Annihilation Ch. 1 [By BFM101]

For anyone who missed the update, I edited the prologue to add in some foals to the invading herd. Mostly because I got the idea to hurt some bratty kids and I wanted to use it.

It was afternoon by the time Chip woke up, after everything that happened he was drained of any energy he had. For a brief moment he’d forgotten about the attack and turned to nuzzle Orchid, only for the pain in his side and the unrecognised emptiness beside him to remind him of yesterday.

Chip felt his heart break all over again as he dropped himself to the ground and sobbed, the words of defeat blubbered in his mouth as he tried to speak them out loud.

“Wa… wan… wan d… wan di…”

“Morning Chip, you feeling any better?”

Chip pissed himself a little bit – now made easier thanks to the catheter Josef had installed – and looked over at where the voice had come from, standing next to him was a man he vaguely recognised from the night before, and a red Fluffy with a mean look on his face, the Fluffy snarled at Chip.

“Da fuk yu wooking at?”

“Now, now Crimson, Chip here’s been through a lot. Play nice.”

“Yu am mummah Tawa famiwy, yu hewp Chip huwties.”

“Yes, at least I hope I did. You can call me Josef if that’s any help. How are you feeling today?”

“Stiww hab huwties, bu dey betta dan befowe, heawt-huwties am wowse dan eba.”

“Yes I’m afraid that’ll take some more time to heal properly, and there’s little I can do to help with that.”

“Chip nu pwotect famiwy, wet wowstesh meanies gib bad speciaw-huggies an foweba sweepies tu speciaw-fwiend an babbehs. Dey onwy wittew babbehs, stiww dwinkin miwkies.”

As Chip sobbed thinking about his family, Josef turned to Crimson and motioned for him to leave, knowing the little hellgremlin’s sexual proclivities weren’t what the room needed right now.

“Chip jus wan be wiv famiwy gain, wan be wiv bestesh speciaw-fwiend, wan pway wiv babbehs gain, wiv wittew wingie-pointy fiwwy Sit-wus, wiv Fwuff wike hew daddeh, an wiv wittew gween wingie babbeh Weaf, who hab bestesh wingies Chip eba see. An Co-co, she wittew… wha am hoomin wowdies fow poopie?”

“Brown, Coco was brown?”

“Yeh, Co-co am bwo… was bwown babbeh, wemind Chip of mummah, she bwown Fwuffy tuu, git wowstesh heawt huwties fwom meanies who caww hew poopie mawe, Chip fink mummah pwetty, teww hew aww da time. Chip teww Co-co she pwetty tuu, wet hew hab mowe miwkies su Co-co gwow big an stwong, suwvive da meanie ousside. Bu Co-co am foweba sweepies nyo, aww famiwy am, Chip jus wan gu foweba sweepies tuu.”

“I understand that feeling Chip, I’ve seen my own brother suffer with it for nearly a decade, but what would mummah Tara say if you went forever sleepies and she lost you as well?”

“Mummah Tawa? Chip hab wowstesh heawt-huwties, bu nu wan gib mummah heawt-huwties tuu. Chip confoosed, wna tawk tu mummah.”

“I’m afraid you can’t do that right now Chip, Tara isn’t here. She’s gone home to deal with those meanies in your garden, and I don’t think we’ll be seeing her for some-time.”

Tara pulled her car up a couple doors down from her house so as not to alert the herd to her arrival. In her hand was a bag of supplies Josef gave her, tools for setting an example to this herd, making sure they understood why they were being annihilated.

She started by going round to the back, to where the herd had dug in. She could see the soft soil thrown about on the other side, she hadn’t even considered the dangers of an invasion, four years she’d lived in that house and not once had she even had a feral knock on her door begging for food.

A simple wooden post was enough to block the hole, none of the herd could get through there now, maybe some of the smaller foals but Tara didn’t care for them, not likely that they’d survive for long alone anyway.

Peering over the fence, Tara spied on the herd, they seemed to be going about things as normal, tearing up her lawn for food, doing the regular Fluffy thing of playing and running. Orchid and the foals had been pushed away to the side, shoved into the same corner the herd was no using as a litterbox, their bodies now stained with the shit of their murderers.

Tara also noted that Orchid’s Fluff was now nearly completely ripped off, and Casey’s nest looking a lot bigger now.

Only the Smarty Kahn looked to at odds with his surroundings. “Whewe am enfie-dummeh, Smawty hab wump-huwties.”

Cyan looked at the empty space where Chip had been the day before and shrugged. “Who knyo, who cawe, gun gib dummeh foweba sweepies aneeway.”

“Bu AFTA Smawty gib him poopie-pwace enfie gain, dummeh hab babbehs wiv munstah, he nu stawwion, need weawn pwace.”

“Wha bout poopie fwiend? Gib hew enfies?”

Khan shook his head. “Speciaw-fwiend neba wet Smawty hab enfies gain if enf poopie mawe. Aneeway, she hab nyu fing tu deew wiv, Smawty did say she can hab wun…”

“Speciaw-fwiend!” Casey called from across the garden. “Soon-mummah wan huggies, tummeh-babbehs wan daddeh.”

Cyan chuckled. “Bwudda need wait wittew wonga fow enfies wiv speciaw-fwiend.”

Khan grumbles but said nothing more as he left to cuddle with Casey, silently hoping that her foals would be born sooner than later.

The anger in Tara grew at how unfeeling they were to her Fluffies, she had everything in place, now she had to see it through.

Heading back round, Tara opened the gate to the garden, taking the entire herd by surprise as they turned to look at this strange newcomer. Khan, Casey and Cyan all got into defensive positions, clearly aware of the dangers humans could be, but the other Fluffies all smiled and waved at Tarra, Reggie even waddled up to meet her.

“Hewwo, be nyu mummah?”

Tara closed the gate behind her, trapping the herd within her garden. “This is my land, mine and my Fluffies. What are you all doing here?”

Khan stepped up and snorted. “Hmmppff. Dis am Smawty wand nyo, hewd gib munstah mawe and dummeh babbehs wowstesh enfies an foweba sweepies. Dummeh hoomin gib hewd bestesh sketties nyo ow Smawty gib wowstesh sowwy-hoofies.”

Tara looked over at the corpse pile where Orchid and her children were, pretending it was the first time she had seen them. She felt a lump form in her throat but she hid it away and turned back to Khan.

“You gave my Fluffies forever sleepies? Why you must be the toughest Smarty of all.”

Tara knelt down, placing the bag by her side and reaching over to pet Khan, the fat blue Smarty was surprised at first, but the gentle touch of a human override his programming and he purred at her touch.

“Do you know what the best, most toughest Smarty deserves?” Tara asked, reaching into the bag with her free hand.”


“The worst hurties.”

And before anyone could react, Tara had one hand wrapped around Khan’s throat and the other gripping two large iron spiked nails and a hammer. Khan immediately shit himself as he was choked by Tara’s grip, his fatty folds rippled as he released a small mountain beneath him, the other Fluffies did the same, all running, or waddling, around the garden, trying to escape the mean lady who was hurting their Smarty. Reggie and Ronnie tried to attack Tara but she couldn’t feel their soft hoofs against her thick trousers.

None of the Fluffies knew where the escape hole was, they all kept looking at the wrong part of the fence and freaking out when they couldn’t find their way out. Pippen got close, even getting one of her hoofs to touch the wooden post blocking her exit, but when Tara reached the fence she fled, seeking solace under a thin bush which offered no protection what-so-ever.

Khan fought and shook but even as strong as he was for a Fluffy, he was no match for a human and could only tire himself out as Tara held him against the fence. She let go of his neck and moved to hold him by one of his front legs, carefully moving her hands so that one of the large spike was pressed against the leg as well.

Then she took the hammer and penetrated the spike though Khan’s leg.


The fat bastard screeched as the solid piece of iron effortlessly pushed through Fluff, fat and bone and pierced through the wood on the other side. Tara only had to hammer the spike a couple more time before she was satisfied that Khan was stuck to the fence. Then she took his other front leg, pulling it just far enough to make the blubbering Smarty start to feel uncomfortably stretched.

Then she hammered the other spike through that leg as well.

“NUUUU!!! Pwease nu mowe huwties, Smawty am gud Fwuffy, nu wan huwties, nu wan suffa nu mowe.”

“SUFFER!” Tara screamed at him, fighting every instinct in her body not to smash him to pieces with the hammer. “After what you did to my Fluffies you want to talk about suffering? Let me tell you something you fat, cowardly fuck, I will teach you the meaning of suffering. You want to know why I put you up here?”

“Sniff, wai?”

“Because I wanted you to see everything. Because I want you to watch what I’m going to do to each and every one of your friends, and I promise when it’s all over, I’ll kill you last.”

From his newly crucified position, Khan realised he had a perfect view of the entire garden, even from here he could see most of his herd in their shitty hiding positions. And if he could see them, the meanie human could too.

Tara smirked at Khan’s face, filled with shock and covered in snot, some fucking Smarty he turned out to be. Dropping the hammer to the ground, she reached into the bag and pulled out a sickle, twirling it in her hands as she slowly sauntered over to the stupidly thin tree where the too-big-to-hide body of Reggie was cowering behind.

“Now then… who’s gonna be first.”

Across the garden, hiding beside the shed, Belle kept herself low, hoping the mean lady hadn’t seen her yet. So far she was safe, her brown Fluff blended in with the shed and she managed to keep herself quiet.

If only the filly on her back knew to do the same thing.

“Peep, wan mummah, peep.”

“Qwi-et babbeh, munstah wady heaw yu.”

“Nu, wan mummah, wan miwkies.”

“Mummah nu hab miwkies, gib sum wata.”

“Yu nu Co-co mummah, yu meanie Fwuffy, gib mummah wowstesh huwties.”

Belle shook Coco off of her back and bonked her on the nose. “Meanie babbeh, yu am bwown, Fwuffy am bwown, yu am Fwuffy babbeh.”

“NU! Yu nu am mummah, yu meanie Fwuffy, take Co-co fwom mummah, nu can gib miwkie, onwy mummah gib miwkies. Wan mummah, wan famiwy gain.”

Belle was starting to get worried, when Khan said she could have one of the foals to be her own babbeh she thought it would be the best thing ever, and surely the little filly would see that a brown babbeh like her didn’t belong with dummeh pretty Fluffies. But instead all Coco had done was cry about her mummah, about missing her siblings, about needing milk, milk that Belle didn’t have.

Then Belle had the best idea, Coco’s dummeh mummah was in the poopie-pit, and they were close enough to the poopie-pit to get there without the meanie lady seeing them. Belle picked up the still crying Coco and carried her over to the pit, the sobbing filly barely heard over the screams of Khan being nailed to the fence.

Coco didn’t even realise what was happening until she felt Belle pushing her forward.

“Wook babbeh, owd mummah stiww hab wittew miwkies.”


Coco was helpless as her face was pushed into Orchid’s decaying remains, the greying, bald and bloodied body of what was once her beautiful mother. Belle shoved Coco into Orchid’s teat, the filly’s screaming mouth unwilling taking a teat as the force leaked blood, sour milk and the shit staining Orchid’s body down Coco’s throat.

“Dewe, dewe babbeh, dwink owd mummah miwkies, Fwuffy am nyu mummah, gib yu nyu miwkies soon.”

Coco silently wept as she threw up over herself, wishing for her daddeh to come back and save her.

Chapter 2


Oof I see Belle is a little unhinged I can’t wait to see how she gets punished for her actions.


Coco still alive and given to a dumb poopie mare!??? :grimacing::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::angry: Idiotic to think having a baby not having milk would be easy :man_facepalming:

I hope Tara can still recognize Coco, please let at least that lil one survive for his father :cry:

Love the crucifixion of Khan yeah he got the best view in the house!


Alright, I want that Bitch Belle turned into a pillowed and force her to watch her foals, while Tara shove a nail on each foals on there special place, force Belle and her special friend Casey to watch their babies flailing around screaming for there ‘Mummah’ to save them and then force one of the thoughiest to enf one of the foals infront of them for the final touch.

God I am soo MAD! right now… After accidently burnt my tongue while drinking my coffee in the first day of morning.


Khan’s special-friend is Casey, the foals are all theirs as well with Casey currently pregnant with their second litter while Pippen is pregnant with her and Cyan’s first.

Belle doesn’t have any foals or a special-friend, hence why Khan allowed her to take Coco as her own babbeh as a reward for helping the herd.

Don’t worry though, all of them will suffer before the story ends.


Thanks! For pointing it out, I kinda forgot about him.


Tara should end it by keeping Khan crucified above the remains of his herd and keeping him alive as long as possible.
Also wrap his genitals in barbed wire so they get torn up whenever he gets an erection.




Well, i think i know how to punish three fluffies at once. Khan thinks enfie with Belle is wrong. A shot to keep him up, make his special friend watch, wear gloves while moving Belle on Khan, and make sure their facing each other. Then kill all the foals Khan had with Casey, then make him choose. Casey, his special friend or Belle, the carrier of his remaining progeny.


I hope Coco can be rescued from the insane mare.


ooooooooh, this gon’ be GOOD


Nail the adult fluffies to the yard with Croquet arches and play a round with their foals.


Though I have my doubts, there might be some innocent fluffies or foals in there.

If Tara can hold her rage in check, maybe some can be spared.

This is what I would normally say, but since it’s BFM we’re talking about, it’s likely every last one of them is a foal rapist.

Even the chirpies.

Especially the chirpies.


Congrats, you’ve inspired me to write a story of a perpetually horny chirpie who can’t even see what he’s humping



(Would his benis even be that developed tho?)

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It’ll be weirdbox, penile logic doesn’t matter

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Hooray, I did something that inspired a story!

Sure, it’s gonna be weirdbox about a humping chirpy, but it’s still a story!

I am proud of myself.


Wear armour to battle kill them all with the might off 100000 suns!!!

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If coco dies i’ll be surprised.