Cos bwudda babbeh am wittew babbeh, nu desewve wowstesh huwties.”

Tara looked down at the foal, he was alive but the damage already done to him was extensive, he wouldn’t live long and every moment would be agony, even just breathing would hurt from the bones piercing through his lungs.

Ironically, in Cyan’s attempts to save the foal, he has just subjected him to a worse fate.

“What about Orchid’s foals? They were even younger than this piss-stain, and you had your herd fuck them to death. And I sweat if you call them ‘dummeh babbehs’ one more time I’ll shove your ‘no-no stick’ right up your fucking poopie place.”

“Smawty hewd take wand fwom dummehs, Smawty git gud feews fwom wingie Fwuffy cos he am dummeh mawe nyo. Tuffie Bwudda git gud feews fwom mawe cos am bestesh Tuffie, bu onwy hab wun mawe, udda Tuffies git gud feews fwom dummeh babbehs. Dat how it be, dat how it awways be.”

“You think murdering and raping children is just ‘how it is’? Have you no shame, no sympathy, nu care?”

“NU! Nyo wet bwudda babbeh gu ow ewse…”

Tara grabbed Cyan by the muzzle and yanked his mouth open, shoving the yellow colt into Cyan’s mouth headfirst. Then she slammed his head onto the grass, the sudden jolt forcing Cyan to bite down on the yellow foal, instantly biting him in half.

“NU, BABBEH! WAI MEANIE BWUDDA GIB BABBEH FOWEBA SWEEPIES?!” Khan cried for his newly dead son, unfairly blaming Cyan for his death. Cyan altered between spitting out pieces of Fluffy and trying not to throw up from the pieces he swallowed.

Pippen was horrified. “Speciaw-fwiend num babbeh, yu am WOWSTESH FWUFFY, nu wub yu nu mowe.”

“Speciaw-fwiend nu!”

Pippen began to waddle away, her nose turned up at her former mate, as though she could forgive rape and child murder but she drew the line at accidentally cannibalism. Cyan tried to follow her but was stopped by Tara grabbing his leg.

He turned just in time to see the gardening fork pierce his body.

“SSSSCCCCCRRRREEEEEEEE!!! WOWSTESH HUWTIES!” Cyan howled with pain, Tara scoffed, she’s been careful to get him in the lower half of his body, avoiding any essential organ, it would hurt like hell but he wouldn’t die from it… ok he was unlikely to IMMEDIATELY die from it. But he was stuck to the ground now, too weak and too stupid to free himself, and that was exactly what she needed from him.

Pippen turned to see what had hurt Cyan so badly, then realised her mistake when she saw Tara strolling towards her, the pregnant mare tried to run but being a Fluffy and being knocked up, she was an easy catch for Tara to grab and bring back to the fence, setting Pippen in front of Cyan and in full view of Khan.

“Pwease, am soon-mummah, nu huwt tummeh-babbehs.”

At this point Tara wasn’t even trying to hide the disdain in her fake smile. “Why are you all so focussed on me not hurting you when you all hurt my Fluffies in the worst way? Tell me, why should I keep you safe when you allowed your herd to slaughter my Fluffies, my friends?”

“Um… cos soon-mummah am pwettia dan dummeh enfie mawe?”

Tara grabbed hold off Pippen’s front left leg.

“Wrong answer.”

And she twisted the limb so hard the snap of the bone was loud enough to be heard by Casey on the other end of the garden.


“Oh I’m sure you think you are.”

Tara grabbed Pippen’s front right leg and twisted that to breaking point as well.

“But the fact is you were complicit in the assault against my Fluffies.”

Tara casually reached over and broke Pippen’s back left leg.

“Which mean even if you never physically hurt or even touch any of my Fluffies to begin with…”

With a final sickening crack, Tara broke Pippen’s last leg, the green mare too broken to keep crying anymore.

“…You are still guilty of their deaths.”

‘Chirp, huu huu, peep’

Tara smirked at the broken form of Pippen, the pain of having her legs violently broken reverting her back to the chirpie-phase, Cyan in floods of tears as he tried to reach out and save his mate, just out of reach to touch her.

The same way Chip was just out of reach to save Orchid.

Miraculously, Pippen was still pregnant, though Tara planned to change that as she went over to her next target, seeing his shivering shadow underneath the wheelbarrow.

Ronnie could only shit himself with fear with his hiding spot was ripped out from above him, exposing him to the munstah lady. His whole body literally vibrated with fear as she reach down and…

Stroked him.

Much like Reggie, Ronnie was taken aback by the soft touch of this mean woman who was hurting his friends, but after a moment he softly cooed and cuddle up to Tara, his programmed love of humans overriding any sense he had for self-preservation.

Tara scooped him up and cradled him in her arms. “There, there, it’s alright, I’ve got you now.”

“Wady nu gib Tuffie huwties?”

“No of course not, I know you’re not like these other Fluffies, you’re not a meanie Fluffy are you?”

“Nu, Fwuffy nu am meanie.”

“You didn’t give those poor little babbehs bad special-huggies did you?”

“Nu, dat was aww udda Tuffie, Fwuffy nu eben wan gib babbehs enfies.”

Even without an official name, Tara knew he was lying, he’s referred to himself as ‘Tuffie’ first before reverting to just ‘Fluffy’ when he started lying.

Still holding Ronnie in her arms, Tara carried him over to where Cyan and Pippen were.

“I knew you were a good Fluffy, and for being so good, I’m going to give you your own special-friend.”

“Speciaw-fwiend, Tuffie be daddeh nyo?”

“Of course, in fact, here she is.”

Tara pointed to Pippen, still chirping and crying as her every sight moment sent jolt of pain shooting through her broken limbs.

Ronnie was confused. “Bu dat am Wingie-Tuffie speciaw-fwiend, an she am soon-mummah, speciaw-huggies am bad fow tummeh-babbehs.”

“Oh are you sure? I mean she is very pretty, and ever so helpless…”

Tara reached into her pocket and pulled out a small pink spray-bottle, inside was a powerful Fluffy aphrodisiac, one of Jonathan Mongola’s chemical creations. All it took was one spray in Ronnie’s face, he started getting woozy, then his pupils shrunk and his mouth grew wide as his hips started to unconsciously buck by themselves.

“…And listen to her, she even sounds like a babbeh doesn’t she?”

“Enf, wan… mmmph… enf… big…enf, babbeh… enf.”

“Then she’s all yours.”

Tara let Ronnie go and watched him sprint over to Pippen’s broken body, the crippled mare looked over to where the thundering hoofs were coming from and has just enough time to see a crazed erection barrelling towards her before her face was slammed into the grass, muffling her screams of protest.

Tara watched the assault unfold and couldn’t help but admit it to herself; she was having fun.

Chapter 3


dog i want me some of that fluffy aphrodisiac stuff!


I’m sure it’s readily available in Fluff-Marts and all good retailers.

Or if you want some stronger stuff, the black-market is always open.


yeah but it will never hit like that Mongola brand stuff huh? lol


Probably not, but if you can come up with a good lore reason how it ends up in your universe then feel free to use it


The herd still really just call dead orchid a dummeh mare when they are literally in the middle deathifying situation of others dying in the worst way as possible, specially the Fat pink and bestest.


shit man dont tempt me man


This Herd is exactly why I like Crimson. He does everything they are guilty of and possibly worse, but he owns his terrible behaviour. There is no justification or still trying to be cute fluffies.

He doesn’t try to hide what he is.


It’s one of the main reasons Crimson hates Smarties, a Smarty will rape, maim and murder anyone they consider an ‘enemy’ often being the aggressor rather than the defender, and then claim they’re good because they did it for the herd.

No, just embrace the chaos and accept that you like the violence.


Ricky, watching the pain and suffering Tara is inflicting on the fluffies: “I’m in love.


Ricky’s gonna cum in his pants when he sees what I’ve got planned for Casey


Ricky: “I wonder why Josef’s not here at our wedding.”
Tara: “I’m sure he’s got his reasons.”
(Cut to Josef’s funeral)


Damnnnnn here we go! Here we go!

As expected on damn ferals thinking they are better than any fluffies Khan will see slowly ,little by little how his precious shitty herd dies because of his own stupidity.

Man that blue bestesh is a demanding idiot, to think he got crumbling yellow teeth too much milk? Spoiled brat indeed.


Isn’t Crimson a special case, a freak of un-nature. The way I see it most fluffies can’t own their terrible behavior since they combine the innocent sociopathy of children with the instinctual urges and drives of animals with whole lot of genetic brainwashing to cover both up mostly. In a lot of head cannons they seem to be barely sapient unable to actually communicate WHY they did something in any satisfying way, (I forgot who wrote it but they described it as fluffies can only really experience emotional extremes), which is why Tara’s attempts to get them to understand what was going on and why they deserve it is a futile effort. Fortunately they’re sapient enough to understand absolute terror but that might not be enough to satisfy her.


Yes I know these are all broad generalizations and other HCs feature different behaviors but I’m mostly focusing on the similarities of abuse HCs

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I always imagine Fluffies to be simulteneously complex and yet also very simplistic in their thinkings. Fluffies are want for the base desires, food, love and warmth, and for many Fluffies that comes in the form of a human owner and/or a Fluffy family.

For ferals and domestic Fluffies who start acting up, those base desires are no long enough, food is replaced with greed, love replaced with lust and warmth replaced with either land ownership or herd numbers if not both. On a base level the Fluffies are aware that wanting more than they can have is ‘wrong’, which is when their minds start doing insane gymnastics to justify themselves.

Khan explaining that his assault on Chip and Orchid was part of the spoils of war is him justifying his actions as just ‘what happens in combat’ without him understanding that the entire reason he attacked them in the first place was because he wanted something (their garden) that he couldn’t have.


Yeah, they’re incapable of articulating or possibly even understanding their actions in any meaningful way. I doubt you could truly guilt trip one of these ones ferals, and I don’t think Tara has the courage or honestly more the lack of courage to go down the dark path and just embrace the bloodshed

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Hope she doesn’t enjoy it too much where she kills the last piece she has of Orchid. Killjoy can make one blind sometimes.

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The hilarious, and frustrating thing about fluffies, not understanding why there being hurt due to their low intelligence. It’s funny when fluffies cry out and ask, inanimate objects, insects, animals, and the weather, why hurt them their “gud fwuffes,” funny as hell.

The frustrating part, when fluffies do bad to horrendous things. As seen here, the feral herd killed and desecrated Tera’s fluffies, their sub infant minds can’t understand why they are being brutalized, when Tera brings up their crimes the idiots vehemently say they did nothing wrong and insult the killed fluffies to the owners face. Protip in dealing with those fluffies, cut off their jaws or tongues so they can’t say their “good fwuffes” and don’t nothing wrong


I think you just whipped every fluffy psychology trope out on this one. :+1:

Crap! It’s reincarnating outside of FallenAngel’s stories now. :fearful:

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go Tara Go! long live the Mongolas!!!

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